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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas 2007 & Purple, Green & Blue FOTD


This year was the first Christmas where I really felt like an adult. As a kid, (and being the only child for 9 years!) I got everything I wanted from Santa, we had a true white Christmas with blankets of snow...and more! I would always make wish lists for my parents, and really be into Christmas because it's my absolute favorite holiday! But being that I turn 26 years old next year, I am starting to see that Christmas is for the kids...and I think for me its hard to accept that I am no longer a kid sometimes. I feel like I grew up too fast, especially since I am the eldest I had to play mom to my little sisters at one point. I think in general, I just miss the ENTIRE family coming together under one roof, and nowadays since all the kids are in college, and everyone moved out of state, it's just Christmas with my boyfriend, parents, and grandparents.

Don't get me wrong, I still love Christmas and I am still young at heart and I am like a little kid. My dad always says no matter how old I am, I am still his little girl....but now instead of getting questions like "What do you want from Santa?", they are replaced with "So when are you getting married?", "When are you having kids?", haha I just think its crazy how time flies by so fast. I really do miss Christmas the way I remember it being as a child...

Just some pics from this past holiday:

Cooking up a storm at my house:

Got my Pure Luxe order!

My sister reading her card:

My youngest sister surprised she got the #1 item on her wish list: a PINK nintendo DS!

Jon opening up another gift...

My gorgeous, yet bratty sister and lucky her, she doesn't need much makeup, but we just lined the eyes, added some mascara and gloss, and some sephora blush :

My outfit:

The hair! haha

The sibling and me:


This look I created to match my dress which had prominent colors of purple, green, and a turquoise blue. I used some of my Pure Luxe Minerals I received....

What I used:


- Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
- Silk Naturals Foundation


- MAC "Dollymix" blush
- Pure Luxe "Haydria" blush


- MAC e/s in "Wondergrass" (as base on inner corner, 1/3 of the lid)
- MAC Pigment in "Golden Olive" and Pure Luxe "Tart" e/s (on top of "Wondergrass")
- MAC e/s in "Parrot" (middle of the lid)
- Pure Luxe e/s in "Shameless" (over "Parrot")
- MUFE e/s #9 (outer part of the lid)
- Mad Minerals e/s in "Kunzite" on outer-V
- MAC e/s in "Nocturnelle" on outer half of lid
- MAC "Violet" Pigment (on outer half of the lid and on outer corner of the lower lashline)
- Pure Luxe e/s in "Shameless" (on lower lashline)
- MAC "Vanilla" Pigment and ULTA eyeshadow in "Shell" and "Gold Leaf" (highlight)
- Indelible Gel Eyeliner in "Black Out"
- Covergirl "Lash Blast" in Black

- Wet N' Wild Lipstick
- MAC "Scanty" Lipstick


christal said...

just wanted to say merry christmas hope your holiday is going well. Ive been reading your blog for colour combo inspiration. Must say its great to see step by step applications. I am now no longer scared of wearing bolder looks and colours! heehee You have a very cute family. BTW what nationality are you?
p.s I am also from ontario canada! hehee

Vanessa said...

Hey Christal!- How are you? Thank you so much! Merry Christmas to you and your family as well! I am glad you find the site useful, for me it's a way of also remembering what products I used for certain looks! I am Filipino/Chinese (dad) Hispanic and part French Canuk (mom). I look more Asian out of me and my sisters, but as you can see, my other sister looks NON-ASIAN. And we have the SAME parents! LOL, we get a lot of people thinking we have different dads, but nope!

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Hey Vanessa, Merry Christmas! Sounds like you had a great holiday. Your sisters are gorgeous. I agree that Christmas now is more about the kids - I find my excitement is from giving the presents and watching everyone open it rather than opening my own presents.

PS: Love your dress!

amillionways said...

vanessa, hope you had a great christmas :)
i totally love the make-up you use there. it's awesome as always <333
and now i'm in love with your kitchen, it's so big haha.


Mrs. Lynne said...

you have a beautiful family my dear. your sisters are just as gorgeous as you are. i'm the baby of the ohana and the age gap between me and the elder is 16 years! but i know what you mean about accepting the fact that you're no longer a kid. i miss those days, hah.

glad the holiday went well for you :)

take care love.

Row said...

Gorgeous! I love the eyemake up and dress.

Also your sisters are beautiful too - I think your younger one looks more western but there is definately a dash of Asian in there!

I've felt like you for a few years now! Since there are kiddies in my family I feel like its all for them and its not really the same anymore but it's nice planning surprises for them :)

MakeupByRenRen said...

hi hon,

saw this post on ABB but I was happy to see more posts of the fam on here...awwww memories of when I was home and my mom was cooking up a storm. i'm glad you had a great when are you getting married by the way? ;)

nilla cookie said...

Hey Vanessa!

Glad you had a very Merry Christmas! Your family is so cute and I'm glad your lil sis got her pink Nintendo!

I was an only child so Christmas for me growing up was fun, but I always wanted siblings to open presents with.

