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Thursday, January 31, 2008

My boyfriend...the BRAT.


So after he's been watching me do videos, he felt a little left out and wanted a video of his own, but I guess I didn't respond to his request fast enough, so when I finally had the camera on him, he became a brat...well even when the camera is off he is a brat. LOL.

Isn't he awesome? LOL.

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I am working with my web designer to make this site look more snazzy as well as making navigation much easier. I no longer will be on blogspot, as will officially be an actual site, rather than hosted by This move will allow me to be more in control of things as well as add more beneficial features, maybe even a forum or a chat place where you readers can all get to know each other!

So I am very excited! There will be comment forms now, so you gals can put a name down and I can get to know you all little by little. I know many of you readers who leave comments under "Anonymous" are super sweet and I really do appreciate you ladies who let me just be me and respect my thoughts and ramblings. There are many great beauty blogs out there and I just want to re-iterate that many of us do it because we have a love for makeup, skincare, etc. And it's just another resource in helping you gals with swatches, makeup tips, tutorials, looks, ideas, etc., so even if you DISAGREE with what is said in my blog, or even other blogs, keep in mind that it's a BLOG, and the things I say are just based on my personal experience or perspectives.

I started this blog, because as a consumer, I found it very hard to find products online or in person that I was interested in buying. I need to see things before I purchase them, so I wanted to see colors, swatches, reviews, etc, and I would scour the internet for information and could never find it. So by creating my own blog, I can help others who are new to makeup, makeup challenged, or the makeup addicts who want to know what new collections are coming out. It's also a way for me to track some of my favorite fotd's and help me remember what I used.

I am slowly (but surely) recovering from my slight bout of carpal tunnel in which my pinky and ring finger were causing me tremendous pain (most of my day is spent on a computer since I work for an internet company), so I am typing for 9 hours at work, then go home only to type away again, so basically my hands never get a break and now I am paying the price. :(

Getting my hair re-dyed next Wednesday! Either a medium or dark brown...

Anyway, here is just another update of things to come, since most of you voted a lot in finding your "holy grail" of an item in skincare products, I will be focusing on those as well:

[no particular order]
- Moisturizers- What i've tried, what didn't work, what did...
- Re-visit NYX Ultra Pearl Mania (loose powdered eyeshadows) since some of you have been asking me about these
- Mascaras- What i've tried, what didn't work, what did...
- DUPE LIST!!!! The moment you've all been waiting for, I am tallying up some of the ones I received and should have it done soon!
- More vids...

I know some of you emailed me some reader questions, I will try and post some here and of course reply to you soon! It's been hectic keeping up with everyone and everything, esp. since I only have 8 working fingers....LOL. But I appreciate your patience as always!

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Preview: MAC Dazzleglass, Released Date in May


Here is a preview from Specktra on the gorgeous lipglosses from MAC, the Dazzleglass Collection.

These pictures are from a reputable eBay seller All Cosmetics Store who is already selling them in her store! I already bought mine in BABY SPARKS! Can't wait to get it!

Baby Sparks, gorgeous pink isn't it?

Like Venus

Love Alert

Comet Blue

Miss Fizz (I want this one too!)

Money Honey

Spanking Rich

Pleasure Principle

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Look- Bare, Minimalist Look


Ladies, I know as much as we love makeup, there are days where we simply don't have the time to primp ourselves, or because we just want something simple, classic, and natural.

I did a look long time ago for a shoot, and although I was offered a makeup artist, I opted out and wanted to do it myself...there are only a couple of makeup artists I actually trust, one of them being makeup vixen Katie B. She knows exactly what I want, or what look would suit me best. But for this particular shoot which was just headshots, I wanted something that wouldn't be too much, something natural.

