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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Review: Korres Products


Flew back in from Washington late last night and thought I would do a quick review on a few Korres products. I love the Korres brand at Sephora; most of their products I have tried so far are so gentle on my sensitive skin and I am a fan of their Yogurt Face Cream and their bronzers. I was excited to try a few of their other products, their Milk Protein Wipes ($12), Blush #18 in Peach ($29), Anti-ageing Face Primer ($33), and their Autumn Look/Cool Collection eyeshadow palette ($35).

Overall: 5/5

(From the press release), these wipes are rich in essential amino acids and offer nourishing and moisturizing benefits; contains Aloe and pro-vitamin B5 to sooth the skin and reduce redness and irritation. Gently removing all traces of face and eye makeup.

My experience: The Milk Proteins cleansing and makeup removing wipes is for those with Normal to Dry skin which is great for me since my cheeks and nose are often dry. There are a lot of wipes in the pack and each wipe is softly quilted to provide gentle exfoliation and to ensure the removal of makeup. They have a soft scent and did a great job at removing my makeup at the end of the day. I brought these with me to Washington and it worked great, especially because it's so cold over there, I was trying not to wash my face too much to avoid drying it out, so these wipes were handy and will last you a long time. I like these better than the MAC wipes and they smell better in my opinion, however I do like the snap top on the MAC wipes, however these Korres wipes have a resealable seal that prevents the wipes from drying out.

Milk in general is great for its moisturizing and nourishing properties.

 Overall: 3.5/5

Natural Anti-Ageing Quercetin & Oak Primer ($33)- Instantly fills up wrinkles and provides a smooth skin surface for lasting makeup application. The Hyaluronic acid forms a protective shield on the skin providing immediate moisture and elasticity. Quercetin is derived from Oak Bark and has been proven to boost cell regeneration containing over 50 powerful natural antioxidants.

My experience: Like other Korres primers, this has the same scent (smells like lemon meringue pie to me), it goes on smooth and does create a nice smooth primed surface for makeup application, however I didn't notice it holding onto my makeup as well as I would have liked (as in most of the day or all day), but it does make your makeup look flawless when you first apply it (mineral powder and even liquid foundation). Since I do not have any wrinkles (yet!), it's hard to tell whether it does a great job of filling in lines and wrinkles, however it received great reviews on Sephora regarding this aspect. It's not an oily or slippery primer, it totally melts into your skin leaving it nicely moisturized and prevents makeup from "sliding off". It doesn't control oil, so don't expect it to, but it's definitely a decent primer to try out, and a little goes a long way.

 Overall: 5/5

Korres Zea Mays Powder Blush #18 Peach ($29)- Has luminous finish and velvety texture. Has zea mays (corn) particles for a nice effect. Available in 8 shades: 15 natural, 16 pink, 18 peach, 22 purple, 32 purple-brown, 44 orange, 45 coral, and 47 orange-brown.

My experience: I am in love with this blush! It's such a pretty peachy pink color with a touch of shimmer, and the one thing I love about this blush is how soft and natural it is. At times I have a heavy hand and end up with a lot of color, but this is so light (so light it was hard to take a swatch as it looks like I had nothing on my hand) and allows you to build up to your desired color that you don't even need to worry so much about having a heavy hand. It really gives a nice natural glow to any complexion. It's kind of pricey for a blush but it gives off great color, lasts a long time, and has it's own mirrored compact. I used it in my holiday look here, but in person, it's amazing.

Overall: 2/5

Korres Autumn Look/Cool Collection Eyeshadow Palette ($35)- Features a wash of cold white, silver, purple and plum for the winter season. Long wearing, crease-resistant eyeshadows rich in hydrating primrose and antioxidant sunflower oils that care for the delicate eye area. (51 Silver/10 White/ 77 Plum/ 75 Purple)

My experience: I do like the packaging of this palette, how you can open each individual eyeshadow on its own in easy to open/close snap cases, but I was disappointed in the pigmentation of this particular shade (cool), I found the color payoff to be terrible on 3 out of the 4 eye shadows (only the dark purple was a pretty and a well-pigmented shade). Granted these are "winter-esque" shades so they need to be 'cooler', I was expecting the grey silver color to be well- more silver and a tad bit darker. Even the pretty lilac shade on the very right looks so pretty IN the palette but on the skin (at least on my light skin) it was drowning out and it was hard to see any color, even with an eyeshadow primer. They have other palette shades that have great pigmentation, but this particular shade just didn't work well with me. However, I do recommend it perhaps to those who may have darker skin as I think this may fare well and show up better on those with darker skin tones. It does last long and has great wearability, I just wish the shades stood out more in this particular palette.

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from Washington!


Christmas tree at my parent's house!

Merry Christmas to all of you and your loved ones!

I am enjoying Washington, albeit the cold weather, it's nice to be spending it with my sisters and my parents. I rarely get to see them as much as I want to, so I am loving every minute! I flew in yesterday and got upgraded to first class, the lady was so nice she's like "Merry Christmas", one word- amazing! More leg room and meals, can't get any better than that, I definitely want to upgrade more often haha.

One of the reasons I love going up to see my family is because my mom loves the holidays as much as I do, and she goes all out when it comes to decorating the house and all my white Christmas memories from childhood come flooding back. When I am here, it's home- nice and cozy, and filled with love. I honestly feel like a kid when I am at home, especially because both my sisters are still very young, it's fun being silly with them (and drive our parents crazy!).

