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Friday, June 29, 2007

Mineral Makeup Sites


A link to some sites:

So I got bored and started looking for mineral makeup sites simply because I think I am starting to get into it a bit more since I DO see a HUGE difference it makes, so I thought id share some really great mineral makeup sites, I also got some awesome mineral eyeshadow stacks! I LOVE MONAVE.COM!

I tried the "Buttered Tan" from Everyday Minerals and it was actually TOO DARK for me, but so far I liked two shades that I will probably order the full size in, however I am awaiting some samples[below] of more foundation shades from Monave, so we'll see!

FREE Standard shipping on PUR Minerals!

And of course:

I bought the buffer brush from Lumiere ($16.00) because the one I have is old and bleh now...I read reviews on it and it's pretty soft!

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Thursday, June 28, 2007


I love this new site I found,, they have a lot of products at a cheap price, including MAC.

I bought another MAC eyeshadow, "Deep Truth", it's a nice deep sparkly blue...can't wait to use it.

Christiana recommended Lumiere Cosmetics Site for some synthetic brushes for those who also don't like animal brushes, they have a bunch of other cool stuff on there as well. So check it out! Thanks Chris!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007



I love Sephora, I honestly can go crazy in that store. The only CON I have about it, is that: 1.) I wish their prices weren't so high, I mean they have small things for like $18, travel-sized things are like $10+, some of their products are a bit outrageous in price... 2.) They carried more synthetic brushes, instead of brushes with animal hair!

I really like their eye and lip pencils, my favorite is this nude pink. ($4)

And also their lip liner with a lip brush on the other end ($6):

I also really enjoy their eye glitter pencils to line my lower lashes for a little extra "pop". I have the electro blue and the silver glitter pencils. ($6)

Sephora nail polish corrector pen to fix those mistakes! ($6)

Matte Mono Eyeshadow in Matte White ($10):

Duo Eyelash and Brow Comb ($5):


One of my favorites (also pictured up top on my banner), Sephora Cream Eyeliner Palette in Earth Tones ($15):

On-the-go easy French manicures ($8):

Sephora Brand Glitter Lashes ($8), perfect for the weekends!

NEW! Sephora Illuminated Tweezer ($22):

6 COLOR Lipgloss Palette ($12):

For my mineral makeup or for mixing colors, I use the sifter jar ($4):

I LOVE this dual sharpener that sharpens both jumbo and slim pencils, the best part is that they have caps for each one so that there is no mess, perfect for travel($3):

I travel a lot, so these sponge wedges in a case is perfect for me, keeps my sponges together and clean! ($6):

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007



So I am trying to look for some unique makeup brushes, the problem is, I personally DO NOT use makeup brushes with animal hair. Not so much as I am an animal-lover, but because it's just gross to me, to put animal hair on your frikkin' face! :)

All the brushes I wanted were made out of either goat(angora), squirrel, boar, mongoose, raccoon, pony, and sable hair. I NEED MAN-MADE SYNTHETIC HAIR BRUSHES!!

I found a few...I will re-edit this post soon with my findings....right now I am getting frustrated how there isn't too many brushes with man-made hair!

So after countless hours today looking for the perfect SYNTHETIC brush for my mineral makeup, I brush! With a short handle for better control. Only $9.50 on

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Video: How to get the smoky eye look from MAC Makeup Artist


*I bought MAC Eyeshadow in Vex today, it's actually similar to Flirt Cosmetics "Limelight", even though it's $4 more, saves me gas from going to get the other one AND it's small enough for me to carry in my purse for any touch ups. I also want to buy the NARS Eyeshadow in "Night Breed", but I can't decide whether I want that one or the "Night Fever". They both almost look the same, but the Night Breed has red/purplish pearls that kinda give it a really unique look.