So this look was super easy and I think it's great for wearing to school, work, and switching it up at night to a sultry, smoky look by just adding eyeliner on the lower lashline and smudging it. (my hair was burgundy/deep purple at the time despite the fact it looks dark brown in this pic...and VERY healthy because that's when I WAS taking care of it, lol)

The lips of course are also prominent, and very natural. And what's better? I used ALL DRUGSTORE brands for this look!

What I used:

-I believe it was Maybelline's Dream Matte Mouse at the time (don't remember the shade, I think it was like a creamy natural)

- Revlon Blush in "Blushed"


- Revlon eyeshadow in "White Whisper"
- Isadora eyeshadow palette (don't remember the name) but it was a dark gray color, so you can improvise :)
- Milani Quad in "Earthy Delights" (the antique gold color)
- Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner in "Blackest Black"
- L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara in "Blackest Black"
- Revlon Colorstay Pencil eyeliner in "Black" smudged a bit on lower lashline
- Eyebrows: Sephora Pencil

- Concealed lips with concealer
- Sephora Lip Pencil #206
- Neutrogena Lipgloss in "Coy"

**EDIT** someone commented saying it was not a natural look, but the title of this post also includes MINIMALIST, meaning comparative to other looks i've done, this is quite subdued, MINIMAL, and soft. This look doesn't take long, and many of the things I have used are optional (as all the other looks i've), so you can substitute things or not line the lowerlashline, whichever you desire, I just listed what I used for this particular look. Natural is organic, hence meaning NO MAKEUP at ALL (and if that were the case then there would be no need for a makeup blog, therefore a natural LOOK consists of very light makeup application and little effort to LOOK natural). :)

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Clarins- Colour Fizz, 2008 Collection & Bourjois Collection


Clarins is coming out with their newest collection featuring bright colors (each eyeshadow single is $20), and their lipglosses look yummy!

Bourjois is also coming out with their newest collection, hitting Ulta stores next month including loose powdere eyeshadows in little pots [not pictured]!

Colored Liquid Eyeliners with Vibrant Color!

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WANTED: Dupe List


I know, I know, everyone is waiting on the dupe list, sorry it's taking so long, I've been getting sidetracked with questions and requests, and since those are much easier to deal with those go out first; but I want to concentrate on the dupe list, so far I have some picture swatches and a list, but I DO NEED YOUR HELP in compiling everything as there may be some I am missing or if there is another dupe of something, i'd love to know!

Here is a sample of what is to come:

From L to R: MAC Metal-X Cream Eyeshadow in "Goldspice", Milani "Sun Goddess" single eyeshadow (also dupe of MAC e/s in "Amber Lights"), and L'Oreal HIP Pigment in "Progressive"


I will then add it to the current list of dupes I have so that when it's done, y'all can have a complete AND accurate list! :)


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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Video: How I do my hair (lazy and super fast styles!)


I had several requests on how I do my hair, more specifically my last post (V-day FOTD), to be honest, I don't do anything to it. Ask my co-workers, I walk into work looking like I have a birds nest on top of my head!

After I take a shower, I comb it out and I usually take a shower at night before bed, so when I sleep on it, it's still damp, so when I wake up it's already wavy...then I just tie it up in a bun under a hat or whatnot, and then when I take my hair down it's wavy!

I am SUPER lazy M-F, I start work at 8am so I like to just get up and go before traffic catches up to me, so I RARELY have time to straighten or curl, or even brush it! But on the weekends i'll get dolled up, so my hair is usually crazy most of the time.

*Warning, I look like crap, this was taken at like 11 at night, so I have "end of the night" makeup where it isn't as "fresh"....also I ran out of bobby pins, so all I had was a huge clip, but you can use of course, a smaller clip and take your time to get it 'perfect', I rushed on purpose for timing purposes. :)

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Valentine's Day Look #1 and #2- Hot Sexy Red Lips


Valentine's Day is around the corner ladies! And for you single sexy ladies, you do NOT need a man to look hot! So primp yourself up and have fun! Valentine's Day shouldn't deter you from looking extra cute, so grab all your girlfriends and get the attention of all the single guys!

