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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Reader Question: MAC Sculpting Powder


I had some questions regarding the MAC Sculpting Powder and where to get it as I know some of you have checked the MAC website and couldn't find it...that's because it's a MAC PRO Product, meaning it's only available in MAC PRO Stores. But don't feel sad because on December 26th, MAC has come up with MAC Sculpt and Shape Duo Compacts which feature a sculpting powder and a highlighting powder, for $21. Available at Macy's and stand alone MAC stores.

Info and pics from:

Sculpt and Shape Powders Duos
These are blush sized duos that are half sculpting powder and half shaping powder.

* Emphasize Shaping Powder (Pro) & Bone Beige Sculpting Powder (Pro)
Bone Beige = Cream with fine Pearl / Bone Beige = Soft warm brown matte

* Accentuate Shaping Powder (Pro) & Sculpt Sculpting Powder (Pro)
Accentuate = Peachy beige with fine pearl / Sculpt = Soft taupe matte

* Lightsweep Shaping Powder (Pro) & Shadester Sculpting Powder (Pro)
Lightsweep = Warm beige with fine pearl / Shadester = Midtone leathery brown

* Warm Light Shaping Powder (Pro) & Definitive Sculpting Powder (Pro)
Warm Light = Clean peach / Definitive = Midtone reddish brown


Anne said...

hey vanessa... just curious if you have an aim sn? message me :)

Anna said...

does this cause acne? i really want it but i'm afraid of breakouts

Vanessa said...

Hey Anna- Not that I know of, I have been using the MAC sculpting powder for awhile as well as their MSF's and I have not experienced any acne of any sort (as you can tell by my fotd's my skin looks pretty clear), and I have very sensitive skin! So I think it's safe. :)

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