I saw Christina Milian at the MAC store with her mom, she was low key incognito, with a hat and no makeup, she is tiny I must say, very cute girl. I took a pic with my cell phone, but it came out a bit blurry, I was scared to take a pic since I know she is a normal person just trying to buy some makeup AND because I didn't want the MAC makeup people thinking im a competitor taking pictures of their products haha...

I actually wanna get a few more things from MAC, I am just not sure yet since I haven't really played with all their colors without being interrupted by a sales lady that looks like a drag queen asking me if I need any help. I know that it's their job, but seriously, it's annoying. If I need HELP, I will ask for it- trust me. But I just want to be in my own world with my Q-tips and putting crazy swatches of color on my hand till I look like a human palette!

I returned the Chrome Yellow I bought a few weeks ago, simply because as much I love YELLOW, I never wore it. I guess as soon as I get more comfortable with certain colors then yeah I might just buy it again, but for some reason, I am trying to maintain different everyday looks: like taupes, browns, gray, black, etc. I don't usually wear a lot of bottom liner for everyday wear just because I already do a lot up on top with the eyeliner and everything, I don't want it to be a bit much for work, but occasionally I will put some just to play things up. I personally like less makeup M-Th, there's no one to impress anyway haha.

Anyone actually like cream eyeshadows that they can recommend? I personally DO NOT like cream eyeshadows simply because I wear eyeliner, and it also just slips right off the shadow and never stays on my eyelid like powdered eyeshadows do. Unless it's cream-to-powder eyeshadow, similar to MAC Shadesticks or Paint, then it's ok...but so far, I haven't liked them very much.

I wanna get a few more MAC eyeshadows as well as True Colors stacks (the kiosks in the malls), they have a deal going on, 9 colors for like $50, AND it turns into everything, eyes, nailpolish, eyeliner, lipgloss, it's amazing. And the best part? They are minerals.

I love the Laura Geller Double-Ended Eyeshadow Brush

I think I am also going a little online shopping crazy, as I have purchased so much the past month. Most of it was for my photography aspirations, bought a UV lens filter and a Flower hood for my camera. And then just last night I ordered my Baby G watch (remember those?). My friend bought me one for my birthday when I was 16, and I always loved it because it was so durable and it actually fit my tiny wrists. And for some reason, I just wanted it again. So it was a total impulse buy, but doesn't it look gorgeous???

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Everyday Minerals in Fairly Light Natural (Matte)


This is with Fairly Light Natural, I like it a lot better because it was less orangey on me (in pics), and more natural. The beige one wasn't orangey in person, but gave me a nice faux tan.

I gotta try pretty much all these shades since I am so curious. I am thinking about going to the mall tomorrow and picking me up the stacks of loose eyeshadows, and when wet, turns into a creamy metallic. oOoh!

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Make-up Rambling


This is my face with Everyday Minerals in Natural Beige (intensive). I didn't add blush or do my eyebrows so forgive me! I love the mineral makeup a lot and I actually DO see a big difference. It's A LOT lighter than foundation and yet has the same coverage, if not more. The only CON I had which is probably because I had primer underneath was that it was a bit sticky in the sense that more powder would stick to an area of my cheek rather than disbursing evenly, hence giving me more colored spots in random areas. But I think it's fine without the primer as it DOES last all day long as if it was freshly applied throughout the day.

I personally think it looks better in person since you can see everything I used. I used Sephora's Glitter Blue Eyeliner at the bottom, for my lips I primed them first with Laura Geller's Spackle Trio, lined it with Sephora's Eyeliner #206 (yes I said EYELINER, eyeliner actually makes a great lip liner since they have better colors to me) and glossed it up with L'oreal's Lipgloss in Mauve.

I bought more makeup (like I need more), from LEFT to RIGHT:

E.L.F's "Eye Widener" in white of course, makes eyes appear larger and wider for gals with Asian Eyes (I will show this visual soon), MAX Factor Lip Gloss in "Stood me up", Wet N' Wild Yellow Nail polish since I love yellow, and E.L.F's all over face stick in Lilac Petal.

