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Friday, December 7, 2007

Yesterday's FOTD: Emerald Green Look using "6th Sin"


I like the Metal-X eyeshadows. They make awesome bases for eyeshadows and they can work well if you do it right. I can't really speak for those with oily lids as my skin is naturally dry at times which I assume is the reason these cream eyeshadows just "glide" and stay on my eyelids.

Like I mentioned in an older post, these eyeshadows work best when applied with your finger or a sponge tipped applicator. I like using my finger to 'warm up' the cream so it doesn't come out chunky, but rather soft so it's easy to apply. I use it in a 'press and rub' motion, after I applied it to my eyelid. I then choose an eyeshadow of similar color and apply it on top to add extra oopmh!

Here is a look I did using: Pure Ore, 6th Sin, Emerald Green Pig., Forest Green Pig. and Golden Lemon Pigment, it's very similar to my "Green with Envy" Look but MUCH MORE intense.

What I used:

- EoB Airbrush Primer
- Silk Naturals Foundation

- Everyday Minerals Blush in "Waffle Cone"
- MAC Blush in "Strata"
- MAC Beauty Powder in "Drizzlegold"

- Metal-X eyeshadow in "Pure Ore" all over the lid (Sephora has an awesome dupe of this, it's also cream but not as vibrant, don't know the name though as my label came off.)
- Metal-X eyeshadow in "6th Sin" (lower half of lid above the crease)
- MAC e/s in "Humid" (over 6th Sin)
- MAC Pigment in "Emerald Green" (over humid and 6th Sin and lower lashline)
- MAC Pigment in "Forest Green" from the COOL EYES set (outer-V and contour)
- MAC Pigment in "Golden Lemon" (highlight)

- MAC Lipstick in "Masque"
- Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment in "Champagne Toast"

Step 1. "Pure Ore" all over the lid using my finger.

Step 2: Then applied "6th Sin" on lower half of the lid just above the crease.

Step 3: Then applied humid and emerald green pigment.

Step 4: I was able to finally use the Forest Green Pigment from the cool pigments set, I used that on the outer-V and contour...

It should look like this:

I then applied "Golden Lemon" Pigment as my highlight all the way up to the brow bone. Ladies who have purchased golden lemon and emerald green pigments from me, this look is very easy to duplicate just using those two.



divashop said...

You've been tagged!

karen, said...

Super pretty. I love greens colors on brown eyes.

Funny, I was looking at Forest Green last night and wondering what the heck to do it with it!

Ren said...

they should change that saying to "pretty in green!". i'm a huge fan of green but i've never done a look with darker greens...that's another one to add to the list.
keep up the good work sis!

Mrs. Lynne said...

I love that even when you use your finger to apply the cream it looks sooo perfect! Your lids are so smooth looking (is that a weird compliment? lol). Lovely look as always :)

Anna said...

i lvoe yuor blog!

christianadivine said...

I need greens that are this deep. I just did a green look and I was thinking MAN I need DEEPER greens. LOL. :] Pretty, pretty... as always. :D

Vanessa said...

Thanks gals! Karen I know! I was staring at Forest Green for a LOOOONNNG time and didn't know what to pair it with! Glad it came handy!

Thanks Anna!

Christiana- HAHA I am opposite now where I need lighter greens! LOL, I have a couple, but I just ordered MAC e/s in wondergrass, supposed to be a lim/medium green so we will see!

Mikaela said...

LOVE the green, it's my favourite color!

Julie ( said...

Oooh. The green looks so fresh (weird souding, I know, lol)

You pull off greens really well. Heck, you can pull off ANY colour!

MrsDiaz said...

Ness, this is such a festive look! Oh my goodness hehe. Hey we should get together and do a Christmas lunch thing gift exchange this year. What do you say?

d0rksta said...

green looks pretty on you (:

Maickou said...

Hey Vanessa!
Great tutorial! I will difinitely give this look a try!

btw, I tried looking all over your archive and couldn't find a post regarding dry lids and was wondering if you have a remedy for it. I don't know if you've experienced it before but my lids tend to get awfully dry right after i apply eyeshadow even with mosterizer & base. If you are able to help this helpless girl any tips would be greatly appreciated!!! =) Thanks!

Divine Blackness said...

Oh looks fab on you, sis! Great job!

Stephie said...

ate, we are SO sisters! i just did a look of emerald eyes today before i saw your post :) love it! i love emerald green piggie too now.... you look stunning! love you!

WendyB said...


LynnDa said...

Love the look!!! keep it up girl=D

LynnDa said...

Look this look!! i gotta try it now!! keep up the great work=D

Tracez of my Lipstick.... said...

so so pretty! the greens look absolutely lovely on u! i just purchased humid about a week ago and i think it may be my fav eyeshadow (for the moment anyways) love it!!!


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