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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Katie B Cosmetics - Retractable Brush Kit


I have a fascination with retractable brushes. I just love how compact they are and that they have a cap to protect the bristles, it's truly a space saver in my little makeup bag. It's rare to find an actual kit of retractable brushes in this industry in general, yes there are many retractable brushes, but I personally have not seen a kit full of them! Talented makeup artist Katie B has her own line of cosmetics, including a retractable brush kit made of synthetic fibers, that retracts to full-size brushes.  The entire 10-piece set (including the carrying/storage bag) is $250, but if you use code: nessasarymakeup20, you will get 20% off your order! You can also buy the brushes individually in case you don't want or need the entire kit.

The kit includes the following brushes:
- Kabuki
- Stipling Brush
- Blush Brush
- Contour Brush
- Shadow Brush
- Angled Brush
- Smudge Brush
- Blending Brush
- Lip Brush

My thoughts: I like the idea of a retractable brush kit, it's nifty for people on the go such as makeup artists, or who like to touch up their makeup throughout the day, especially me, I use a stipling brush with my MAC Careblend Powder and I avoid bringing my large full-size Sigma one because the bristles would eventually get messed up being squished in my makeup bag, the fact that I can have the comfort of having a compact, yet full-size stippling brush with a cap to help protect the bristles is a plus for me. I also like that each brush type is labeled on the handle for easy identification. The bag that the kit comes with is also big enough to hold all the brushes in the kit and then some. The texture on the outside of the bag has a suede like feel to it which gives you a nice good grip.

I also like that the kit has the basic essential brushes one would need to achieve a full-face look as it has a blending and lip brush as well. In terms of the quality of the brushes, I have not used it long enough to really gauge how they perform after a long period of time including the shed factor, but they seem pretty soft, not scratchy or stiff.

I also think that despite the fact this kit is unique, (like i've said before, there's not too many retractable brush kits on the market today that have all the basic brushes); I think $250 is a tad bit pricey for what it is, especially for some people in this economy and the fact that many girls who would be interested in something like this are probably teenagers, or young adults/students who are not inclined to have that kinda cash. There are also so many competitive brush kits out there at half the cost, albeit they are not retractable and may not be of good quality; people might just settle for what they can afford, even if it's cheaper quality. However, it's standard pricing in this industry, for example, MAC's retractable lip brush is $22.50 and Katie B's is $26.50 (if bought separately), but is way more sturdier than MAC's lip brush. Overall, if you've been searching for a unique retractable brush kit, or even just a few retractable brushes, definitely check out her site and these brushes.

- Kit comes with a handy case
- Synthetic Brushes
- Retractable brushes are handy, retracts to full-size brushes
- Cap protects bristles and protects them from dirt and bacteria
-  Brush type is labeled on the handle
- Easy to clean, just clean like normal and let it air dry (retracted of course)

- A bit pricey for a brush kit, however it's pretty unique

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

IBS/IECSC Las Vegas!


I know it's been ages since my last post, but i've been traveling and have not had much internet access to upload my pics, so finally I had some time to post up some pics from the industry/professionals only show in Vegas (IBS and IECSC). It was scorching hot in Las Vegas, so it was nice to get out of the sun and walk around and check out all the exhibitors.

I got a bunch of nail polishes from OPI and Orly, a TON of headbands (I will do a separate post later), some blushes and pencils from Modern Beauty, a fascinator-esque headband, some rings, and brushes from, where I also won a brush kit! I absolutely LOVE their brushes, they don't shed as much as other brushes (if at all), and the people that work there are so friendly and amazing! I got some of their brushes a year ago at IMATS, and I loved it, so I made sure to stock up!

I also visited the INGLOTS store at the Forums Shops, but didn't buy anything then since I already spent a lot at the show, but it was nice seeing the store in person. (I ended up buying an Inglots palette at IMATS! LOL)

I will be doing a video and a more in-depth post of the products I got soon, but for now, here are some pics!

Rings for $1!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MAC: Travel Size Cleanse Off Oil ($10)


Since I am leaving for Las Vegas this weekend for the IECSC show and then heading out to Washington next week for my sister's graduation, I figured instead of bringing everything I own like usual (LOL), that I would just grab a travel size Cleanse Off Oil from MAC ($10). MAC came out with their "Sized to go" collection which features a lot of their full-sized favorites into nifty travel size bottles; such as their Fix+ spray, Pro Eye Makeup Remover, Strobe Cream, Green Gel Cleanser, Wipes, Oil Control Lotion, Cleanse Off Oil (regular and tranquil) and Studio Moisture Cream. Prices range from either $10 or $15.

