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Monday, December 17, 2007

Designer Sample Sale & More Shopping!


Thanks to all of you ladies and your sweet, kind compliments on my last post. I liked the way the overall look turned out given that I didn't prepare myself in terms of having a look already in mind, what accessories to wear, etc. I seriously just did something spur of the moment and just went with it. I had a lot of fun, and yeah the BF wanted to match...shocker right!??? He picked the tie himself like a big boy! If only I had the patience to really fix myself everyday....LOL. Someone asked if I could do a tutorial on the holiday look I just did, so when I get a chance i'll do that one as well, just haven't had time to really sit and do a video tutorial on any of the FOTD's i've done.

My co-worker Maricel invited me to attend a designer sample sale at the California Marketplace where a lot of top designers work, and they create gorgeous pieces and then sell them at such a low price to get rid of them since they are basically extras in that line.

So I bought this Velvet Torch dress, which is regularly close to $70, for $20! I already have a FOTD in mind for this dress with all the beautiful colors on it. I also bought the cutest skinny jeans (not pictured), but they are awesome when paired with boots.

And then I saw these adorable flats!

Found the perfect yellow shoes...

Some lipglosses from Ten Beauty (don't ask me where to get Ten Beauty I honestly am trying to find out myself, I know they have some products at select stores like Target and believe it or not the 99cents store, but a rare find indeed. I just see this brand in random spots but I am loving this brand!)

This weird air freshener that has scented pearls, it's so strange yet cool at the same time haha

And an early Christmas present from Santa, eyeshadows from the C-Shock Collection, I like "eyepopping" and "wondergrass". I might be selling the other two because I have similar colors already, so if you are interested holla at your girl haha.

My parents are arriving tonight from Washington! I am sooOooo excited to see them and my sisters. I really love the holidays and I am just so happy to spend it with my fam bam. I think i'll take advantage of my sisters while they are here and just do makeovers on em, yeah sounds like a plan.....


Mrs. Lynne said...

Those are some nice buys sweetie! Love the dress and shoes. And how sweet that you were able to get a hold of C-Shock. I really like that collection.

Elizabeth said...

cute shoes i love the yellow ones! Saw samiliar ones here but in electrice blue, love the shopping haul ;)

MakeupByRenRen said...

oh my god that dress is too cute...i love the colors! just like makeup the brighter the better...can't wait to see your looks :)

MrsDiaz said...

Yay for the fam bam coming to visit! You must miss your sisters so much! Have fun with them. Cant wait to see ya next week!

Anonymous said...

what brand are your white flats they are so cute makes me wanna get some =]

christianadivine said...

Nice haul! :] I really, REALLY like that dress. it's really cute. :] I'm glad you're gonna get to see your fambam soon, you must miss them like crazy. :D

alien man?! said...

omg that dress and those adorable flats.... STOP MAKING ME WANNA GO SHOPPING!!!! I have 10 lbs to lose!

Faery Gurl said...

ooh nice haul! LOVE the flats! the flower on the side is oh so cute! those shadows are bright! can't wait to see the EOTD you create with them!

Anonymous said...

wow! the dress looks so prettyyyy!

and i really wanna get some TenBeauty lipglosses that you have there. i hope i'll bump into them!

i also love your white flats ^_^


yummy411 said...

great finds! those flats are ultra adorable! have fun with the fam!

Emily said...

That dress is really cute! Can you tell me more about this California Marketplace?

jewels said...

Wow what a great buy for the dress! I love it!!!

Man! >_< if only I can find such deals in Toronto Canada.

Those flats remind me of the yellow flats i saw in Aldo. Not sure if you have Aldo in LA.

nilla cookie said...

The dress is adorable! I love sample sales but I never get a chance to go as much as I'd like :)

Vanessa said...

Thanks gals! Yeah it's such a pretty dress as soon as I saw it I already started taking out my wallet haha, Alienman you have no weight to lose girl! Let's go shopping! Whatdya say??!!!

Anonymous- I am not sure what the brand is, it say "TOP MODA" on the box so im guessing that's the brand???

Christiana- Yup I am so excited to see my sissies! It's been awhile since I saw them last...

Emily- I myself don't know too much, my co-worker was the one that introduced me to that place I can ask her more about it. I just know that it's this big tall building that many designers work in and create designs and clothing and sell it to big department stores like Fred Siegal, Nordstroms, Saks, etc. and whatever they have left they sell on the floor.

Jewels- We DO have an ALDO here and I just absolutely love their accessories!

Nilla- I know what you mean, I am really thankful my coworker invited me to one, I have heard of them before but never thought too much about it, now im paying more attention to those event invites!

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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