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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Birthday Surprise!


Thank you to everyone who greeted me a happy early birthday! You all are so thoughtful and I appreciate it! Even though my birthday is tomorrow, the party already started!

My wonderful co-workers at work surprised me for my birthday before I left work yesterday, they got me my favorite- CUPCAKES! I LOVE cupcakes, and they made a cake out of cupcakes! OMG I was in HEAVEN!

Nothing is better in life than to have wonderful friends around you who take you for who you are and stand by you no matter what. I love that quote "Friends walk in when the whole world walks out". It's true.

Birthdays were so much fun when I was younger, I was the only child for 9 years, so mom and dad always threw elaborate, over the top parties and I loved it because I had fun with my friends and get tons of cool presents, even though my mom made me invite the ENTIRE class (including the teacher) because she said "If you bring a cookie to class, you need to bring one for everyone", LOL.

Now that I am 26, it's not about the big parties or gifts, but now I appreciate birthdays in the sense it's another great year I spent with close friends. :)

We arrived in Las Vegas safely, and it was HOT when we got here, and not even 2 hours from getting here, the BF won $300 and then later on won $500 on poker and craps! I was like yay makeup money! LOL jk.
He was like a little kid that just got a raise in his allowance, I just had to take a pic of him counting his winnings, his smile was from ear to

I will take more pics and blog more later! It's almost 5AM and I am STILL AWAKE.

Man I LOVE Vegas!

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Friday, May 30, 2008

FOTD & Tutorial: Smokey Look Using "Black Ore" from the Solar Field Collection


Thank goodness it's Friday! I am taking a half day at work today since I am leaving for Las Vegas to start the fun! So I most likely won't post until I get back (on Sunday).

I just placed an order for some mineral foundation samples with Buff'd Cosmetics and again with Joppa Minerals in search of the perfect or somewhat close to the perfect shade of foundation. I still love Silk Naturals, but I just want to venture out again and find a foundation where no mixing is needed.

So far I LOVE the coverage of the Joppa Minerals (thanks Moi!) although the first samples I got were a tad bit TOO light. I like Fyrinnae's, but in the middle of the day, the Superpower foundation became kinda chalky on my forehead and I hated it. So I ordered the regular foundation since I don't need that much coverage to begin with, and also got two of their finishes to see which one I might like better: sheer and matte.

So now I am trying a few other foundations from companies I haven't ordered from in awhile just to get back into the groove of picking the "closest one". I think Joppa might just be the winner, but we'll see!

In this "Black Ore FOTD", I wore Joppa's Mineral Foundation in "Medium Light #2", and as you can see, it was TOO light on me. But makeup is all about trial and error! :)

Anyways, here is my look using the Black Ore pigment from MAC's newest collection. It was very easy and simple to do and it's a GORGEOUS color! A nice shimmery black with gold reflects, perfect for nights where you wanna be more dressy and an awesome addition to re-vamping the "smokey look".

Not a lot of blending was needed since the smokey look is better when it's naturally messy and smokey.

Have a great weekend gal pals!

What I used:

- Camellia Rose Skin Soothing Primer
- Joppa Mineral Foundation in Medium Light #3
- MAC StudioFinish Concealer in NC30

- MAC Beauty Powder in "True Romantic"

- MAC PP in "Soft Ochre" all over the lid
- Mad Minerals Indelible Creme Eyeshadow in "Carbon" as base for Black Ore
- MAC Pearlized Pigment Cluster in "Black Ore" on lower half of the lid (applied DRY)
- MAC eyeshadow in "Femmi-Fi" as highlight up to browbone
- Nixie Liquid Eyeliner in "Black"
- L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara in "Blackest Black"
- Milani Color Brilliance Pencil in "Black" smudged on lower lashline and waterline with Q-Tip

- MAC Lip Erase in "Dim"
- MAC l/s in "Pleasureseeker"
- A touch of NYX's lipgloss in "Beige"

Should look like this:

Blend if NESSASARY, get it??! LOL

Should look like this so far...

Then just line your eyes and apply mascara (or even falsies if you want):

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Beauty Find: Revlon's Line Fantasy Cream Eyeliner


With all the new makeup products being released every month from the low-end to the high-end brands, it's so hard to keep up! Even my wallet is having a hard time keeping up! LOL.

