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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dirty Cosmetics (


Dirty Cosmetics ( is a new and funky makeup line based out in Los Angeles, and they were kind enough to send me their Lip Spark Lipstick ($15) in "Illusion" and their Curling Mascara in Black to try out, the first thing I noticed how cute and tiny the lipstick was, it's probably less than 2 inches in height, but don't let the packaging fool you, there's a lot of product in there! I just really love how the lipstick itself is compact, makes it easier to tote around (I hate bulky things), and great size to carry in an evening /clutch bag that doesn't have a lot of room to begin with.

This particular lipstick shade "Illusion" isn't listed on their website yet (it's still under construction) but it looks like the swatch pic they have up of "Crackle". The lipstick itself has no obvious scent or weird smell, so even those with sensitive noses should be fine; I personally found it to be really drying and hard to apply (because it's a glitter-esque lipstick), so I recommend applying chapstick or lip balm before to help it glide on better. This particular shade is not pigmented at all, even though the lipstick makes it seem it has some color to it, it has more of a slight metallic glaze finish as you can see by the swatches below. Probably looks better over a lipstick for a little sheen and sparkle but I don't particularly see me using it by itself. I personally am not a glitter lipstick kind of a girl, so I think i'd try their regular lipsticks  ($12.50) for a better, more moisturizing formula.

Their Submissive Curling Mascara in Black ($11, also comes in brown), has a simple spiral thin brush to help get in tight spaces, I didn't really notice it to give me any obvious or incredible curl or lift, but it gave a nice plush natural eyelash look to darken your lashes without looking clumpy or overdone; and didn't make my lashes stiff.

They are still fairly new, so I am sure once they get their website together, it'll be easier to check out their products in full detail, so it would be interesting to see their other stuff as well.

Check out their FB page!

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Kae said...

Illusion looks super pretty on your natural lips! Almost looks like MAC Lollipop Loving. I would never have given that shade a second look if I saw it in a store. You never really know til you swatch, huh? Haha.

msmadamemakeup said...

ooh interesting! I always love seeing new brands. great post x

Anonymous said...

Seems like this might be a fun brand. I wonder how their other products are - eye shadows, blush, etc.

Also, just wanted to let you know that the link to dirty cosmetics site leads to Sigma's.

Vanessa said...

I agree Kae! I usually won't swatch if I don't like the color off the bat but it's amazing how sometimes it never looks like what you think it should!

Nicole- Thanks for the heads up! Weird how that happened, LOL. Me too! I am curious to see how their blushes and stuff are.

나니 said...

Not really diggin' the mascara wand, but I love the lip color on you! Is it very sheer? It looks kinda sheer, but it's still really pretty! : D The packaging is quite nice..

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