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Saturday, August 30, 2008

FOTD: Using MAC Overrich Pigment in "Antique Green"


This is just a simple look I did using the new "Antique Green" pigment, I ended up returning the full-size and just got a sample of it instead since I doubt I would even use 1/4 of the jar in my lifetime, but nontheless it is a pretty color! What I like about it, is that it has a bit of color, but it's not so overpowering like "Teal" pigment, it is more subdued and actually is another alternative to a smoky look. I think a dupe of the Antique Green pigment would be TheSheSpace pigments in either Chasing Mystery or Moral Enemy (although Moral Enemy is more on the green side).

What I used:
- Sephora Makeup Primer
- MAC StudioFinish Concealer
- Purely Cosmetics Mineral Foundation in "Olive Beige"

- MAC Blush in "Coygirl"
- MAC "Sculpt" Powder to contour hallow parts of the cheek

- Ben Nye Eyeshadow in "Jade" on lid as a base and on lower lash line
- MAC Pigment in "Antique Green" applied wet with a sponge-tip applicator on the lower half of the lid.
- Mix of MAC e/s in "Carbon" and "Knight Divine" on outer-V
- MAC Fluidline in "Blacktrack"
- Blinc Kiss Me Mascara

- NYX Round Lipgloss in "Ballerina Pink"

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Product Review: Dior HydrAction Moisturizing Tint with SPF 20


(*Sidenote: Nails done at a salon)

Product: 5 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Price: 2 out of 5 ($38)
Overall: 4 out of 5
Where to get it:, Sephora stores
What shade I tried: Natural #2, also come in 3 other shades: Porcelain, Golden, and Bronze.
Would I buy it again? Yes!

From the Sephora website:

What it is:
A tinted facial moisturizer with SPF 20.

What it does:
Dior HydrAction Deep Hydration Skin Tint SPF 20 is a velvety, sheer face tint with ultra-fine pigments and light-reflecting micro-pearls. This luxurious texture creates a natural veil of fresh color and radiance, for the illusion of bare skin with the promise of perfect hydration. It corrects imperfections, evens the skintone, and also contains a SPF 20 sun protection and the irrigating Aquacapt™ Complex to reinforce the skin's natural moisture reserves all day long.

Size: 1.7 oz

PROS: I love this tinted moisturizer! It's the perfect moisturizer for me because it doesn't cause me to breakout ANNNDDD it hydrates my face (since I have dry skin) just the way the name implies; "hydrAction". It smells GREAT, not a puking, Elmer's Glue smell like some tinted moisturizers have, this one smells yummy to me for some reason. It also has sun protection! SPF 20, big bonus for the summertime! And perfect for the dry winter time as well. It's very easy to carry with you and it doesn't leak because it's not so runny. Also the coverage is pretty nice, not too much and not too little, but just enough to even out your skintone without making you look too obvious you are wearing anything so it's great for gals who wanna sport the natural sorta "no-makeup" look since it covers pretty well. It has light-reflecting pearls to really brighten up your face.***TIP*** To avoid the "streaking effect" you can apply it with a makeup sponge or your fingers like you normally would apply your moisturizer and then pat down your face with a sponge and some loose powder for it to "set" and give you a nice flawless look!

CONS: The price! Geez louise, $38 for some tinted moisturizer!?? I know to some of you that may be cheap but to those who are used to spending carefully, that can be a bit steep. I normally wouldn't pay that much myself for a mere tinted moisturizer because I am a cheap gal but luckily I had a store credit to use. :)

Please don't ask me for color recommendations because to be honest I don't know what would match you the best since there are only 4 colors. I personally just got Natural #2 knowing it would be a bit light on me because I was going to put my mineral foundation OVER IT, if I did it too matchy matchy it might make me look too dark ya dig? So the light shade and my normal shade balances each other out.

Overall? I love this baby, it really does what I need it to do and gives me a nice finish and natural coverage. Great for gals who have dry skin like me or if you tend to have dry skin in the Winter.
Apply it like you would your moisturizer:

My face all clean with JUST the Dior HydrAction Tinted Moisturizer, no other makeup used. As you can see I have dark circles because I never sleep... :(

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Product Review: NYX Round Lipglosses


Product: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Quality: 3 out of 5
Smell/Taste: 2.5 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5
Price: $2.00 on

What they say: NYX Girls new lip gloss. 36 pretty shades to highlight that sexy pucker of yours. Feels silky smooth, long-lasting, and the color in the bottle is the color on.

