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Sunday, February 27, 2011

VLUX Eyeshadow Palette in "Surrealist"


I know I haven't been posting as much, wedding planning and life is getting the best of me, but I finally had a chance to do a look using the VLUX Palette in "Surrealist" ($36). For the lips, I used MAC's Lady Gaga Viva Glam lipglass. VLUX is an up and coming makeup company located in Los Angeles, and their eyeshadow palette is amazingly pigmented! Each palette is $36, which is roughly $7.20 each eyeshadow, and is relatively cheaper than a MAC eyeshadow pan refill, and their shipping is reasonable. Each one contains 5 eyeshadow pans that go on smooth and there are some nice shades to choose from.  The "Surrealist" palette features nice silky silvers and shades of blue. The second silver color from the left is super pretty, it reminds me of a cross between MAC's "Knight Divine" e/s and "Vex".

You can purchase from their Facebook Fan Page under 'Boutique'.

Outfit of the day (jacket from Forever21, boots from Blowfish (years ago!))

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Monday, February 21, 2011

BB Creams from


I have always wondered about BB Creams, and always wanted to try them out since I think they make awesome tinted moisturizers not just because they cover blemishes and even the skin out, but because many of them have sunscreen protection and acne fighting ingredients. So I was really happy when I had the opportunity to try out a few BB creams out for the first time from These are definitely ideal for those of you who prefer to wear tinted moisturizer over foundation, or don't need a lot of coverage. The pics below are all of the creams with no primer, or foundation underneath.

Many BB Creams come in one color only, so try to find one that is closest to your skin tone, you can always add some powder foundation on top (even transparent powder) to make it more matte or to closely match your natural skin color.

Super Beblesh Balm ($21)- It is very hydrating to the skin, and easy to apply. I love the vacuum style pump it has to ensure you get every last drop in the bottle (no lock however, so be careful when traveling with it to prevent any leaks). It claims to whiten, improve wrinkles, control sebum, and has SPF 25. It has adenosine and arbutin ingredients which help whiten and helps with the elasticity of skin. It also has the phyto complex ingredient which is good for moisturizing the skin. You can also use it as a makeup base and/or foundation to correct any skin discolorations. I particularly liked that it didn't look too oily on, covered up any blemishes or discoloration and blended into my skin easily. It sorta has a light sunscreen scent and is the darkest shade out of the four and felt it was the most closest to my natural skin color.

Great for those with: Dull and sullen skin, blemish prone skins and sensitive skin. But can be used for all skin types.
Caviar Gold BB Cream ($25)- Tried 'natural skin beige'. Has whitening and calming effects, also has SPF 21. Has natural ingredients such as actual caviar, aloe,  and vitamin B. It has no weird scent or anything due to the caviar, and trust me you would never know it does, because it's like a normal tinted moisturizer. Has a drugstore foundation smell, out of the four, it's the lightest color. It comes in a squeeze tube bottle and you don't need to apply a lot for coverage, a dab here and there does the trick.

Great for: Dry skin as it has a lot more moisturizing ingredients. 

Etude House BB Magic Cream ($17)- This one comes in two types, one for oily skin and one for dry skin. I believe the one I have is for dry skin (which is my skin type). This one comes in a tiny tube with a pump at the bottom. It's very opaque so it has great coverage. It has a light floral scent and blends well. It gives a whitish cast upon application but will blend naturally with your skin tone once it sets. Oddly enough it still looked pretty white on me even after I let it settle for a few minutes.

Great for: All skin types, and for the no-makeup look.

Medibeau BB Cream ($14)- There's no description in English on their website, so I'll just describe my own observations, it smells very medicinal and the fact that it has a medical cross on the box makes me a little weary lol. It dries really fast and has a more solid consistency then the others once out of the tube, however when you rub it into the skin it feels more watery and surprisingly is the least opaque out of the group. It has SPF 40. I thought it also was the one that made my face really shiny, you would have to put some powder over it to make it more matte.  I took a pic but it came out blurry so here's a side view pic:

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Product Review: NeuLash


Product: So far, 3.5 out of 5 (still testing)
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Quality: 4 out of 5 (still testing)
Price: $85,

I had the opportunity to review neuLash recently, and since I am still testing this product, I cannot give it an accurate review just yet since I have been testing it off and on for about 2 weeks thanks to allergies, but so far so good! I will test it for another 2 weeks (since they recommend 4 weeks), and give you ladies an update. But feel free to check out some BEFORE and AFTER photos from others who have used this product on their site and their FAQ's.

