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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Vanessa Violet


I love, love, love the color purple! In case you haven't noticed, I do a lot of tutorials with purple because it's just such a gorgeous color! My favorite color used to be pink...but now I am more into purple or violet, golds, and browns. It changes all the time, but for now, im sticking to those colors.

Anyway, here is a quickie tutorial on the look I had yesterday...I bought a purple sweater that had silver glittery specks on it and thought id incorporate that into my makeup.

Also, I am LOVING MMBB (My Mineral Bath & Body), Lisa is so incredibly nice and helpful and she gives such generous samples of mineral eyeshadow, and I am definitely one of her frequent customers! I love "Black Emeralds" and "Highlights" which I used in this tutorial to highlight my brow bone, but I will have a post more in detail about these soon!


What I used:

- Homemade Mixing Medium
- MAC Painterly
- MMBB mineral eyeshadow in "Highlights" (good dupe for MAC Pigment in Vanilla or White)
- MAC Pigments in "Viz-a-Violet" and "Violet"
- Splash Pigments in "Purple Sponge" and "Silver"
- MAC eyeshadow in "Gentle Fumes" from the Smoke Signals Quad
- Indelible Gel Eyeliner in "Black Out"
- DiorShow Mascara

- Light Medium Golden Mineral Foundation
- MAC Blush in "DollyMix"


- Milani Lipstick in Dolce Vita
- Sephora Lip Liner in #206
- MAC Pigment in Viz-a-Violet
- MAC Lipglass in Lightswitch

I later changed my lipstick to MAC "Snob"...

To save space when traveling or for your purse, transfer some of your pigments to a 3 or 5 gram jar, that way you aren't carrying that big jar of pigment, because if THAT spills in your purse, that's a big mess!


RESULT after these steps:

To get this:

(not shown) highlighted brow bone with MMBB "Highlights", a gorgeous color!

Line your eyes and apply mascara, and then line the bottom using the same colored eyeshadow...




EYES CLOSED to see detail...

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

FOTD- Miss Jackie


My friend Jackie did such a cute look with the new Matte2 from MAC using Poison Pen from that line...

What she used:

MAC Studio Fix Liquid NC42
MAC Select Sheer Powder NC40
MAC Blush Margin

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Paint Bare Canvas
MAC e/s Fig. 1
MAC e/s Poison Pen
MAC e/s Naked Lunch
MAC Fluidline BlackTrack
Shiseido Creme Eyeliner in Black
Loreal Telescopic Mascara
Loreal Earthscape (brow)

MAC Lipliner Whirl
MAC Lip Lustre Viva Glam V
MAC LipGlass Viva Glam V

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Yesterday was unbelievably long and tiring, as usual I was stuck in traffic on my way to work, I would have to say that's probably the worst and most stressed part of my day is BEFORE I even get to work! I know we all deal with it, it just sucks because in California, there are A LOT of bad drivers, I hate the ones that just cut you off without signaling, I mean they paid $50,000+ on their cars you would think they would use everything it came with, like SIGNALS! haha, I am NOT Miss Cleo, I don't know whether you are going to make a a left or a right...sigh.

I got my refill blush in "DollyMix" today since I swear I eat all my makeup with how quick I go through things...

The more I use it the more I realize how much I love my baby blending brush from Essence of Beauty, it's super cute and is great for blending large portions of the eye, by the brow bone, decolletage, etc.

I know I already said this, but I really love the Smoke Signals quad, I use it often because all the colors are just so eye-popping, my favorite has to be Rondelle, it's just a gorgeous all over lid color or as a highlight!

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Houston we have a problem...


Well rather an addiction! I think I spent about $300+ just on makeup alone this month...sigh...

I bought recently:

- Some shadesticks, as well as good dupes from Avon
- More pigments...
- Eyeshadows from Everyday Minerals
- TONS of stuff from
- Avon's Bendable Brush Mascara
- Vanity Mirror for when I travel (it folds flat to fit in my suitcase!)
- Copperplate from the Matte2 collection, I always needed a taupe/greyish color

I can't wait to get them all! I still am waiting on some other items I got from eBay, aiya!

And the wonderful boyfriend is taking me shopping this weekend, so knowing me i'll find more things I DON'T need!

*Photos courtesy of

October 4- Alexander McQueen Collection comes out from MAC! Features gorgeous colors and new paint pots and eyeshadows!

Paint Pots: Pharoah, Otherworldly, Electro Sky
Eyeshadows: Haunting, Nile, Pagan
Lipstick: Masque and Archtype
Lipglass: Nothingless and White Magic
Pencils: Feline, Black Karat, Jealous
Mineral: New Vegas

October 14 and up: The long-awaited Antiquity Collection! My girl Chastity and I are going to be hitting up the MAC Store and getting our stash as well as getting our makeup done! I am so excited!