Ingredients: Microcrystalline Wax, Polyisobutene, Vitamin E, Silane, Minteral Oil, 2-ethylhexyl Palmitate, Gelled Hydrocarbons, Propylparaben, Methylparaben, Fragrance. MAY CONTAIN: Mica, Titanium Dioxide/Ci77891, D$c Red No.6 Ba Lake/Ci15850:2, D&cRed No.27 Al Lake/Ci45410:2, Iron Oxide Red/Ci77491, Iron Oxide Black/Ci77499, D&c Red 7 Ca. Lake/Ci15850:1, Iron Oxide Yellow/Ci77492, Fd&c Blue No.1 Al Lake/Ci42090:2

What I love about it: It’s sheer and pigmented at the same time where you get the perfect amount of color and the color you see thru the tube is the color you get. (Can’t say the same for online swatches! LOL). You can definitely re-apply to get your desired intensity. I love how it’s super soft and glides on a lot easier than the NYX mega-shine lipglosses (my taupe one would act like it was dry when I knew there was plenty of product in there, and it took forever to get an even amount of color on your lips). The kicker is how cheap these babies are! Only $2 on and has an angled doe-foot sponge tip so it makes it super easy to apply. They are also nice and shiny! I also love how the packaging is smaller and round comparing to the square-chunky looking mega-rich lipglosses. Another bonus is that they come in 36 mouth-watering shades, variety is the key!

What I hate about it:
It smells and tastes like dishwashing soap. Like a lemon-citrusy sort of a smell and taste and it immediately reminded me of Lysol. That’s the only thing that bothers me just because I always think that it’s NOT supposed to go on my lips when I put it on, LOL. The smell goes away after awhile (for me anyway), so it’s not so bad…I also wish that they had more staying power, yet not as sticky as the MAC lipglasses, but somewhere in the middle where it actually can “hold” onto your lips. (It would be neat if NYX came out with their own version of MAC’s Pro Long Lustre Wear!) Because these are so soft and creamy, they don’t stay on very long but they are a great addition to add with your favorite lipstick.

Favorite colors so far: Doll Pink, Whipped, and Café Latte.

You would like this if: You are on a budget and looking for something that’s very affordable and has great pigmentation and color variety- more bang for your buck! Or if you are already an NYX addict and heck it’s something new to add to your ever-growing collection!

You may hate this if: You are looking for a lippie that’s long wear or want something a bit more stickier.

Overall: I love them! I plan on buying a few more….

I also picked up a couple more of the NYX Round Lipsticks for $1 at the Chloe accessory store in the Puente Hills Mall by the BF's mom's house...they had a bunch of NYX stuff in that store and even Splash Cosmetics too!

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Are you ready for the Fall Season?


The year goes by SO fast, before you know it it's gonna be Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas! So in preparation for fall, here are some items to complete a nice fall look. This year's Fall makeup trends are rich dark browns, burgundy, reds, toasty corals and oranges for the eyes and lips. Making the Cult of Cherry release a nice fall collection with perfect timing! Dark lips are in, but I won't be hopping on that bandwagon anytime soon! I don't think I can pull of dark- almost black lips, especially with my skintone. I would feel too Marilyn Manson...LOL.

I love fall colors because it really warms up any skintone! Here are some "fall looks" I did in the past, ladies bust out your fall looks!


Forgot the products I used, I think it was UD's "Honey" e/s on the lower lid and the red side is from "Mi'Lady" (MAC MES)..

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

FOTD: Smoky Brown Look using Overrich Pigments


I love the Overrich pigments, all the colors are just gorgeous, and since most of them are the neutral/brown colors, it's definitely right up my alley because I can wear them on a daily basis.

Using "So Scarlet" lipstick, sorry it looks crappy, I took this like after 12 hours after coming home from work so most of it was just I didn't mean to use this color lippie with the eyes but I was lazy so I just put it on so you can see how it looks overall (So Scarlet), but imagine it with a natural eye, it would look so pretty!

What I used:

- Sephora Skin Primer
- Purely Cosmetics Foundation in "Olive Beige"
- MAC "Sculpt" Powder to contour

- MAC Sonic Chic "Nuance" blush

- MAC PP in "Soft Ochre"
- MAC Overrich Pigment in "Blonde's Gold" all over the lid (applied dry)
- MAC Overrich Pigment in "Mega-Rich" on lower half of the lid (applied wet)
- MAC Overrich Pigment in "Heritage Rouge" and "Copperbeam" on outer-V and contour (applied dry)
- Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in "Blackest Black"
- Shiseido Mascara Base
- L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara

- MAC "Cherish" lipstick
- MAC "Liquer" lipglass (from Cult of Cherry)

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NYX Round Lipgloss Swatches


Here are some swatches of the new NYX Round Lipgloss from

I will do a formal review, comparisons with the old formula, and with lip swatches soon!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rockin' Robyn


So even though tomorrow is Robyn's birthday from, we are celebrating it today! This lady is insane and has the biggest heart- she is always so pleasant and giving. Her daughter is lucky to have one cool mom! LOL. BTW, the pic is from which has some awesome cakes with the best designs, so check em out!

Robyn is so generous that despite the fact that it's HER birthday, she wanted me to let my readers know about the little birthday special she has, so let's celebrate it with her! Also read her beauty blog here:

Yes, my sexy bombshells, FREE SHIPPING on any amount! None of that free shipping on all orders over $100 crap, but free shipping even if you just order a few samples! But trust me, you will be tempted to order much more than samples. you MUST enter "HappyBirthday" in the redeem code box for FREE SHIPPING. The BEST part?! She will give away the "Beauty Blender" (I recently reviewed) randomly to one of my readers, in the notes section when you order, you MUST enter "Enter me for the Beauty Blender giveaway".