What it is: neuLash active eyelash technology offers maximum protection by delivering essential proteins, vitamins, moisturizing and rejuvenating ingredients to replenish and strengthen the structure of lashes, while adding shine and elasticity. 

Through highly potent polypeptides and an abundance of powerful ingredients, neuLash helps promote healthy, longer-looking natural lashes and improves the overall appearance and condition of lashes. Each strand is nourished and the lash line energized with incredible results that help transform thin, brittle or short lashes into Thicker, Longer, Healthier-looking lashes in just 4 weeks!

Who is it for: neuLash is ophthalmologist safety-tested and is ideal for women and men with brittle, weak, thin, or short eyelashes. neuLash can also be used by contact lens wearers, those who have eyelash extensions, or those who have undergone radiation treatment. Clinical studies have found neuLash to be safe and gentle to eyes, yet extremely powerful in its stimulating and rejuvenating properties.

How to use: Start with a clean, dry eye area. Using the applicator brush, apply neuLash to the base of the upper eyelash starting from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. neuLash can also be applied to the lower lash line. Use neuLash once daily in the evening before bedtime. Wait until product has fully dried before applying additional cosmetics. Once desired results are achieved, it is recommended to continue using neuLash 2-3 times per week to maintain the appearance and condition of your lashes.

My observation: Nice thin and tapered brush, apply above your lashline as if you were applying liquid eyeliner across your upper lash line. I applied it ONCE a day right before bedtime as instructed, however I didn't do this every night since my allergies made my eyes really watery and sensitive I had to skip a couple of nights. My lashes are naturally long but can be brittle at times, using neuLash for just 2 weeks, I noticed they felt softer and were more flexible, they seemed a tad bit thicker and longer (pics below). I will continue to use it for another 2 weeks and see if there are any noticeable results.

Brow brush and eyelash comb: 

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Valentine's Day Lips


Happy (almost) Valentine's Day loves! Jon and I celebrated v-day last night with dinner and a movie (we watched "Just Go With It" which I was a lot better than I thought it was gonna be, and it was pretty funny), both of which we have not done in a long time, so it was nice to spend some quality time.

Jon gave me the cutest card, on the front it says "I can't control it...must hug someone now!" and inside it says "How about you?" (and he always asks for a hug!) then he wrote "6 Valentine's down and forever to go". Awww, I just can't wait to marry this man!

Since it's V-day, thought id play with NYX's round lipstick in "Chaos" and also switched it up to a softer look, using MAC lipglass in "Hush Hush Rose".

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011 Wig & Lashes


Maggie from, was kind enough to send me a couple of products to review about a month ago and barely got around to posting it.  I was able to try a couple of the eyelash sets and a wig top hair piece (that I tried to get as close to my hair color as possible), although it was just a tad bit darker. They have a ton of cute things on their site, including makeup, eyelash and wig accessories, headbands, nail items, and they are all at a great price as oppose to other beauty sites that mark their items up. And they also take paypal!

The top hair piece is so cute (and not even $10!) It's easy to clip on as they have tiny hooks and clips at the bottom to easily attach to your natural hair, and really looks natural (as you can see by the pics below). They also have full wigs, top pieces, hair extension pieces, and braided hair ties and headbands. If you like switching up your look without breaking the bank, this is a great place to check out and to just have fun.

They also have a wide variety of eyelash sets (tons!) from $10-$15 which is such a great deal since a pair of eyelashes can cost nearly $5 each. They have natural, high fashion, and glamour style lashes and each box is of the same style. The lashes are sort of on the plastic side, but looks natural and is very flexible, not stiff and easy to apply.

Haha, had to put it on a candy jar since I don't own any of the mannequin heads! And yeah had to rep Canada!

Scrunch face!

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Monday, February 7, 2011

OPI Black Shatter


Finally got my hands on OPI's most anticipated crackling nailpolish "Black Shatter" from the Katy Perry Collection (I didn't care too much for the other shades in the collection) but wanted to test drive this baby!