For you ladies who have that special man in your life who treats you as if Valentine's Day is 365 (366 on leap years!), then show him what you have been hiding under your everyday look! It's amazing what a little color can do!

Similar to my Holiday Look this is more simple and played down, since I only used two eyeshadows to complete this look. The focal point is obviously the lips, so you don't want to over-do the eyes and make it too much too handle.

You always want a balance in your look, if you are going to do a bright pair of lips, then tone down the eyes, a smoky eye look, then go with a neutral pink lip. Just like if you were wearing a tube top, paired with jeans and you look adorable, paired with a short skirt, you look hoochie, you want BALANCE.

The lips are pretty red, but to some computer monitors, they may look a bit pink...

What I used:


- Camellia Rose Skin Soothing Primer
- MAC StudioFinish Concealer NC30
- Silk Naturals Foundation (Buttery Gold)


- Milani "Cherries on Top" Blush

- MAC Paint Pot in "Soft Ochre" as base all over the lid
- MAC Pigment in "Your Ladyship"
- Pure Luxe e/s in "Cashmere"
- Nixie Liquid Eyeliner
- Covergirl Lashblast Mascara
- Nobi Kohl Eyeliner on lowerlashline (smudged)


- NYC Lipstick in "Retro Red"
- AVON Lip Radiance in "Rich Red"


This morning's look was subdued, I just used NYX single eyeshadow in "Rust", I know this look may look a bit goth and make me look somewhat 'dead', but I like it for some reason, nice mysterious look....for the lips I used, MAC l/s in "Masque", and Sally Hansen Diamond Lipgloss in "Champagne" over it.

I also got a new lipstick from Rimmel (surprise surprise!) they are coming out with a new lipstick line (thank goodness), I am not a fan of their current ones...

This one is called "Airy Fairy", lovely nudish pink lipstick and gotta love the name!

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Silk Naturals Recipe


I have received many, many questions about Silk Naturals, if it's easy to do (make), how do I like it compared to other mineral makeup companies, etc. So I have listed SOME of my favorite companies and what I really like about them. I love their foundation. Why? Because it gives me coverage I can build, lasts all day, goes on smooth, doesn't cause me to break out, AND the best part? Allows me to create my OWN foundation that matches my skintone. It is VERY easy to do and they send you a recipe with anything you order. You can use the scoop to scoop ratio, in which they have how a formula based on how many scoops of white powder, is how many scoops of the brown powder you use. I personally don't have the patience, so I pour all of the white powder in a jar, and little by little start adding scoops of the brown powder. (I add about 8-12 scoops of the brown powder depending on how much white powder I have). I love Mad Minerals because it's a one stop shop for me, I can get mineral eyeshadows, lippies, primer, jars, foundation, etc all in one place. I really love their mineral eyeshadows, they have such a variety of gorgeous colors. I also like their foundations. and PureLuxe Cosmetics are awesome sites for mineral eyeshadows! They both just have an endless amount of colors and combinations, and when applied wet, makes such a vibrant color. Pure Luxe also has a variety of things from blushes, foundations, primer, skincare, brushes, etc. I love their Calamine Soap!

Everyday Minerals- They have such gorgeous eye colors and blushes! My favorites are "Email Me" and "Waffle Cone", although it's really hard to just choose one favorite! They also have great brushes and soaps, and really nice lip colors! They also have makeup wipes that are great!

MMBB (My Minerals Bath & Body)- Lisa is just so incredibly nice and sweet! I also love her foundation (medium beige), and she too has gorgeous eye colors!

KT The owner is very nice and helpful as well! This site also has a variety of items to choose from, however I was not able to find a foundation that matched me here...

There are many more sites I enjoy, I just can't think of them all at the moment, but they all bring something to the table most definitely!

Now on to the Silk Naturals Recipe (at least the way I do it!)