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Reader Question: NYX Chrome Eyeshadows


Q: Hi Vanessa, I love your blog. I was wondering if the NYX chrome eyeshadow are loose or like regular eyeshadows in tact?
A: Thank you! The NYX Chrome Eyeshadows and NYX Ultra Mania are ALL loose powdered eyeshadows, they are similar to MAC Pigments and can be used with a mixing medium for vibrancy and to make it long-lasting. The only difference to me is the consistency, as the NYX shadows are softer in texture, almost like Flour, while the MAC Pigments are a bit more gritty, perhaps for long lasting hold and vibrancy.

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AVON Eyeliner Brush only $2.99!


Get it here! AVON.COM

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More NYX Swatches...


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Rainbow Eyes


These were sitting in my camera for awhile...played with some of the vibrant NYX eyeshadows I have as well as other pigments.

Some of the colors were used wet with my homemade mixing medium. I later had an allergic reaction to the E.L.F mascara they gave me to test and my lower lashline was itching like crazy! But a cold cucumber pad later, I was

I DIDN'T bother to layer on the mascara or apply falsies because I wanted you guys to see the detail and color a bit more...

What I used:
- NYX Chrome Eyeshadow in "Sunny Day"
- NYX Chrome Eyeshadow in "Yellow"
- NYX Chrome Eyeshadow in "Lagoon"
- Mad Minerals Eyeshadow in "Envy"
- Makeup Forever eyeshadows

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Reader Question


Q: Hi Nessa! How do you like the EM dual fiber brush so far? -Nga

A: Hi Nga! I love the EM dual fiber brush, it seriously picks up a good amount of blush or foundation for those of you with heavy hands, and is also perfect for dusting off any excess powder or blush.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reader Question: Where to get E.L.F brushes (international)


Q: Hi Vanessa,

Do you know where I can order the ELF Flat Eyeliner brush since I don't live in the US? Cause $1 is a really good deal, especially if you don't use it often! ELF in UK does ship to the Netherlands but they don't have that brush on their website! It's so hard to find a flat eyeliner here >.<




A: Hi Claudia! When contacting me please provide your email address so I can personally reply back to you. You can order it online here at

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Pigment Frenzy!


Lately I have been on this pigment rampage and not just MAC, but with tons of mineral makeup companies. I personally think $20 for a bottle of pigments is a bit too steep for me especially because I am never going to use all of it or even HALF of it! A sample size (5grams) can last me a really long time. I can see the difference between MAC Pigments and NYX pigments; NYX has a soft, flour like texture to it, and MAC is a bit more gritty, yet both perform pretty well for me.

To be honest, the mineral eyeshadow pigments I have received are good dupes for MAC Pigments because they too are very vibrant in color, and are awesome wet (or foiled as one would like to call it). For me, I just love the variety of colors mineral makeup companies offer for eyeshadows, the possibilities are endless. MAC has quite an array of colors, but I haven't seen any that I couldn't find as a good dupe. But i've been storing them in my stacks (see above), and they keep on coming!

I personally love my "Viz-a-Violet" pigment from MAC because not only was it Limited Edition, but the color is my favorite lilac purple.

My good friend Lisa from My Mineral Bath and Body has been such a great help in recommending some awesome colors, I recently purchase the full size "Black Emeralds" which is shown in this pic a week ago, it's the Outer V:

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Reader Question: Swatches


Q: Hi. I love your swatches!! Can you please swatch more NYX shadows and lipsticks? You have the best quality swatches I've seen so far, but are you using a base with those shadows (i.e. wet or dry)?
A: I am not much of a lipstick person so I don't have a lot to swatch that have not already been swatched. And NYX shadows that have been swatched are under the swatches label and those are the only ones I have. So basically if I have them, I'll swatch 'em. All my swatches are done DRY unless noted otherwise, I will be doing some wet soon with mineral eyeshadows and other pigments, but they are ALL done DRY. So it can give you an idea of how intense it would be if it were wet.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Reader Question: Palettes


*sorry I put the wrong link, it's

Q: I was wondering. You may have mentioned it and I missed it. Do your MAC eyeshadows fit into the Nixie palette? Would Milani eyeshadows fit in it as well?
A: MAC eyeshadow refills and Milani eyeshadows fit into the MAC Palettes, ONLY ULTA eyeshadows and of course Nixie eyeshadow refills fit into the NIXIE Palette only. To order the nixie palette, go to and enter code "1301" for 10% OFF YOUR ORDER!.

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Use code: MATTE at checkout from now until October 6th! I love newsletter updates...

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These are a few of my favorite things.....


So a lot of people asked, "Vanessa, you have such a massive collection, which ones are your favorites?"

So here are my favs:


Facial Scrub and Astringents-
St. Ives Apricot Scrub with Salicyclic acid and Witch Hazel or Sea Breeze

Facial hydrator-
I like Evian mist or this other one they have at Wal-Mart, I forgot the brand.

Face Primer- Laura Geller's Spackle Face Primer

Physician's Formula Concealer Duo in Light

Eyeshadow- This one was hard, because I love so many of them, but I cannot live without MAC eyeshadow in "Vex".

