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Friday, August 31, 2007

MAC Face Charts and Color Stories


So I have really bad morning allergies, sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, the whole bit; and I was so mad because on my way to work my allergies was working overtime and my eyeshadow got smudged with my eyeliner, and I didn't have the eyeshadow I used, so what did I do in this makeup emergency?!!!

I used lipgloss. That's right, I took a tiny bit of lipgloss and applied it to my lids and it made an awesome cream eyeshadow and because of the natural stickiness of lip glosses, it stays on! :)

MAC Face Charts-This may look highly familiar to you MAC Addicts, this is the MAC Face Chart that MAC makeup artists use to create different looks before applying it to the fashion runway models. [you can check out a sample of this on Karen's blog, from San Francisco's Fashion Week.]

Or this one from the MAC Cosmetics site from the "Smoke Signals" collection:

So I decided to practice some of my makeup looks on these awesome charts:

And this was the result:

Tried it in person (not as smoky):

Another one:

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

NYX Eyeshadow Swatches and Swaps


I have a few mineral makeup samples I want to swap, so if you gals have anything you wanna trade let me know, if not I am willing to ship these out anyway to anyone that wants a few samples. Most of them have only been tested ONCE and was not my color hence I have no use for them, and of course I use sanitary measures to ensure that it is in awesome condition.

Here is what I have:

- KT Naturals Blush in "Tranquil", a rose color (Brand new with the safety seal)
- KT Naturals Blush in "Divine", pink (Tested only)
- Everyday Minerals in "Intensive Fair"
- KT Naturals Ulti-Matte Finishing Powder
- NYX Eyeshadow in "Golden Poppy" (shimmery gold), Tested only (not loose powder, actual eyeshadow!)
- NYX "Chick" (Yellow eyeshadow, tested only)

And here are some swatches of NYX loose and chrome eyeshadows (not all are listed).
***These are the ACTUAL color payoff in person, meaning that's exactly how it looks, no photoshop special effects or anything, what you see here is what you get!

I finally labeled some of my palettes and eyeshadows because they all look the same!

My messy makeup station...

Played with a lilac look and some falsies, as well as eyebrows circa Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon haha...

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Reader Question (RE:


***PLEASE remember to include your email for a personal reply back***

------> NEW POLL Question!

Q: Does this promo code (esumfs) include priority shipping too? Thanks a bunch!
A: Yes it covers ground AND priority shipping, hurry the sale ends tomorrow!

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Beauty Blog Network!


Thanks to Elke, I am on the! (Even though they spelled my site wrong, always happens!)

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tutorial: "Rubenesque and More Gold"


Like promised, below is the tutorial from a few posts ago using MAC Paint pot in "Rubenesque".

I went to MAC today to return the Viva Glam II Lipstick because it looked funky on me, and I guess the computer didn't get the correct credit card number down, so I was forced to exchange it for something else, so I ended up getting the MAC Pigment in "Cocomotion", which is a nice shimmery gold, and the MA gave me a sample of "Viz-a-Violet" which is a gorgeous color!

Now for the tut, here is what I used:
-EYES: Physician's Formula Concealer Twins
MAC Paint Pot in "Rubenesque"
MAC "Tectonic" eyeshadow
NYX Chrome Eyeshadow in "Panic"
MAC eyeshadow in "Patina" and "Mulch"
Milani eyeshadow in "Snow Frost" and "Antique Gold"
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara in Blackest Black
Black kohl eyeliner and liquid eyeliner.

Everyday Minerals in "Light Olive"
Blush- MAC "Strata"

-LIPS: Bath and Body Works Lipstick in "Goldmine"
L'Oreal Lipgloss in "Soft Brown"

The individual circles are where I placed the shadow, "Panic" was used all over the lid:

1. I first put Neutrogena's Eye Reviver cream, then my concealer:

2. Using a slight damp concealer brush, apply "Rubenesque" all over the entire lid:

3. I then applied "Tectonic" all over the lid for a more goldy look, then softened it with NYX Chrome Eyeshadow in "Panic" using a BLENDING BRUSH.

4. Then using an ANGLED BRUSH, I dipped it in Pantina and Mulch and outlined my outer -V first and then shaded from the outer corner of the lid to the middle and the outline of the eye. I only used the Antique Gold on the outer corner of the eye only to give it more of a darker shade.

Make the line for the outer-V:

To get this result:

5. Then line the eyes and put your foundation, do mascara LAST so that leftover eyeshadow or foundation that falls on your lashes can be covered by the mascara.

Then I lined the bottom with a gold liner:

In tungsten light (no flash):

The lips:

And the final result (I didn't bother to do the eyebrows):

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Review on CoastalScents Flat Top Brushes


I absolutely LOVE CoastalScents and all their products, so it was no surprise that I would love their flat top brushes! It was so soft and felt so nice on my face, and the best part was that it had a big enough head to apply my mineral makeup evenly and efficiently. My Lumiere brush is nice, however after awhile it wasn't as soft as when I first got it and it was pretty small so I had to basically re-apply my mineral foundation twice just to get good enough coverage.