Megan loved the HK stuff I got her and the Style Savvy DS game she's been wanting. I got my other sis the Stila Makeup Box Player so she can hook up her ipod and listen to music while getting ready, and her BF a wallet and a giftcard. I also put in some makeup brushes and some makeup sponges in her box. I got my dad a Sony Bloggie camera that my baby sis said he wanted and some fleece pajamas for the cold weather in Washington. I got my mom a couple velour suits since she lives in them and this straightener/curling iron she wanted, as well a few beauty items. My baby sis got us a few things, she was so cute because with my sister's gift as a prank, she actually took two things my other sis bought for herself and wrapped it and gave it to her but my sis was going crazy looking for it! LOL. It was hilarious.

I got everything I wanted- spending time with my sisters (and of course cute gifts!). We are planning to do some after Christmas shopping since we also got giftcards haha. 

Here are some pics I took last night and this morning:

Christmas lights outside their house
Christmas Dinner
Best part of Christmas morning is my dad making us breakfast :)
 Megan wore a red peacoat too when they picked me up from the airport, aww twins haha
Megan loved her HK slippers!
Dad and his light-up Lakers hat my sister got him
Lauren opening her gift
Mom got me a warm puffy jacket, Megan got me a locket ring and an HK pouch
My other sister surprised that the gift my baby sis gave her was the same item she was missing in the house and looking for, hilarious!
Hello Kitty Silly Bands I got Megan, so cute!

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sephora Hello Kitty Collection-Brush Set


Arrives in Sephora stores and online in Mid-January, ($49)

Yay! Half-day at work today, I have to run to the Apple store and buy a new laptop charger so I can blog from Washington, LOL. I had my laptop for years and my charger finally died on me (the wires got frayed). I meant to post this earlier, but I fell asleep on the couch since I was running on 4 hours of sleep from last night, I love naps. :)

Anyway, my Hello Kitty Brush Set from Sephora arrived yesterday (I was surprised it arrived so fast!), and it's just so darling! The HK collectible brush holder itself is made out of a cheap metallic coated plastic. In person it totally looks and feels cheap, but the plus side is knowing it won't tarnish and get darker like real silver for example. The inside of her head and the brush holder (white cup) is made out of a sturdy plastic and the entire brush set with her head on, is light in weight. Her head of course can be removed to reveal the brushes inside.

The Sephora Hello Kitty Brush Set comes with 5 brushes: Face brush, Eyeshadow brush, Angled Eyeliner Brush, Shader Brush, and a Lip Brush.

The brushes itself are in true Hello Kitty fashion, featuring baby pink handles labeling the brushes as well as having Hello Kitty's name on the other side. The bristles have dyed pink tips and they are super soft; which surprised me because I am so used to brush sets in general having lesser quality and usually having more scratchy bristles. Even with the MAC HK Brush Set I bought a couple years ago, those brushes weren't all that soft. But these are amazingly soft and they are very sturdy, the ferrules seem to be well made and don't seem like they are prone to bend out of shape, so they definitely feel like good quality brushes.

So what else can this brush holder fit inside? Well in addition to the brushes it comes with, it doesn't fit a lot of 'tall' things, such as regular-sized UD eyeliners (but if you bought small sample UD eyeliners they will fit), however just to give you an idea in terms of sizing, it DOES accommodate MAC lipglasses, lipsticks, even MAC's technakohl eyeliners. So using items such as these or those of similar size guarantees her head will close all the way, you can still fit a few regular-sized UD eyeliners that have already been sharpened down a bit but her head will not close all the way.

Overall, if you are a Hello Kitty lover or addict, or even just like the idea of having a brush set/holder like this, I definitely recommend this being a good addition to your collection or vanity. It's a nice collector's item and I think it's even a great gift for younger girls who enjoy Hello Kitty. They come with a nice range of brushes for lip, eyes, and face, and the bristles are really soft, one of those things you have to check out when they are available at Sephora mid-January!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hello Kitty Day


Today was literally Hello Kitty heaven and Hello Kitty overload (as if there is such a thing!).  My friends were so thoughtful and got me so many cute little items for Xmas, and got a few goodies from a sample sale, and of course the Sephora Hello Kitty Brush Set I bought last weekend at their online private event arrived (which I will review in a separate post tomorrow). The fiance works right next to the Loungefly warehouse where they sell a lot of Hello Kitty items (as well as other brands like Disney and Barbie) and they have random sample sales so everything is more than 50-75% off; so of course I give him money and made him sneak over there to snag me whatever he can haha! He texted me this morning that the line was around the building and that there were people lining up before 7 am (the sample sale is from 9am-5pm), so I didn't think he would be able to check it out, but the owner/manager let people from his company just go in. Score!

We mainly got a bunch of things to give as presents and for friends, so not all of this is mine, just one of the gray HK bags, and the Barbie bag with the matching wallet (which is just adorable). I am giving my little sister one of the cute coin purses for her lunch money since she loves HK too. The Barbie bag I figured would be a nice little carry-on bag on my flight this Friday to Washington.

So funny too because the love for this kitten started as a joke, and people just started getting me HK stuff, and I went with it! And why not, she's too darn cute.

Then earlier this morning, I got the cutest gifts from my coworkers/friends. Carolina got me an HK shirt that says "Food Coma" which totally describes us after lunch! My other friend Mare got me a cute Hello Kitty wallet and keychain set, and my other good friend Kyle who is just the sweetest, is literally doing the 12 days of Christmas, and has given me a gift for each day so far. Right now we are on Day 9, and it's so amazing where he finds this stuff! My other co-worker Mike jokingly said that my cubicle was like a Sanrio store! LOL!

Hello Kitty Brush Set from Sephora Collection (in stores and online Jan-Feb)

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