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Monday, December 3, 2007

Reader Question: MAC 180 Brush vs. MAC 183 brush


Q: Hi! I think you're gorgeous... I have a question, I saw you using 180 to apply mineral makeup, but you also have 183? Which one is better? Please do compare!:) Thank you!



A: Awww thank you Brankica! You're very sweet! I actually do not have the 183 brush, I just have the 180 brush, however I have played with the 183 brush in store. I personally LOVE my 180 brush simply because I love the contoured grooves in the handle allowing my small hands to just wrap around it for better control as well as allowing me to build my desired coverage of my mineral makeup. The 183 brush is a bit stubbier in the handle which is great for traveling or to keep in your purse/makeup bag, however I personally had trouble gripping it comfortably. The bristles on the 183 brush is white as snow so if you don't really care about it getting dingy after awhile even if you maintain cleaning it, then go for it, but they are both awesome brushes, however I remain loyal to my 180 brush. :)


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