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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

MAC Sculpt & Shape Released!


Yes ladies, I know you all have been waiting for this day for a very long time, and the MAC Sculpt & Shape Duos are being released today! Featuring a nice 2-in-1 compact of both a highlighting and contouring powder. $21

The darker powders are for contouring, of course depending on your skintone. And the lighter powders are for highlighting or adding a little more color to your face and other features. My favorite is the "Sculpt" Powder, I use that to contour the sides of my nose, and cheeks. "Lightsweep" is for just a touch of contouring, I guess you can say a more softer version of sculpt in my opinion. "Shadester" is perfect for receding certain unwanted areas such as the hairline, or sides of the face to give you more shape.

Christine over at has pictures and swatches of her powders from the PRO store, these are not the compacts that are being released today, as these were available for quite some time now at PRO stores only (hence my sculpt powder which I got in NY). She also explains each of the duos in great detail!

Bone Beige/Emphasize



Warm Light/Definitive


-B- said...

I bought lightsweep/shadester and I think I am going back for warm light/definitive.

Anonymous said...

I'm really curious about the different effects of these (actually, I'm just not sure which one to buy). Can you explain it?

Vanessa said...

Anonymous, check out she has more in depth detail of each of the duos as she has each one of them from the PRO store! I only have "Sculpt". :)

Mrs. Lynne said...

Hi hun! The breakup of the last two definitely makes me feel a little better about the colors. I'll be heading there on Saturday to check them out. Thanks :)

christianadivine said...

Thanks for posting this! I was actually really interested in these. :] Do you plan on picking any up, and if so, which one? :]

EtherealPrey said...

I have no idea how to sculpt or contour, so I will just watch you guys do it instead..I am so lost hee hee....I'm just gonna make gingerbread cookies in the meantime....

MrsDiaz said...

I picked up m sculpting powder and emphasize powder today. I liked both and the makeup artists who tried them on said I was light enough to pull them off. YaY! Can't wait to play with them. Oh btw, what do you want for your xmas gift? hehe

ashley. said...

so this has nothing to do with the current post but i figured why not still ask.
ive recently been venturing into different colored eyeshadows (thanks to you!). nothing major; usually one real color paired with my favorite neutrals (teal is my current favorite!) Today i bought a deep plum (Flirt! dreamy eyes in Glamourazzi) and lime green (Flirt in Limoncello)! i love both of them separate (especially the purple!) and the lady at kohls said they would look good together but when i tried, it looked like i had a bruised eye! any suggestions?

Girl Meets Makeup said...

I stopped by MAC today to check these out, and wasn't terribly impressed. It's pretty practical in terms of packaging, but since I rarely highlight and contour and all that good stuff, it didn't really appeal to me. It was really pretty, though! Do you know if they're LE?

Vanessa said...

Christiana- I plan on getting either the one with bone beige, or the accentuate/sculpt despite the fact I already have sculpt, since its PRO I figured I can just have two: one for the purse and hmm we'll see! I am really liking th #138 brush but it's frikkin $52!!!!!

Ashley- Try using a neutral color in between the purple and the lime-ish color like a deep gray or black, I think it definitely compliments both colors without over doing it, and off sets and contrasts the colors by using a neutral color in between them. Or do the two colors side by side and apply the black or gray color on the outer V and contour. Let me know how it works out!

Girls Meets Makeup- hi! yeah if you aren't much of an avid fan in contouring or highlighting, it's definitely something you can pass on...I personally like to contour certain areas of my face since I have a round face. And yes they are LE however some powders are available at the PRO stores only as they were available at the PRO stores first, but the sculpt and shape duos are nice to have in one compact.

Natalie said...

this has to be one of my favourite and one of the most informative blogs around. i was wondering if I could add your link to my blog?

the Muse said...

I thought of you upon this release! I don't sculpt myself but you do such an amazing job that I've felt curious to try it myself but knowing me I'll do a botched up job!

Can't wait to see an FOTD or a video with you using these!

Chelle said...

Hi there!
Love your blogs. Can you please do a tutorial on using MAC sculpt and shape? like on defining your nose and cheekbones?

Vanessa said...

Chelle! I already did it's in the VIDEOS section of go on youtube and type in "Vanessajhaime" to see all my vids!

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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