The FREE SHIPPING offer starts at 12:01am Wednesday (think tonight for you insomniacs) and ENDS at midnight.

I love her products (for real) and no I am not trying to advertise, heck I use her products myself! I just get a lot of questions in regards to different kinds of mineral makeup products and what my shade is, etc. So I LOOOVVVE her Skin Smoothing Formula Mineral Foundation in "Olive Beige", it is the perfect match to my skin and I love how there is no mixing needed to get the perfect shade, it's good straight outta the jar!

Random Moment:
I love the "Little Mermaid", can't wait to get my hands on the new "Ariel's Beginning"!

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Monday, August 25, 2008

MAC Overrich Collection


Here are the swatches from the Overrich collection, I ended up getting 6 of them (well actually I have 7 since I have had "Mauvement"), so the only one I did not end up getting was "Museum Bronze" just because it was sorta blah to me. I was SO disappointed because almost ALL the jars I bought were literally HALF EMPTY. I had to go back to exchange it right after work just because I didn't want the MUA's to think I took half of it and here I am trying to return it. I know that reader Maria also complained of the same thing, and coming across other blogs and forums, turns out that the pigment sizes changed from a whopping 7.5 to a 4.3 grams. Yet the MAC website still has it listed as 7.5. The reason for this they claim is that the Overrich pigments are more finely milled therefore have the same weight, but just more compressed. I don't know but I am personally disliking some of the collections- stickers on packaging (Fafi), and now this. I don't understand why pigments aren't $10 like they should be rather than $20 because we all know we can never use up an entire jar of pigment by ourselves in this lifetime! Especially if they are only filling it half-way!

I just might return "Antique Green" because it's kind of an ugly color to me and a full jar is unnecessary. My favorite colors are: Heritage Rouge (a nice deep brown burgundy color), Blonde's Gold (a neutral/bronzy gold shimmer), and CopperBeam (a deep chocolate brown with copper tones). I also liked "Vintage Gold", but "Golden Olive" and "Night Light" seem to be similar in color, not exact, but pretty close.

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Swatches & Review: MAC Cult of Cherry


This particular collection didn't impress me personally because the eyeshadow quads featured some permanent eyeshadows and repromotes from past collections. I already have "Deep Truth" (as well as the million variations of it), "Shadowy Lady", and "Tempting". The other colors I doubt id use although they are gorgeous, like "Dark Edge". But for the most part, I think they can be duped with some of the permanent colors or even the Overrich Pigments.

And even though dark vampy lips are the trend for the season, I just don't see it happening on me. The lippies are very rich in color and I love "Kirsch", however I doubt i'll be reaching for it too often. I did manage to get "Liquer" lipglass since I don't have any brown colored lipglasses and "So Scarlet" lipstick since it looked gorgeous on Ren.

I am hoping once I start applying makeup on people as practice I can come with a nice look using them. ***Sorry I accidentally deleted the "Shadowy Lady" quad but I am sure you can find swatches of them online.

Here are some swatches:

Tempting Quad:

Spiced Chocolate Quad:

Comparison of "So Scarlet" to MAC l/s in "Port Red":

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

POW WOW Pics! I love these ladies!


Sorry for the delayed update, this weekend has been so much fun that I hardly went NEAR a computer!

So the blogger POW WOW was on Friday, at the RockSugar Restaurant in Century City, OMG the food was sooooo good! I definitely have to take the BF there one of these days since we are both food critics, LOL.

The gals looked AMAZING in person! And they had personalities to match! I was so excited to finally meet Aileen from Shades of Hue! We've been online buddies for so long, it was such a pleasure meeting her and talking to her! I miss you already Aileen! Thank you for coming out!

I carpooled with Anne, where we met up with Miss Jaclyn and Joey, before the gorgeous Pink (Pam) came to really get the party started! I am going to forever call her PINK, LOL! Many of us were calling each other just by our blogger names which was hilarious! Raija (sp?) (aka FuzKittie) came with her BF and Pink's BF Cliff was also in attendance, overall it was an awesome time!

Mimi and Helen came not too long after, and Cee Jae (Jaclyn's BFF) came later as well. It was just NON-STOP laughter and we were all cam-whoring and enjoying the heated floors. I gave some goodie boxes to everyone as did Pink because heck we love these gals! Pink gave everyone her favorite lipgloss, NARS' "Turkish Delight", LOVES IT!

Fly Mama L was with us in spirit as she could not make it since she is in Japan, don't worry mama, we will definitely have another dinner when you're here!

Then on Saturday, before Pink and Cliff has to take the red eye fight back to Boston, we had dinner one last time at Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles! I miss you already Pam!

Here are some pics!

Our "turkish delights"...

The Host, isn't she hot?

Pink, J Rose, and Yummiebitez! LOL

Yummy food!

Joey and her friend

Jaclyn and Cee Jizzle!

Joey, Pam, and Raija

Aileen and Me

Pink and Me (I look fat, lol):

Anne and Pink:

She still looks hot in candids!

The men of the night:

Aileen from Shades of Hue:

Yankee Swap Time!

End of the night...

Saturday @ Roscoe's!


VIDEO for Fly Mama L!

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