So you got your package in the mail, now what do you do!??

Pour the brown scoops...little by little add a couple scoops till you reach your desired shade. Test in different light conditions on your face NOT your hand! With flash, without flash, natural light, etc.

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Product Review- L'Oreal HIP Pigments


Product: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5

It's small, it's compact, and it's pretty. I read on some forums and sites that people did not like it, it's too expensive for a drugstore brand, etc. But when you don't need a whole lot of it, I think it's a great alternative for MAC Pigments. I have tried the other colors (don't know the exact name), but the pink, green, and blue one, but since I have MAC pigments, I had no use for them. But I think often times we become so dependent on a "high-end" brand that we have pre-conceived notions that a measly drugstore brand won't be satisfying, but I am always determined to make things work by experimenting, yes some drugstore brands do not meet the expectations and results as some high-end brands, but the same goes the other way around. Some of the best mascaras I have tried were indeed drugstore brands.

What I like about it: The jar is just too cute for words. It's really small and makes it easy to carry in my purse or for traveling. I have "Restless" and "Progressive" (I returned "Unashamed" as it was similar to "Gold Stroke"), and I love "Restless", really reminds me of MAC e/s in "Vex". It really goes on smooth and I personally have not experienced any problems with application or in general. I have not tried applying them wet so I do not know the performance of it when applied wet. The brush that's included sucks. It's nothing compared to the #239 brush. The color itself is vibrant (to me at least) and stays on.

What I didn't like about it:
They have a VERY limited variety of colors, and some of the look the same. There are two blues and like four "brown-looking" ones. Also, I believe in some places they are like $15.99 EACH, for $4 more you can get a MAC Pigment!

Overall: If you are able to snag these in a BOGO sale (buy one get one free), then by all means take advantage of it. But if it's not on sale and at $15 a pop, might as well get a MAC Pigment and have it last you a lifetime- literally! The reason I am so faithful to my MAC piggies is because they have an endless amount of colors to choose from, they are so vibrant both dry AND wet, and they really stay on my lids. I also enjoy mineral companies mineral eyeshadows as well (Pure Luxe and MadMinerals). BUT there are some people who really don't need all that much, and hence a HIP pigment is enough to satiate one's need. So I say it doesn't hurt to try one or at least OWN one of these as they are pretty decent.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Reader Request FOTD & Tutorial- Smokey Orange and Brown


Reader Kristal requested a smokey orange and brown look, so I did my best to fulfill that request.

I also took this opportunity to use the L'Oreal HIP Pigment in "Progressive", (on my outer-V and crease) as well as MAC e/s in "Patina" and "Omega"

What I used:

- Camellia Rose Skin Soothing Primer
- Silk Naturals Mineral Foundation (Warm Gold)

- Everyday Minerals Blush in "All Smiles"
- Milani "Luminous" Blush for shimmer

Eyes:- MAC Paint Pot in "Soft Ochre" all over the lid
- Pure Luxe Eyeshadow in "Fantasy" (all over the lid)
- NYX single eyeshadow in "Golden Orange" (lower half of the lid above the crease)
- Amuse eyeshadow from the palette (no color name on top of NYX golden orange)
- L'Oreal HIP Pigment in "Progressive" (on outer-V and contour)
- MAC e/s in "Patina" and "Omega" above NYX golden orange (contour)
- Indelible Gel Eyeliner in "Black Out"
- Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara

- AVON Lipstick in "Coral Cashmere"
- AVON Lipstick in "Nude Pink"
- Sephora Lip Liner #206
- AVON Lipgloss in "Nude Peach"

After applying the MAC Paint Pot in "Soft Ochre" all over the lid, I applied Pure Luxe e/s in "Fantasy".

I then applied the orange/bronze color over the NYX Golden Orange.

Line and apply mascara!

Applied NYX Golden Orange and HIP Pigment in "Progressive" on lower lashline...