Now that I have a zillion little cousins (my moms family's kids), I am now the grown-up with not-so-many presents of my own but it's so fun to shop for all of them. :)

Oh, and when I get asked the marriage and kids question, I just pretend that I need to go the kitchen to serve up some more food for the family ;)

Anonymous said...

you look so cute! just wondering where you got the dress?

happy holidays

Vanessa said...

Thanks ladies!

ROW- Haha yeah everyone thinks me and my sissies have different dads LOL, and that she looks Mexican.

And it's indeed a lot of fun shopping for the kiddies, seeing their faces light up is so nice!

Ren- Haha getting married on July 17, 2010 and y'all are invited! LOL

Nilla- It is so much fun shopping for the younger ones and they are easier too! And good idea on avoiding the dreaded question!

Anonymous- I bought the dress recently at a designer sample sale in Los Angeles, it's by the Velvet Torch and it was only $20!

the Muse said...

You're an absolute wizard Vanessa! I can never get such great pay off with mineral colors! Beautiful FOTDS!

Your sis is as pretty as you are!

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i love the colors you used int his FOTD and would love to try them on myself. ive used green eyeshadow before and a little purple, but I'm not so sure the bright blue would look so good on me. Any comments on who should/should not wear blue eyeshadow? and the other colors for that matter! thanks :)

Clumps of said...

You and your sisters are have a 9-year old sister too, uh? I do toooo and everyone thinks it's strange that I'm 22 with a sister that young. Haha, funny! I absolutely loooove that dress and your eyes are gorgeous.

I'm makin' my way back to Florida to live so we'll have to get up on the MAC Pro store visit as soon as I get back. Yaaaay!

Clumps of said...

You and your sisters are have a 9-year old sister too, uh? I do toooo and everyone thinks it's strange that I'm 22 with a sister that young. Haha, funny! I absolutely loooove that dress and your eyes are gorgeous.

I'm makin' my way back to Florida to live so we'll have to get up on the MAC Pro store visit as soon as I get back. Yaaaay!

c00ki312 said...

the first thing i noticed was your house is beautiful ( i have a thing for nice houses lol)...but your family looked gorgeous and glad you enjoyed your xmas. oh well, you're never too old to act like a kid lol

yummy411 said...

great holiday photos!!!you looked gorgeous in your dress with the matching makeup! beautiful family you have =)

happy holidays

yummy411 said...

oh and your perfect hair!! lucky you =))

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

you and your sisters are so pretty! i love your kitchen, i've been wanting one like that when i get a place of my own.
nice haul too! i just got my silk naturals order today so i'm looking forward to trying it out this weekend, hope it works just as well for me as it did for you and alienman :)

Lani said...

merry belated xmas nessa!! i love the makeup you did to match your dress. oh and in your 'my outfit' picture, i see your wet2straight iron and the VO5 heat protectant in the red spray bottle-i use those too!! lol. i really like that VO5 stuff, it's not greasy and smells good! lol. well anyway, you have beautiful sisters, i see they take after you. ;) oh goodness, i haven't blogged in a while. i haven't had time to do another video but hopefully by next year. well i enjoy reading your blog and lookin at your fab pics! have a safe and happy new year!


mayaari said...

looks like it was a very fun christmas! love the colors you used on your eyes to match your dress :) i'm sure putting all that together took some patience!

christal said...

WOW also part french canuck that is awesome. Yes I did think you guys looked so exotic...haha I actually thought your mom looked kind of asian! heehee Well your sister is also very pretty and you are right you and your younger sis look much more asian.

Well yes I love this last look you did with parrot and MUFE 009....I really like the matte look of that purple in this other look you have. I think I will try it out too. Also wanted to thank you for posting stuff about mineral foundation. Ive NEVER bought ANYTHING on the internet before, and thought if these girls are using silk naturals I will try it too. I bought stuff for her free shipping over 25$ and I love karen statk's foundation. I also bought her MAC new vegas dupe called halo glow and its soo pretty!
Look forward to more looks and inspiration.
your fellow ontario friend

Distinque said...

Happy Holidays! Hope you got everything you wanted. Your sisters are too cute. Are you the eldest? Love the makeup, very bold:)

Girl Meets Makeup said...

You have a beautiful house and family! :) You pull off the multicolor look very well!

Do you mind if I link your blog on mine? I'm always checking your blog, so I figured I might as well.

karen, said...

What fun! Your family is so beautiful.

Love your dress and your matching eye makeup, too ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice hair! And I really love your dress! I thought Stephie from ABB is your biological sister. :) Well, I guess not. : )

Grayburn said...

You're all so beautiful; especially you :) Wow that eye makeup is stunning!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa --

first of all my friends and i are addicted to your blog -- so many great tips! i have two questions for you. one, i want to buy an eye primer to put on before my eye shadow, but i don't know what brand to buy, any ideas? and i bought mac's fairylite pigment today and i was curious what all i can do with pigment?

thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Really lovely pics, and ur younger sis looks a little like hilary duff, back when she was still on disney channel. :D

alien man?! said...

You and your sister look so different yet you are both so so so beautiful! Certainly goes to show that beauty comes in all kinds of forms. You did a pro job w/her makeup, btw!

Haha, your bf looks like a kid in a candy store when he's opening his present :D You guys are such a cute couple.

I wish you and your family the best that 2008 could ever bring!

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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