But with this flat top brush, I am done in like seconds and it gives me awesome coverage in one step! And you cannot beat the price! I would definitely buy more from Coastal Scents!

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Reader Question


Q: What kind of brush are you supposed to use to apply the MAC paint pots with?
A: I use a slightly damp large concealer brush (I bought it at Target, forgot the name of the brand), I basically rub my Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes on the brush and then dip it in the paint pots, this makes the brush sorta damp so its easy to pick up the paint as well as adhere onto your eyelids. *Remember to add eyeshadow primer BEFORE the paint pot, try Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Potion (Sephora, $15).

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Makeup Brush and Lip gloss Holder// Pigment Case


I found a site that sells awesome brush and cosmetics holders that you can customize!
Great for storage space and organizing all your brushes and lipglosses!


Also, if you have a lot of pigments, like MAC or NYX, you can store them in one convenient case OR you can order it WITH pigment colors of your choice! They have 6, 10, 12, and MORE at

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Summer HOT deal!


One of my favorite sites is having a hot summer sale, FREE SHIPPING on ALL ORDERS! Use code: ESUMFS

and 20% OFF on orders over $100, use code: SUM20

Expires August 31st, so hurry!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Look with "Rubenesque" MAC Paint Pot


I gotta say, I really, truly love MAC's Paint Pot in "Rubenesque", it's just such a gorgeous peachy gold color that is just heaven on the lids!

I paired it with my MAC Tectonic, NYX Chrome Eyeshadow in "Panic", MAC eyeshadow in "Patina", MAC Eyeshadow in "Mulch", and Milani's "Snow Frost" and I think I am going to make this my "everyday look".

*I woke up super late this morning so I didn't have time to do a step by step tut, so i'll try and get one in here soon!

- Rubenesque all over the lid
- NYX Chrome eyeshadow in Panic on top
- Patina and Mulch eyeshadow on the outer corner and outline using an angled brush
- Snowfrost on the inner corner to the middle of the lid
- Black Mascara and Black liquid eyeliner

The eye (on YOUR right) looks like it doesn't have a lot of gold, but they are even, it's just the way I took the pic, I blocked some of the flash. :(

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Conceal and Heal, Line and Prime

1 comments has a concealer pen that has a concealer on one end and a healer (a pen point that has salicylic acid) to tame pimples! (, $10)

Smashbox has a double-ended sword as well with an eye primer on one end, and a lip primer on another! (Sephora, $24)

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Monday, August 27, 2007

MAC Palettes and Flat Top Brushes Arrived!


I will begin SELLING EMPTY MAC Palettes for $15 including shipping, they are selling for over $20 on ebay. They fit of course the MAC eyeshadow refills and Milani Eyeshadows; if you are interested in purchasing one, let me know so I know how many to order. There are pans of 15 and there are also ones that are pans of 4.

My flat top brushes from Coastal Scents arrived, and they are super soft! I love the baby one for travel and for my makeup bag on the go!

I held it in my hand so that you can get an idea of how big it is [don't mind my ghetto chipped black nailpolish, i've been lazy].

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Please VOTE for me on Specktra!


I am one of the tutorial contest contestants and I would love to win that gift card to buy more makeup haha! I really appreciate it!

***The poll is on the left hand side right when you login***

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

More ULTA eyeshadows and depotting...


Ok, I seriously think I have a problem, well rather- an addiction! I cannot stop buying makeup and I am sure it's hurting my I had an impulse to go back to the ULTA store again (for those of you who live near West Hollywood, it's on Santa Monica Blvd.)

I had to take advantage of their "Buy One, Get One FREE" sale on all their cosmetics, and because I still had 6 empty pots to fill in my palette. I picked up: Flirty, Shell, Deep Sea, Peacock, Bloom, and Tiara.

[The swatches are down below].

I also ordered a few things from, I bought their gel eyeliner pot in "Black out" (similar to MAC's Fluidline in "Blacktrack") and their eyeliner sealant to make it last all day. I read great reviews on it and a lot of people swear by it, so we'll see!

My favorite color from the recent batch I bought, "Flirty":

The swatches:


This is MY method of depotting my eyeshadows to place into my palettes, I use the tiny screwdriver that is in those "eyeglass repair kits" you see at the checkout at drugstores with the red square top, it has a FLAT head to get wedged in the pot of eyeshadow you are trying to depot.

I then peel and apply the LABELS from the original packaging (my ULTA eyeshadow cases) onto the BACK of my palettes for reference so I don't forget the color...I use GLUE DOTS (which you can get at a craft store like Michaels) which you stick to the back of the label.


Peel it onto the backing:

And voila!

Now my palette is complete!

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