Pigment- MAC's "Viz-a-violet"

L'Oreal's Telescopic Mascara

Eyeliner- MAC's Liquidlast in "Point Black", it lasts ALL day even after a shower and it's quick and easy for touch ups! For PENCIL: I like Revlon's Colorstay Eyeliner in "Blackest Black"

MAC Blush in "Strada"

MAC lipglass in "Underage" and NYX "Iced Orchid

Blistex's DCT

Sephora #206

Lipstick- MAC's "Sparks Can Fly"

Makeup Brush- Sonia Kushuk's Blending Brush, this baby works blending miracles!

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

"Green with Envy" Tutorial


NOTE: I am not sure when the NYX Premium Brushes will be out, it doesn't mention any specific dates on their website, however they are coming out with 24 brushes from contouring to shaping, of course yours truly will keep you posted the SECOND I know exactly when they will be coming out!

Many of you requested a tutorial on the "Green with Envy" look, so here it is!

- MAC Paint Pot in "Rubenesque"
- NYX Chrome Eyeshadow in "Panic"
- Maybelline eyeshadow in "Antique Jade" (I use ALL brands!)
- Mineral Eyeshadow in "Envy"
- Covergirl Liquid Eyeliner in "Blackest Black"
- L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
- ULTA eyeshadows "Gold Leaf" and "Shell" as the highlight

- MAC Lipstick in "Sparks can fly"
- MAC Lipglass in "Underage"

* I put my foundation on before I did my eyes...

Step 1:
Apply your eye primer, this prevents your eyeshadow from creasing as well as making your eyeshadow more vibrant. I use Urban Decay's Primer Potion.

Step 2:
I then applied MAC's "Rubenesque" Paint Pot and NYX Chrome Eyeshadow in "Panic" to neutralize my entire lid.

Step 3: I then applied Maybelline eyeshadow in "Antique Jade" which is a gorgeous green a little above my crease.

Step 4: Then put my mineral eyeshadow in "Envy" over it to give it more of an "intense", shimmery look.

Step 5: I used Gold Leaf and Shell as my highlight.

Step 6: Line the eyes...mascara...and line the bottom, I did this with a small eyeshadow brush and just applied the envy eyeshadow on the lower lashline.

And voila!

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NYX is coming out with their new line of brushes!


NYX Cosmetics (one of my favorite lines), is coming out with new premium brushes comparative to some high-end brushes, so gals who are on a budget, these are a steal!

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Friday, September 21, 2007

MAKEUP REVIEW: Anastasia Eye Brow Gel (Clear)


4.5 out of 5 stars

I first received a sample of Anastasia's Brow Gel from Sephora when I racked enough Beauty points, and I loved it ever since! I have always used clear mascara gel from the drugstores, and let me tell you it doesn't work for me, it stays put the moment I apply it, but later in the day I see hairs that have escaped the shape and it bugs me!

PROS: It really tames my eyebrow hairs from straying away and keeps them in shape all day! No weird smell, no flakes, and isn't sticky or hard to apply to your brows, just comb and shape as you would normally and you're done.

CONS: It can be a bit stiff when you put too much on, or put too much in one specific area, not a hard stiff where it's not flexible, but it's like you can feel the gel when it's dry.

OVERALL: I really liked it! I am actually going to be purchasing the full size one! :)

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Adding to my collection...and my Fiber Duo Brush


As usual, I have a new MAC Haul; I bought 2 pigments I had to re-stock on, "Vanilla" and "Violet", MAC Lipglass in "Underage", and eyeshadow brush #239 since I lost the one I had. I saw the new collection, Matte2...and to be honest, I was a bit disappointed because they are kind of dull. I swatched some colors on my hand and it didn't amaze me...which is ok, because if it was utterly amazing I would have spent SO much! So it's refreshing to NOT like something by MAC!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the "Underage" Lipglass, it's by far my favorite because it's a pretty color on its own, no lipliner, nada. Lightswitch and C-Thru, the other Lipglasses I have are pretty too, but C-Thru makes me look washed out by itself, so I usually use it with a darker lip liner to add some depth. "Underage" is a pinkish/neutral beige with little shimmer, it's gorgeous!

I also received my Fiber Duo Brush from Everyday Minerals today and it's lovely, I played with it for a little bit and I love how soft and light it is! It picks up just the right amount you need for application.

Here are the lipglass swatches for "UNDERAGE" (request from Fei):

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Milani Lipsticks


I am such a nerd, but I actually watched the premiere of "Gossip Girl" on the WB (I read some of the books), and now I am hooked on it and I don't know why! Doesn't beat "The Hills", but I love shows like that now every Wednesday night is "Gossip Girl" night!

I have a MAKEUP TUTORIAL on the way, I have been getting so many requests, emails, etc. so I apologize if it's taking me awhile to do them, I am getting around to it! Including the "Green with Envy" tutorial, that's the one a lot of people seemed to like...

Anyway, I went to the CVS store and of course bought Glycerin to make my mixing medium, and ended up picking 2 Milani Lipsticks, "Amaretto" and "Dolce Vita" a sheer beige/nude color, and a soft baby pink color and I also bought Essence of Beauty Brushes, a contour brush, a fan brush, and the baby blending brush came with it. I love Essence of Beauty brushes! They are just so cute to me and I love how they have travel sizes to stick in my purse.



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