I love the MAX Factor Lipgloss, I was concerned that it would be sticky, but it isn't too bad, the pink/fuschia color is awesome, although it tastes sweet, reminds me of the little girl lip glosses my mom let me wear as a kid;the Bonnebell ones that taste like candy. She would always get mad because I would put it on just to lick it off!

I hated the ELF All Over Face Stick that I also mentioned in a blog a few days ago, it was TOO shimmery to be used for the face, lips, and/or eyes, and smelled like citrus air freshener. It was also too creamy for a nice application. Thank goodness it was only a dollar. :)

I ordered another EverydayMinerals kit with Buttered Tan that Christiana suggested and perhaps that is my shade.

A random picture of my makeup station, it's always messy since I am always playing with different looks, everything is usually just open and scattered...

And I know this has NOTHING to do with makeup at all, but I thought id share and help you visualize the sacred, quiet place where I do most of my makeup bloggings- my ROOM. I still have balloons from my birthday, and despite the fact I am 25, I STILL have Carebear sheets, and I don't care what people say about 'em! haha

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Friday, June 22, 2007



From Miss Jacklyn Rose! Thanks love! I am glad the minerals turned out well for you, I love them myself! I will post pics soon!

Date: Jun 22, 2007 11:57 AM
Subject: hey girl!
Body: just wanted to stop by and tell you that I love reading your blog! you mentioned the everday minerals website and free sample kit. I just want to say thank you and a big thank you to whoever tipped you on that site. I have been looking high and low for a foundation to match my skin color. All the colors I have been choosing for some reason are either too light or too dark. I ordered the free sample kit and got the medium tan foundation and all I can say is WOW! I love it. It matches my skin color perfectly and it's not heavy on my face at all!

well just thought I'd let you know.

btw, I want to advertise your blog on my bulletins, is that cool with you? let me know, i want to share your site with all my make up whore friends too.. =)

ttyl girl!

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Bella said...

Q: Hi Vanessa,
My friend Marie told me about your website and it's totally great and informative. I have VERY sensitve skin and I broke out with MAC powder so I switched to Clinique which I love. I decided to be adventurous one day and bought the mineral powder from Laura Mercier and started wearing it. At the time I was also wearing Clinique shimmer eyeshadows. I'm not sure if it was due to either one but I developed some tiny bumps above my eyelids. I read an article somewhere that mineral makeup can cause bumps that are pretty much clogged oil glands...90% of my make up has shimmer (which all have the mica to make it shimmery)and I thought that might be causing my face to break out. Do you have any suggestions on powder for super sensitive skin (I've tried Physician's Formula also and that also doesn't work) or have you heard of anyone else having this problem?

A: Hi Bella! Welcome to my blog! Sounds like you DO have very sensitive skin. First of all, if you seem to be having this problem with almost ALL products, than I suggest seeing a dermatologist because it sounds like it could be an allergic reaction or a serious problem. You can always take an allergy test and see everything you are allergic to, perhaps exposing down to the tee minerals (talc, oil, zinc, etc).

It sounds like it probably isn't so much the products, but the sensitivity of your skin. I personally have very dry skin but somewhat an oily T-zone, yet I don't break out or get pimples often and I do A LOT to my face! If shimmery eyeshadows are probably causing the problem, try using matte eyeshadows, or organic type eyeshadows like CARGO, or STILA. Shimmery eyeshadows of course have more ingredients to have that glimmer and shimmer.

Also, I am not sure what kind of moisturizer you use, but if it's heavily oil based that could be clogging your pores and any makeup over that just seals it in causing bacteria to linger in there and causing tiny bumps, so before you apply any foundation or powder, be sure your face is completely dry, wait a few after putting on moisturizer to apply your makeup.

*And before you commit to buying a full-size product, see if they have numerous samples so that you can see what might irritate your skin or not.