I found the new Summer Collection by Revlon, featuring new lipglosses, eyeshadows, bronzers, and more. One of them are the new "Line Fantasy Cream Eyeliners", which remind me of the L'Oreal HIP Cream Eyeliners. They are $10.99 at WALGREENS and comes with a tiny eyeliner brush.

I haven't had a chance to actually use it yet, but just by swatching it on my hand, it was nice and creamy and easy to apply, same consistency as the MAC Fluidlines. Staying powder seems ok for now (won't know until I actually test it out!) and from what I remember, it came in a few colors (I don't know all the names), but they were "Chocolate", a purple and a blue one, and I think a black one but it was all sold out.

I bought "Chocolate" because I was actually in need of a chocolate brown eyeliner when doing soft brown and neutral looks as black eyeliner against my light skin tends to be too dark and overpowering, although I love the classic black eyeliner, I really want to try different colors of eyeliners.

Again, I have NOT tried these yet as I just got them, so I don't know how they compare to other eyeliners such as the Indelible Gel Eyeliners, or the MAC Fluidlines. Also, I have never tried any of the L'oreal HIP cream eyeliners so I don't know how they would compare to those but I imagine they are pretty similar....

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MAC "Cool Heat" Collection is TOO HOT to handle! Are you ready?




What do y'all plan on getting?

I plan on getting most, if not all of the eyeshadows because I am a sucker for blues, teals, and all the seafoam gradient of colors! And maybe a Slimshine or two since I love MAC's slimshines. Color and moisturizing gloss all in one, what more can you ask for???

Eyeshadow ($14.00)

* Solar White Frosty muted white gold (frost)
* Warming Trend Frosty light taupe (veluxe pearl)
* Warm Chill Frosty seafoam green with gold pearl (frost)
* Gulf Stream Frosty mid-tone blue green with green pearl (frost)
* Cool Heat Frosty teal with multi-dimensional pearl (frost)
* Climate Blue Mid-tone violet blue with pink pearl (velvet)
* Blue Flame Dirty metallic navy blue (veluxe pearl)

Slimshine ($14.50)

* Tropic Glow Blue pink with silver pearl (frost)
* By Degrees Neutral brown pink (frost)
* Gentle Summer Light clean yellow pink with white pearl (frost)
* High 90's Clean pink orange (frost)
* Swelter Sheer clean red (frost)

Perfumes (Creations):

* Turquatic (REPROMOTE)
* Turquatic Heat (LE)

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mineral Hauling!


You know you order a lot of stuff online when you get them all at the same time on the same day! LOL.

I got my Fyrinnae, Joppa, and Silk Naturals Haul. I bought a sample of Fyrinnae's Superpower Foundation (gives complete full coverage) in "Sunstone" and so far I love it, I want to test it again for one more day and see how I feel before I commit to ordering the full size. But I just love how I don't need a whole lot to give me that "airbrushed" look. I will try and do a FOTD soon wearing it. :)

I wanted to try some Silk Naturals blushes so I bought a bunch of samples, "Poppy" is a pretty color!

Fyrinnae's "Peaseblossom" is a nice light pink with a hint of lavender, and I got a bunch of Joppa Minerals foundation samples, none of which matched me but I do like their Green Tea moisturizer.

A lot of you have asked me to do an eyebrow tutorial and I am currently working on a quick one, hopefully I can upload it tonight. I am working on a lot of things right now, but I am trying to get out a lot of them before I leave for Las Vegas on Friday to celebrate my 26th Birthday!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

FOTD: Finally using my "Port Red" lipstick!


I have been dying to use my "Port Red" lipstick from MAC's Naughty Nauticals Collection, red lipstick isn't usually the norm for me hence I haven't had time to squeeze it in a FOTD.

I used it along with MAC's "Fanplastico" Lip Laquer (gorgeous color btw).

As for my eye makeup and all that jazz, it's the same FOTD using my Neo-Science eyeshadows, "Magnetic Fields", "Evening Aura", and "Femme Fi".

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Beauty Find: 12-Piece Brow Kit from Walgreens for $7!


Walgreens has a brand called Studio35 which sells a bunch of makeup tools, brushes, double-ended brushes, etc. I found this 12 piece brow kit for $7!

Includes: Brow gel, Brow powder, Tweezers, Comb, Eyebrow Stencils with different shapes, Safety Scissors to cut those stray brow hairs, and a guide.

I love it, I use it everyday and it's such a great buy!

