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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Product Review: Ring Guard Solution


When Jon proposed, I was the most happiest girl in the world. After calling both our families and after I stopped crying (LOL), I realized that my ring was really big on me. The ring was a size 7 (which is my fashion ring size), but fashion ring sizing is completely different than real ring sizing; and on top of that my ring finger is a lot skinnier than my middle finger (which is where I wear most of my fashion rings). 

He figured it would be a bit big so he already told the lady at the store before he proposed that I might have to come in to get it re-sized; of course it would take 2 weeks from the point of taking it in, getting measured, and picking up the "new" ring (which is now a size 5 1/2). But because the store was in Costa Mesa (about an hour from where we live), I couldn't take it in until that weekend. So I needed a temporary fix- something I can put around the ring so it can fit snugly (since I was so scared of losing it!). I ended up buying a ring bumper (those tiny flexible plastic tubes that are open on one side so you can place it over the band), however it was annoying and uncomfortable, and it kept coming off.
Leo Moody from (and is also the inventor of this genius product) was kind enough to send me the Ring Guard Solution to try out ($7.95 for clear, $3.95 for white, also available on You can click on the link to watch a video on their website of how it works. I totally wish I knew this existed when I was looking for a ring bumper to keep my rings from falling off my finger! I remember using tape or even little pieces of paper to keep my rings snug, but they never last long. :(

The Ring Guard Solution contains 5.5 grams which is enough to treat several dozen of rings. It can withstand dishwashing, hot water, baths, showers, swimming and more. The gel is strong enough to stay in place for months and months.

What it does: Solves the annoying problem of rings that slide, or fall off your finger. It's an alternative to expensive jeweler resizing, or having to buy bulky metal or plastic ring guards. Can also be used to bond 2 rings together (such as an engagement and wedding ring together). No risk of scratching or discoloration on your precious rings.

What it is: It's a clear gel solution that helps you re-size rings quickly and easily to keep them from sliding around or off your finger when typing, washing the dishes or your hands. Can also be used on the back of earrings for cushioning.

How it works: It comes in a small tube, ready to use, just apply a tiny even amount across the band of the back of your ring (like applying eyelash glue to falsies), it dries to a soft gel after 3 hours that slides over your finger and knuckles easily.

To remove: Simply just peel it off. Similar to that thick tacky glue you see holding credit cards on paper that get mailed to you, where you can easily peel it off and there's no residue or damage to the surface.

Apply a thin amount of gel along the ring band, let dry

- Affordable and is great when you are pressed for time and can't bring it to a jeweler for re-sizing, or if the jeweler cannot re-size it as they sometimes can't re-size certain ring/metal types
- Tube has a lot of product to last you a long time
- The best solution for temporary ring sizing on the market right now- because it stays on, keeps your ring snug, and it's very comfortable to wear,  it isn't obvious or obtrusive
- Comes in clear (so it's not visible to others) and white, dries to a soft plastic
- Great for those whose fingers swell and shrink with weather or weight change

- Takes 3 hours to dry so be sure to allot time for this in case you are in a hurry, I dry it overnight though just to make sure it's fully dry.
- Smells sort of like nailpolish (Fiance says plastic), not strong, but some of you may not like the smell but this goes away once dry. You can't really smell it though unless you put the tube near your nose.
- Can get messy and sticky if you do not have a steady hand so apply it slowly
- Not available in retail stores (at least that I know of around where I live), online only 

Overall: Since I have tried the plastic ring tube sizers/wraps, it's easy for me to compare and see that the Ring Guard Solution is probably the best at-home solution to keeping rings comfortably snug and secure on your finger (you don't even feel like it's on). And you can use it on all types of rings, even fashion rings. It also lasts for months so no need to keep reapplying.


Silva said...

Sounds good! I have some rings that are too big for me, so this will be a great help :)

for the love of beauty by lara said...

Hi Vanessa!

Thank you for replying! Aww... no more baby bunny! :( It was sooo cute!!

And I never knew these ring things existed! That is such a cool invention! :) xo

Unknown said...

hey gal..congrats !!
u have an awesum blog..followin u..
do check out mine..

Shop N' Chomp said...

Genius. Never even knew this existed! I have a ring that is semi-loose.

Anonymous said...

i had the same problem, so i went to a kays aand they had a little metal piece that they wrapped at the back of the band to make it a smaller size. it was like 2 or 3 bucks, and it made the ring fit nicely.

Jaclyn Rose said...

oh man.. haha if only they have a solution for when your fingers get fat and does not go down, lol. j/k. maybe these are available at those "as seen on tv" stores. could be, i'll have to look for it when i see one of those stores around.

Anonymous said...

is that just basic silicon? As in, would the type you buy for repairing a fish tank, or bathtub work? look like a great idea though.

Vanessa said...

LOL @ Jackie, right?? Especially for pregnant women and their feet and hands start to swell in their third trimester, that is especially useful!

@ anonymous- I believe it is basic silicon, I am not sure how ones that are used to repair bathtubs, like caulking type brands would suffice considering that might have stronger and different chemicals used which could damage your rings(s).

иaggaвuz said...

OMG! I didn't know you were back!!! So happy to have you here one more time, by the way, months ago i send you an email asking you if i could use photos in my blog with links of course. Now I have and i would like to put pictures of this, but i will wait for your answer :)
Welcome back Vanessa!!!

Dianna said...

hi Vanessa,

thanks for doing this review! I ordered the ring guard after reading it because my fingers do swell and shrink quite a bit depending on the weather, etc. My main issue is even after letting the glue set overnight, it comes right off when I wash my hands. Does that happen to you? I've tried tamping it down with a toothpick to prevent air bubbles and ensuring even contact with the ring surface. If you have any tips on how to apply the glue, I'd love to hear them! Many thanks for sharing all your wonderful finds with us readers!

MexiFolk said...

is it safe for extended wear -- non-toxic and hypoallergenic?

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