Here are some powders I found for SUPER SENSITIVE SKIN:

Alison Raffaele Transparent Finish Transparent Finish Invisible Face Powder

This finishing powder is completely clear when applied to skin, either over liquid makeup or by itself making it suitable for all skin tones and skin types. Non-irritating to sensitive skin, won't turn ashy on dark skin, doesn't settle into fine lines and won't turn orangey on oily skin.

I also read that Jane Iredale's Line is perfect for sensitive skin:


I did some research and a lady has a similar problem, this is what she suggested:

I have super sensitive skin myself, and after tons of eczematic breakouts from foundation, sunscreen, cleansers and creams, have switched over to (mostly) mineral based products. I also have a little redness on my cheeks that needs addressing through skin care/makeup.

I also have combination/dry skin, and powder mineral foundations, no matter the brand, bring out every pore or line, most of which I didn't even know I had pre mineral powder foundation. Ugh.
My best finds so far that have actually calmed my skin down :
1.) Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals Foundation (get it on EBay, its waaaay cheaper there);
2.) Jane Iredale Circle Delete Concealer (works everywhere, and if you apply a light layer under your eyes, doesn't crease. Get it on Ebay);
3.) Pure Luxe What Red? and Banana Split "Eraser" products, more like primers - miracle potions!
4.) Diane Young Red Neutralizer - another miracle product, minimal ingredients, doesn't break me out. This REALLY works, even though it only comes in one color, it blends in even with my nc15, super pale skin. I can't imagine not having this in my arsenal.
5.) Sunscreen is a problem for a lot of us sensitive skinned women - I tried everything, in the end, the only one that worked for me, didn't break me out and does double duty as a moisturizer/sunscreen is the dirt cheap, drugstore "Purpose Anti Redness Moisturizer with SPF 30".

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Im a FAN.....brush.


*For the everyday minerals, Christiana suggests that the warm shade "buttered tan" goes with a majority of Asian complexions.

**Also, Marie, yeah those brushes are from CVS, you can get the whole "Essence of Beauty" brushes from CVS, Wal-Mart has some great brushes too, but nothing beats E.L.F (

This is my next purchase, a FAN brush. It's perfect for blending, even mineral makeup, AND it whisks away makeup that fell on your cheek.

You can CUSTOMIZE your own makeup palette for ONLY $1 EACH!

I found this Mineral Powder to go by Alison Raffaele, you can basically put your mineral powder in the handle and store it in your purse for touch ups! No mess! ($34.00)

All Over Cool Stick from EyesLipFace

I am also dying to try Philosophy's Supernatural Airbrush Foundation which is a 4-in-1: concealer, foundation, powder and SPF. It's similar to Bare Minerals....but without the mess, nothing on your bathroom sink, no veils, no tapping, nothing! And I read some great reviews on we'll see!

Next up: White eyeliner to make eyes WIDER!

I think i'll be stopping by Sephora after work...

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Finding the perfect powder


Testimonial (thanks a lot Marie!) :)

Hi Vanessa,

I have to say... your page is GREAT. I'm addicted!! Very informative with LOTS and LOTS of great tips. Please keep them coming. I have always been a "label whore" when it comes to makeup, but I am definitely trying to break out of that and open to trying new things. It's too expensive to use the fancy stuff on a daily basis. For my face makeup, I use Laura Mercier (primer, tinted moisturizer, powder) and I love it, but don't want to use it everyday. Is there a drugstore product that is just as good? I've tried Sonia Kashuk's powder, but it doesn't seem to work too well on my skin. Any suggestions?

Also, regarding the NYX line, I see you live in Los Angeles. I actually live in the "valley" so would you know of any stores in the area or close by that might carry that product?

Thanks! Marie


A: Thanks Marie! I am glad you are finding this blog useful, or at least somewhat entertaining hehe! I know so many people who are so into MAC and other high end makeup lines and are so scared to "think outside the box", so I am really happy to hear that you are trying to venture out! I too love some high end makeup lines, however I feel there are just certain products that are similar that you can find A LOT cheaper! I mean you really just pay for the name in some cases, I guess that's why a "Fruit of the Loom" plain white t-shirt is $3.99 for a 5 pack at Wal-Mart, and a similar plain white Lacoste T-shirt is like 100 times that!

