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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Best Night Ever! Vision Awards!


As you ladies know from a few posts back, there was a charity dinner at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel to help find a cure for Retinitis Pigmentosa (blindness), and receiving a Vision Award for the Film of Vision were the Twilight producers among many others, so quite a few celebs came out to help raise money; and I was so glad to be part of this amazing night. They were all so nice and just as gorgeous as they are on TV and in the movies.

They also had a silent auction and some of the items were a MAC gift box filled with goodies, and an OPI basket!

My friend Irina and I got there at 4, before the red carpet (the carpet wasn't red, LOL), Gil Birmingham (aka Billy Black in Twilight) arrived first, he was SO AMAZINGLY sweet and his hair was awesome! He was later joined by Billy Burke (Bella's dad Charlie) and his gf.

They had 5 or 6 Twilight posters on a table in the front- all to be signed by the cast and producers that showed up that night.

Christian Serratos
(who plays Angela) arrived in a gorgeous fuchsia dress, she is SUPER cute! And incredibly kind and sweet. Miss Teen California Chelsea Gilligan is gorgeous in person but she was so nervous presenting an award, she kept stuttering and was obviously reading off the teleprompt, but nonetheless she looked great. Ashley Greene (my favorite cullen other than Edward who plays Alice) was by far my favorite of the night, not only did she LOOK amazing, she was the most sweetest celeb I have ever met. She was so friendly, she chatted with people, always smiling, and never hesitated to take a pic with a fan. Her skin is flawless ladies! Like the girl is just perfect! I was so happy to have met her because she is indeed a pleasure to meet, total sweetheart!

We also ran into fitness guru Jillian Michaels who has bigger arms than some of the guys I know and damn they are killer! She has such an amazing body and she too is so gorgeous in person! She was also very sweet and complimented me on my dress, and asked me if I was enjoying the show, she received an award as well and she deserved it! I gotta get on her fitness plan! LOL!

The crazy Bai Ling was there with one of her many outrageous outfits, her boobs were out there and the host was saying how her dress should be illegal in this country, LOL. She was nicely tanned though I must say!

Peter Facinelli was a no-show, he was supposed to be in attendance but apparently there was some miscommunication with the organizer and his publicist. So sad. :(
Taylor Lautner arrived really late, like right when everyone was having dinner, due to the press and paparazzi that were still around, they took him around to the back. He was with his parents and security and they did not allow any pics of him or with him unfortunately. But I did manage to take a pic when he presented the Twilight producers with their award- and yes all the females in the place were screaming, lol. Poor Taylor, but he is SOOOOOO cute, and pretty tall in person (for some reason I thought he was short because I always see him standing next to Rob and Rob is really tall!) All the gals were sad they couldn't take a pic with him (myself included) since my sister LOVES him, I would have loved a pic with him for her, but ah well. At least I can say I was in the same room as him HAHA.

Alison Sweeney from Days of Our Lives & Biggest Loser was there, her dress was super cute and she has an amazing post baby bod! I would have never guessed she had kids! She was also so sweet with her husband, and called him over to take pics with her on the red carpet. Her makeup and hair were so amazingly put together and I told her I loved her as "Sami Brady" and she laughed and said "Thank you", chatting with me for a bit she was really nice as well.

I took a pic with the infamous Larry King, he was nice when I took this pic with him, but according to my friend managing the show, he was a bit crabby shortly after and wanted to go home because he was bored, so he wanted his wife Shawn King to perform her snippet rendition of a few MoTown classics so they could leave. *Shrugs*

Taryn Manning from "Hustle & Flow" was also there (she performed her own song) with DJ Qualls (the guy from "The New Guy). And Bruce Davison was also there who played "Senator Kelly" from X-Men, he has been in a lot of other movies and TV Shows.

Anyway, here are a few pics, I will never forget this night, it was just surreal and amazing!

On the "red carpet":


Twilight auction items:

Signed by RPattz himself:

Me and Jacob's Dad! LOL. I have a surprised look in the 2nd pic, don't know why haha

With Bella's Dad! Doesn't he look so happy? He hasn't hit the bar yet that's why, LOL.

With one of the producers from Twilight, Wyck Godfrey:

Taylor Lautner presenting the award for Film of Vision to the Twilight producers:

Ashley and Billy autographing the Twilight posters for auction:

She really looks like Alice here, lol:

Larry King:

View from our table:

(click to enlarge)


Alison Sweeney

Other items to be auctioned:


Diane Ladd:

And lastly, my smokey look of the evening using NYX's Smokey Eye Palette:

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