I already had Color Club's "Pink Flame" on my nails so I just rushed to test it and put the black shatter over it, sealed it with Seche Vite top coat, and I am loving it. Jon said "Why would you want your nails to look like that?!" LOL. Oh boys, they just don't understand haha.

***Note: Apply one coat, and apply it quick as it will start to crackle in a matter of seconds and let it dry then apply clear top coat.

Can't wait to post later about, testing out some lashes and a hair piece! :)

Anyway here are some pics:

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

FOTD & OOTD: Using Spitfire & Athena's Kiss


Finally did a quick look using a lippie and lipgloss from the MAC Wonder Woman collection: Spitfire and Athena's Kiss. I am loving this combo! It looks amazing in person. Also added in a OOTD since I haven't in awhile. Top and belt is from 'Papaya'. Leggings from Ross. And my favorite boots from Chinese Laundry.

But first! I have some news to share with you all...we have finally picked a wedding date and booked our venue! We will be getting married on March 25, 2012 (a day after my dad's birthday!). There's no significance to the date, but we figured it won't be as hot weather wise (as oppose to doing it on our actual anniversary in July), and because it's during the "off-season", it saves us a ton of money to put toward other things.

So we are very excited! I know it's gonna be stressful trying to get everything together but I have a great group of friends who are ready and willing to help, and I am just looking forward to also being able to share this day with our friends and families. :)

What I used:
- MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC20
- MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NC30
- MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in NC35 (with a drop of mixing medium to thin it out)

- MAC blush in "Springsheen"
- MAC blush in "Margin"

- MAC "Painterly" PP on lid as a base
- MAC "Bisque" and "Orb" e/s all over lid
- UD Naked Palette e/s in "Buck" and "Smog" on contour
- MAC fluidline in "Blacktrack
- No name lashes
- UD eyeliner in "Corrupt" on lower lashline

- MAC Wonder Woman l/s in "Spitfire"
- MAC Wonder Woman l/g in "Athena's Kiss"

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Collection & Swatches


Whew! Today was tiring! I attended the MAC Wonder Woman preview party today, the models had hot costumes, and as usual at these events, the store was packed with people pushing you left and right, so I didn't get a chance to swatch any eyeshadow palettes. They also didn't have the other MSF available, boo. :( I have to breeze through this post since I am running on a few hours of sleep, so anything I miss I will post tomorrow, but thought id post some swatches and pics.

The lipglasses are HUGE (but I am loving the super size)! And I mean huge in comparison to their regular lipglasses (posted a side by side pic below). I love the big fat doefoot wand, you can apply it in just one swipe! I am loving Athena's Kiss and Emancipation, it's a bit brighter and pinker than Maqnetique, and Emancipation is a pretty light peach color with sparkle, great for everyday looks. Pulling out the doefoot however can be messy (especially "Athena's Kiss" since it's a darker color), it tends to pull out a lot of product when you attempt to pull the wand out so just be cautious.

The eyeshadows and the smaller section of the blush duos (to me) had horrible color payoff. It took many (and I mean MANY) swipes to even get it to show up on my skin, and I am pretty fair! The pigments were too chalky for my taste, and I would never use the reflects glitters. The mascaras were neat, they seemed to stay on long as it took forever to wash off my hand, but like I said in my previous post, you can easily find colored mascaras pretty much anywhere. I skipped on Marquise d' because it was too sheer, and I am not a fan of bronzy lipsticks. Russian Red is permanent so you can definitely just get that one (and it would be way cheaper!). I skipped Wonder Woman l/g because I have "Cult of Cherry" l/g and I rarely use it as it is. The MSF has only one interesting aspect, and that was the orange side of it, but it's nothing we haven't seen before, not to mention the entire thing is really huge.

What's worth looking at? Definitely the lipglasses. They are amazing and I think they are all so pretty. The lipsticks are nice too, but the only winner to me is Spitfire. Everything else, can pretty much be skipped in my opinion.

Line wasn't too bad, it went thru relatively quickly and they did manage to pass out some yummy red velvet cupcakes! I ended up nabbing 2 lippies and 2 lipglosses: Spitfire, Russian Red, Emancipation, and Athena's Kiss.

Some lipstick comparisons from past collections:
 [click to enlarge] 

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