If you want a primer to use everyday, I suggest Sephora's Makeup Base ($12), it's very light, almost like a moisturizer, smells great, and has a pearlescent shine.

Finding the perfect powder I must admit isn't easy, and is probably something you need to play with before you reach that perfect shade. Some people tend to get the EXACT same powder as their skin, which makes them look like ghosts in pictures because the powder is so white, and their neck looks tan! Others are on the opposite end of the spectrum, and get one that is wayyyy too dark making them look like they were in the tanning bed a little too long....

So how do you find the perfect shade? First, DO NOT test powder/foundation colors on your hand!! They are a different texture and a different color than your face producing inaccurate results. Test it on your cheek or by the jawbone of your face and blend it together and stick with the shade closest to your neck color. If you already have one that is TOO light, or TOO dark, I suggest MIXING colors together to get the right shade.

I had to mix two colors of face powder because one was too light, and one was too dark. I think it was the L'oreal Powders. I used a sifter from Sephora ($4) and combined the two and customized my own shade. This is now my finishing powder after I apply foundation for it to 'set'.

MINERAL MAKEUP is good for those prone to acne-prone skin as they are a lot lighter and natural and less irritating for those with sensitive skin.

Some powders/foundations I recommend:

For foundation: I like Revlon Skinlights in Buff Chamoise, gives my skin a bright, iridescent look. I also LOVE Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse in Medium 1 "Sandy Beige".

For powders:
Look for TALC-FREE powders, as talc is a cancer causing mineral, as well as a carcinogenic. I like L'Oreal's Bare Naturale Powders, and i've always been a fan of Physician's Formula because it's light and conforms to your natural skin tone without being so harsh. (CLICK HERE) And I also like Flirt Cosmetics compact powder...I use a brush to apply my powder for a more natural look, and use oil blotting papers to get rid of shine.

Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Talc Free Formula:

Mineral Wear Talc Free Matte Finishing Veil:

Flirt Cosmetics Pressed Powder (I use "In the Buff" in warm):



- The Northridge Mall (Amuse Store), located upstairs across from Mrs. Fields. They also have the loose powders.

- Fashion Q (there is one on Balboa and Devonshire) and one in Van Nuys in "The Plant" Plaza

- *Usually any small fashion or accessory stores carry it. You can check out some more of their products online at: or on

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After a long day at work, my face lit up when I saw the package by my door, "MY MINERALS!" I shrieked.

I haven't tested them out yet, but on my hand so far I love the glittery face blush and the intensive natural beige foundation. They are super tiny of course since they are samples, but if I do like them, you bet i'll be ordering more!

A tip from LoKitty about clumping mascara, all they need is a good wash! "may sound weird, but you can. clumping is usually caused by dried mascara on the wand. so every once in a while, take the wand, and with some mild soap and warm water, clean off all the mascara, then put it back in and pump a couple of times, take it out and repeat. this should help with the clumping! "

I also bought a couple of crease brushes because I was looking for some small brushes to gain better control for crease or corner application, of course they are from Essence of Beauty.

I bought some gradient black eyeshadows called "Runway Eyes" from Milani:

And lastly, my brown bag I bought with one of the giftcards I got for my bday:

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Silky smooth shiny hair!


I have gotten a few messages and compliments on my hair and how I maintain it, etc.

I know you gals with LONG hair can relate when I say that long hair is super hard to maintain. There is this whole ritual, this grueling process that we must do to get it to be nice and tame.

First thing is first, the myth: To NOT wash your hair everyday- is well true. Shampooing everyday is drying to your hair and scalp. You need your hair's natural oils to help protect and condition the hair follicle and shaft to prevent split ends and breakage.

