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Wednesday, June 20, 2007



After a long day at work, my face lit up when I saw the package by my door, "MY MINERALS!" I shrieked.

I haven't tested them out yet, but on my hand so far I love the glittery face blush and the intensive natural beige foundation. They are super tiny of course since they are samples, but if I do like them, you bet i'll be ordering more!

A tip from LoKitty about clumping mascara, all they need is a good wash! "may sound weird, but you can. clumping is usually caused by dried mascara on the wand. so every once in a while, take the wand, and with some mild soap and warm water, clean off all the mascara, then put it back in and pump a couple of times, take it out and repeat. this should help with the clumping! "

I also bought a couple of crease brushes because I was looking for some small brushes to gain better control for crease or corner application, of course they are from Essence of Beauty.

I bought some gradient black eyeshadows called "Runway Eyes" from Milani:

And lastly, my brown bag I bought with one of the giftcards I got for my bday:


julez said...

hi vanessa just to let you know that sephora brushes are all 7bucks i got some brushes really cheap and also powders for youre face only 6 bucks they said that everything is low because new look will come out soon thats why come and get it check it online too

Christiana said...

that purse is REALLY cute! :] anywho, i hope you enjoy your mineral makeup as much as i do... cause i LOVE mine. i'm definitely buying a regular sized kit as soon as i figure out which powder is my color. :]

p.s. i like your latest blog about finding the perfect powder. i tend to pick tones that are exactly the same as my skin color... which does make me look pale, the way i always fixed it was by adding blush or bronser and i was good to go... but i'll probably try out some of the things you named now. hehe. :] i love this blog nessa... keep it up!

Christiana said...

p.s. with the mineral makeup, very little will go a LONG way... i was so surprised! these tiny samples will last you a good while. :] especially since you have such nice skin, you won't need TOO much coverage. :]

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