Had to match the shirt, lol.

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Walgreens Haul


So first I hit up CVS, so today I had to hit up Walgreens to see the new goodies they had in store, especially after seeing sis Lynne's review on the new 2008 collection by L'Oreal featuring HIP Paints (similar to MAC Paints), I had to see it for myself. Physician's Formula is also coming out with TOTALLY organic and natural makeup (i'll upload the pic later).

And you know your boyfriend really loves you if he is driving you to like 3 CVS's and a Walgreens, lol. He was like "What are you looking for?" And I was like "I got to find this thing for my readers", and he was like "Drugstore makeup!?" Little does he know how far drugstore makeup has gone, how much they have changed. As much as I use MAC, I am still faithful to my share of Revlon, Covergirl, Milani, NYX, and L'Oreal. I just use a lot of MAC in my FOTD's because I seriously have TONS of MAC products I need to use them all!

So I ended up getting 5 out of the 6 paints, the one I didn't get was "Witty" because it looked similar to the MAC Metal-X eyeshadow I bought in "Goldspice", so I passed on it.

I bought (from L to R): "Nervy", "Lofty", "Secretive", "Commanding", and "Steely

Now pay close attention because I am going to give the most in depth review on these:

Swatches (first pic with FLASH)

Room light:

Bathroom light (tungsten, most natural setting):

First impression:
They really are an awesome dupe of MAC Paints at first glance, they are in similar casing, and almost the same size.

Testing phase:
I swatched them on my hand and noticed they were very creamy. I was worried that they were TOO creamy in the sense they would crease or come off, but once I let it dry (a minute or less), it seriously STAYED ON, did NOT budge, rub off, nada. I even washed my hands and it was STILL on my hand. On top of that, it was dry and smooth, not flaky, allowing me to put eyeshadow over it, which means it also makes a great BASE.

My favorite colors are:
Lofty, Secretive, and Nervy.

Dupes observations: Now these are not exact dupes, but pretty close to it (I am at the BF's house so I do not have the real thing in front to compare to but I am basing it on memory here)...

More of a pinkish version of Painterly with subtle shimmer, or lighter version of MAC "Canton Candy".

Very similar to MAC Paint in "Bare Canvas", I currently have Chiaroscuro which is a light taupe/beige.

Reminds me of MAC "Groundwork" Paint Pot, awesome bases for brown eyeshadows or for a neutral look.

Steely- Reminds me of MAC "Blackground" Paint Pot, or MAC Shadestick in "Sharkskin". Looks navy blue in certain angles/lighting. Great base for the smokey eye or dark looks.

To me, it's a cream form of "Gold Stroke". Has reddish-brown tones to it.

Compared to MAC Paints: I have not done a look with the HIP Paints yet, so I don't want to be too premature to say much about it just yet, BUT off the bat, I think it's a great alternative to the MAC Paints, and of course it's cheaper too. So for gals on a budget and want to try something new, I highly recommend it. I think ALL the colors go great on all skintones and ethnicities as most of them are earthy/neutral colors.

Staying power on the HIP Paints is incredible, it'd comparable to the MAC Paints in regard to staying power, because it really did NOT come off my hand!

I will do a look soon using them, so far so good, they look very promising. They may be hard to find because not all stores are carrying the newest collections yet, so call your local drugstores such as CVS, Rite-Aid (has an awesome cosmetics return policy!), Walgreens, and Wal-Mart.

Also, they had new INFALLIBLE lipglosses that supposedly last 6 hours. I bought "Undeniably Mauve", put it on and it's a gorgeous color, I ate some cheesy tots from Burger King, ate some donuts, and here's are some pics below before and after I ate. :)

I will do a review on this soon also, as I did not wear it long enough to see if it really does last 6 hours. I did notice however it was a bit drying (as with most stay on lipsticks/lipglosses).


30 minutes later after I ate some Cheesy Tots!

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