If you heat-style your hair (curling irons, straighteners), you MUST deep condition your hair ONCE a week.

My regimen is as follows:

I wash my hair every other day, two days the most. In between washes, to feel somewhat clean, I spray on Avon's hair extender which cleanses the hair, refreshes it, gives it a nice smell and absorbs some of the excess oils. I also like Bumble and Bumble hair powders.

I shampoo like normal, and then put the heaviest load of conditioner on my hair (concentrating a lot on the ends) and then leave it in there for like 3 to 5 minutes and rinse in COLD water (yeah you'll be freezing) but COLD water adds SHINE!

After the shower, I spray on INFUSIUM 23's Leave in Conditioner, brush my hair, and then add a leave in cream, I change it every so often, but some I have used are Herbal Essence and Dove Anti-Frizz Moisturizing Cream.

And my hair is soft, smooth, silky, and shiny!

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Monday, June 18, 2007

"Smoky Eyes" Visual Tutorial (#3)


I have actually been preparing for this blog 3 days ago, just haven't had time to really post it due to photography! Ironically enough, this post has A LOT of pics!

I know this is totally off topic, but soon I am looking for people who I can shoot to add to my photography portfolio. I am still nervous to shoot people, but I gotta start somewhere right??? I would ask all my friends, but none of them wanna do it haha. So if you are interested, let me know and we can shoot. You will also get a copy of all your pics on a CD. Be patient with me though because im a newbie! :)

Ok, so I got a lot of emails from gals who loved the tutorial on smoky eyes, but would have loved it if I posted actual pictures (duh Vanessa), so here we go!

What I used:

- Stila Eyeshadow in "Chinois"
- Sephora eyeshadow in White
- Revlon's Colorstay Eyeshadow in "White Whisper"
- Flirt Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Black Ivy"
- No name brand black glittery eyeshadow
- NYX Loose Powder eyeshadow in purple

Step 1:
A great start is to "prepare" your face, if you are new to reading my blog, I always use a makeup primer, then add my foundation, then finish it with concealer over my eyes and under my eyes to do two things: help hide dark circles, and prep the lids for the eyeshadow. Use a cosmetic wedge sponge for application to give it more of a matte finish so that it holds onto your eyeshadow.

See how bright the right eye is compared to the unconcealed eye to the left?(well really my left eye, but right eye to you guys haha)

Step 2:

Apply your base color (a light highlighting eyeshadow), ALL over your lid up to the brow bone as shown. This also gives the illusion of larger eyes.

Step 3:
Start by using your black, or dark colored eyeshadow of choice, I used Flirt Co. in "Black Ivy" and a black glittery eyshadow, then using a SPONGE TIP APPLICATOR, apply from your lash line to above your crease, depending on the size of your lids. *The reason I suggest using a SPONGE TIP applicator instead of a makeup brush is because it gives you more control when you are applying the eyeshadow to your lids and is also less messy, hence less eyeshadow you gotta clean up on your cheeks.

Often, eyeshadow will fall on your cheeks as you do this, you can use a kabuki brush to wipe it away, or you can put a piece of paper to "catch" the eyeshadow that falls as pictured below:

To give my smoky eye look more depth, or a more sultry look, I added NYX loose eyeshadow in purple, which gave it a nice deep black glittery look so it wasn't so "gothic".

Step 4:
Then I added black eyeliner. TIP: To make your eyeliner stay on longer as well as making it really black, I first use Revlon's Colorstay Eyeliner PENCIL to outline my lashline, then go over that line again with Revlon' Colorstay LIQUID eyeliner.

Then I put a few coats of black mascara...and added some false eyelashes for an awesome look.

Natural lighting:

Step 5:
Then I lined my lower lash line with the same black ivy eyeshadow with a smudgebrush.

See the difference?

I forgot to take a whole face picture so you can see how it looks like, sorry, I was so caught up with just the eyes I forgot. :(

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