Close-up of the Brow Powder:

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Beauty Find: Face Secrets Make-up Brush Cleaning Wipes


So some of you already had a sneak peek of my new site (darn) apparently my web designer who is helping me with my new site re-directed the domain name to the new site and we didn't catch this mistake until I started getting comments on the new site, LOL.

Almost done....almost. :)

Everyone keeps asking about the store, I am not going to have a big or full stock of certain items because it's just me, so to keep me sane and avoid any mishaps, I am doing things little by little, but even if you want something that isn't there (when it IS up!) then email me and ask about it and I can work with each one of you on a private order if I am able to.

I went to Sally's and bought these makeup brush cleaning wipes from "Face Secrets". It has a flip top lid so you can just grab as many as you need and close it to prevent it from drying, great for makeup artists who need something quick to clean their brushes in between appointments.

I love them! Especially when I am doing a look and need to use the same brush, I don't have time to shampoo them and wait for each one to dry, so these wipes are great to clean any left over color on the brush. Just hold the wipe in one hand, and in a back and forth motion, swipe your brush until there's no more color on the wipe.

It can be used on both natural and synthetic brushes of all sizes.

The ingredients are: Water,Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Fragrance.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Product Review & FOTD on MAC Solar Field & Neo Sci-Fi Collection


I received my Solar Field & Neo Sci-Fi collection yesterday and I LOVE the eyeshadows! I bought Femme Fi, Evening Aura, and Magnetic Fields. I didn't bother to get Expensive Pink because it's permanent so need to rush out for that one, and as for Time & Space, I held off on it because it looks like MAC "Mulch" eyeshadow or Milani's "Sun Goddess". And I bought all four of the pearlized pigment clusters: Scatterrays, Sunpower, Bronzescape, and Black Ore.

Femme Fi is such a gorgeous pearl white with gold duo-chrome looking color, it makes a perfect highlighter, and it's definitely a color I want to stock up on! If "Shroom" and "Ricepaper" had an offspring, I think Femme-Fi would definitely be it! Evening Aura is an very light orangey pink (veluxe pearl), and "Magnetic Fields" is a beautiful dark taupe brown with a touch of charcoal, and a tiny bit of shimmer, it's truly a unique color and great for you gals that love neutral colors!

The only disappointment (for me anyway) about this collection was two of the four pearlized pigments: Scatterrays and Sunpower. I know that MAC purposely had the intention to make them "gritty" and chunky to reflect actual earthy looking minerals or to those found on other planets (LOL), but Scatterrays and Sunpower were just TOO chunky and glittery to even work with. (I am selling these two btw if any of you are interested).

However, the other two pigments, Black Ore and Bronzescape are just breathtaking! Black Ore is perfect for a smokey look or a night out on the town, it has the perfect amount of shimmer, and it's super sexy! Bronzescape reminds me of the "Goldstroke" pigment with more shimmer.

As you already know, I love the lipsticks, Sci-Fi Delity and Pleasureseeker, and I am thinking about grabbing the "Soft & Slow" lipglass.

Overall? This collection pales in comparison to other collections MAC has released, however, I LOVE that this collection catered to the neutral loving gals because at least there's something for everyone. The eyeshadows by far are my favorite out of this collection. And here are the pictures to see for yourself!

I also bought "Honey Moon" lipstick from the MoonBathe Collection from CCO (cosmetics company outlet), a pretty neutral brown with gold shimmer. I love the white packaging, I wish MAC made it their permanent packaging! :)

Here's a quick look I did using the eyeshadows from this collection:

What I used:

- Monistat Chafing Gel as primer
- MUFE (Makeup Forever) Full Cover Concealer in #8
- MAC StudioFInish Concealer in NC30
- Silk Naturals Foundation (Buttery Gold)

- Jordana Blush in "Stardust"
- MAC Beauty Powder in "Drizzlegold"

- MAC PP in "Soft Ochre" all over the lid
- MAC e/s in "Evening Aura" all over the lid
- MAC e/s in "Magnetic Fields" on outer half of the lid and contour, deepened the crease
- MAC e/s in "Femme Fi" as highlight on browbone
- Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in "Blackest Black"
- Nixie Liquid Eyeliner in "Black"
- L'oreal Telescopic Mascara

- MAC l/s in "Pleasureseeker"
- Sephora lipliner
- MAC lipglass in "Underage"

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