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About Vanessa


My name is Vanessa, but a majority of people call me Nessa, hence "Nessasary", which my younger sister came up with when I was thinking of AIM screen names, so it just sorta stuck. I was born in Toronto, Canada, but consider myself to be raised here in Los Angeles. I am a true Gemini. I love all sorts of art, from photography and painting, to makeup. I love experimenting with colors and I started this blog as a makeup diary if you will- a place to remember what products I used for certain looks, and then started to do product reviews to help people who are on the fence about certain products. I am not a makeup artist although I do like practicing on people, I am self-taught; never took any makeup classes or anything, but would like to someday to hone in on the craft.

I also enjoy cooking and baking, and I always love a good laugh. I am pretty goofy and a total kid at heart. In the real world, I work in the advertising industry, and I love it.  I am passionate about everything I do and I think life is too short, so do what you love!

Other random tidbits:
  • I was "Class Clown" in my senior class of high school
  • I am allergic to drinking alcohol (break out into hives)
  • I never had a 'real' pet (everyone tells me goldfishes don't count haha)
  • Pretty much everything I have is pink, but oddly enough it's not my favorite color
  • I am a bit of a gadget geek and a bookworm. I love reading all sorts of books and I love collecting cameras, cellphones, and playing video games
  • I am OBSESSED with McDonalds Sweet Tea, it's amazing!
  • My favorite animal is a Zebra because frankly, I find them fascinating
  • My favorite accessories are boots, belts, and fashion rings
  • I can't whistle- at all

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