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Monday, December 31, 2007

NYX "Golden Orange" FOTD


***Yes I will be working on a contour video soon focusing on the new sculpt and shape compacts, though it is pretty similar to the last contouring video I did, however I will do one using the new 138 brush as well as highlighting, stay tuned!***

I finally had the guts to do a fotd using the orange NYX eyeshadow I bought a few weeks ago: "Golden Orange".

At first I was a bit disappointed at the way it was turning out, let's say it was a tad bit TOO bright of an orange, so I then took a little bit of gold and a grey-ish color over it to tone it down a little bit, then I was happy with it's a nice change for me and I really like how simple and subdued it looks.

In case you are wondering how I did my hair, I had a crimper/waver I had for YEARS and thought id dust it off and bring it back to life, I actually liked it a lot because usually my hair is just dead straight since I am super lazy. I might just do it more often...

What I used:

- Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
- Silk Naturals Foundation

- For contour I used "Sculpt" Powder
- Applied "Accentuate" on nose and apples of cheeks
- Blush: Milani "Luminous"

- MAC Paint Pot in "Painterly" as base
- MAC "Your Ladyship" Pigment over entire lid
- NYX single eyeshadow in "Golden Orange" on lower half of the lid just above the crease
- Milani eyeshadows "Sun Goddess" and "Mercury" (with a little "Storm") above the orange
- Nixie Liquid Eyeliner in "Black"
- Covergirl LashBlast Mascara in "Blackest Black"

- AVON Lipstick in "Nude Pink"


Anonymous said...

hiya vanessa, ive actually been a silent reader of yr makeup blog but i really love your hair colour in this tut( whats the colour ? hehehe) and the makeup just put a beautiful finish to the overall picture. Thanks for the tutorials it really improved my makeup skills.You are a doll :). - snow

MakeupByRenRen said...

oh saucy! I likey :) the hair looks great too...don't you love when you rediscover old products ;)


WoW I love this! It's bright but it's not screaming at you. The lippy is also a nice natural pink. *runs to avon dot com* LOL

Mrs. Lynne said...

It came out very nice! Your crease colors remind me of the Clue. I'm so in love with the combination.

You are so lucky to have naturally straight hair. The crimp rocks!

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Wow Vanessa, that's a very bright orange! You weren't kidding - and that's the toned down version? :D Regardless, you pull it off well. It's nice to see someone who isn't afraid of colour! Looking forward to your video tutorial as well as a NYE FOTD (*hint*, heheheh)

Anonymous said...

hey i really like this look!! i can't find golden orange anywhere on the nyx site...where did you get it from??

Vanessa said...

Hi Anonymous- I don't know remember the hair color name, I actually got caramel highlights a few months ago, then dyed it a dark brown so it's basically the dark brown over the highlights...and thanks for the sweet compliment! I am glad you can find this site useful!

Lynne- Thank you! Yeah at first I wasn't liking it, so I added some more colors and it came out ok!!!

Thanks exgirlfriend! It's actually not that bright in person, it's very subdued, especially if my eyes are open you can't really see a lot of orange. NYE fotd?? Refresh my's been a long year! haha

Anonymous- I bought it at this store called "Glitz" that is downstairs by my work...

Julie said...

Wow! Such a fresh look!

I hope you have a fanatastic new year! Live, forget the unimportant and smile heaps!!

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Oh sorry Vanessa! I meant I can't wait to see this year's New Year's Eve fotd when you do it! :D

Anna said...

i luv it! you can totally pull off any color

christianadivine said...

you look GORGEOUS nessa! :D i ADORE these colors on you, and your hair is sexy sexy! ;) happy new year love!

Grayburn said...

You're so talented! The grey looks amazing with the orange. I wish you another beautiful 2008!

Anonymous said...

can you please do a picture tutorial for this look? its gorgeous

Vanessa said...

Thank you Snow!

Ren- I LOVE finding old treasures! :)

Shawnta- Thanks! OMG AVON has too much good stuff!

Thank you Anna, Chris, and Grayburn!

Vanessa said...

Oh! And yes I will do a tutorial for this look!

Sef said...

this is a very coed overnight summer camps interesting post... thanks for sharing!

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