What I like is that it's 1.0 FL OZ.'s, so these meet the TSA's requirements, and you can bring this on your carry-on in a clear ziploc baggie. They also don't take up a lot of space and there's plenty of product to last awhile, allowing you to travel light without all the bulk of full-size bottles. The only con is that MAC doesn't let you use your pro discount on these items, and frankly $10-$15 is somewhat steep considering they are just travel sizes, and they are pretty small in comparison to the full-sized ones.
Comparison of size in my hand (nailpolish is OPI "Coquette Cutie")

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

OPI: Serena Glam Slam (White Shatter)


My girlfriend and I went to get a manicure at a salon and they were selling a lot of the OPI Shatter nailpolishes and they had the Serena Glam Slam Kit! I was hunting this one down and was so happy they had it and avoided having to pay shipping. It has the "White Shatter" nailpolish and "Spark De Triomphe" which is a gorgeous chunky gold glitter nailpolish that looks good even by itself.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Napoleon Perdis Bronze Patrol & Blush Patrol


Happy Friday Friends! Hope your weekend is off to a great start! I recently had the opportunity to try the Bronze Patrol ($50) & Blush Patrol ($59) from Napoleon Perdis (, which by the way, if you buy either the Bronze Patrol or Blush Patrol at that price you get a FREE Patrol Blush, so you get two! Which is probably a lil cheaper than two MAC MSF's combined (and in case you are wondering I compared the two, and the MAC MSF and the NP Patrols are roughly the same size, see video).

The Brush Patrol & Blush Patrol are described as "sophisticated baked powders" that will make you look like you got a nice glowy tan from the islands. I definitely agree with "sophisticated", the gold colored pan and the clear lid make it look so luxurious and refined. They both are enriched with Vitamin A and C, so for those of you with dry skin- like me- don't need to worry! They are also dome shaped.

Since summer is around the corner and I am pretty pale, I tend to love bronzers (not the way Snooki loves bronzer), but I like that they bring warmth and subtle color to my face so I don't end up looking pasty. I am loving the Napoleon Perdis Bronze Patrol, it creates a nice dewy, sunkissed look without looking like an oompa loompa and I personally think it's flattering on all skin tones. It has shimmering gold flecks that leave a nice soft, yet subtle glow on your cheeks. The veining on both of these are just so pretty, you don't even wanna touch it! You can also use it wet or dry and it's paraben free.

You can even use this as a pretty eyeshadow color to give you a nice "beach bronze" look, because it's such a pretty color. I even compared swatches with MAC MSF in "Comfort" (LE) and MAC MSF in "Petticoat" and you can see that the texture and pigmentation is pretty much the same, and the colors are similar. Since the MAC MSF's were Limited Edition, I highly recommend checking out these Napoleon Perdis Baked Powders in case you missed the MSF boat. And there's PLENTY of product to last you a lifetime; especially since you don't need a lot to begin with because these are so pigmented.

The Blush Patrol blush, is super pretty; I can't even describe how pretty it is in person. It's like a hybrid of a soft rose pink and a tinge of a shimmery coral. It gives a nice natural flush to the cheeks and looks great in the pan because it has swirls of shimmery color. It's also long lasting and streak free since these powders are baked but silky soft.
New Formula - Improved finish and blendability
Vitamin A & C - Antioxidants improve the appearance of skin tone
Lauroyl Lysine - Leaves a smooth, silky texture on the skin
Wet & Dry Application - For soft blush (dry) and contoured definition (wet)
Paraben Free - Ideal for those who are sensitive to parabens.
Final thought: This is the first product ever, that I have tried from Napoleon Perdis, and I genuinely loved these baked powders, they give such a nice glow to my face, I hope to do a FOTD soon (but you can see it in the video how it looks on the face); but because I had such a great experience with them, it makes me wanna check out their other products. Even though some of their stuff is more high-end, I like that they include free gifts to make it worth while. Bottom line, these are great quality and I highly recommend you check them out especially if you are a MAC MSF loving person who missed out on the LE MSF's because unlike the MAC MSF's these are permanent, and they are just as pigmented and similar in color.

Here are some pics, along with some comparisons:

Disclaimer: All product reviews and honest opinions on this site are solely that of my own and I am not endorsed, affiliated, or paid for this review unless otherwise specified. This product was given for review consideration by PR.

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