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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ultimate Personal Shaver


Shave your cho-cha ladies (or other body parts!) with the Ultimate Personal Shaver. I know many of us shave our legs with a razor or shave and trim the hair down there, but why spend frequent trips to the salon for a Brazilian wax, or risk using a sharp razor around a delicate area?

The Ultimate Personal Shaver Kit ($79.95) is a shaving kit to use on the body and/or the bikini area to give you the closest shave possible, that regular razors don't do. It comes with the personal shaver, finishing shaver, talc powder (to protect the skin while shaving), a brush to brush away any shaved hairs; and stencils (if you are into designing your lady part!) LOL.

For shipping prices and other information: CLICK HERE

What they say (from their site):

Why Ultimate Personal Shavers Beat Razors Shave After Shave

1. Unlike razors, our personal shaver can be used at anytime, like just before a big meeting, with no fear of nicking or cutting your skin.
2. Unlike razors, the personal shaver will not damage your skin, so you can shave as often as you need without fear of ingrown hairs and razor burns.
3. Extremely safe design allows you to shave all over your body, including delicate intimate parts. You’ll never need to worry about switching razors for separate areas.
4. No special preparations are required; you can shave anytime in the comfort of your home.
5. Lightweight, cordless trimmer and finisher are easy to carry in a purse, travel bag or brief case, so you’ll never be caught with unwanted stubble.
6. Buy with peace of mind; you will get a brand new trimmer/shaver if either product breaks within a year.

My experience with it: I tried out the Finishing Shaver on my arms, and it did remove the short hairs but takes some time getting used to as I felt I was using a lint shaver on my arm! LOL. I don't know how this would perform on the hair down there since mine literally just stopped working after the second time I used it and it had brand new batteries too!

The talc powder feels like a silky priming powder you apply before you shave to help protect the skin, but I can see how applying a powder in general can be messy. The Personal Trimmer is great for perhaps smaller areas that just need minor trimming, such as the upper lip area, or even stray eyebrow hairs.

See more "how-to's" on their site: CLICK HERE.


Linda said...


♥Leigh♥ said...

maybe it takes time to get used to this product..but this stuff is interesting though.Ü

Jéssy said...

I would be afraid to manusiar ista in my .. you know right LOL

I'm Brazilian shot everything down there because of the bikinis and also because I am used to it, and my boyfriend loves HAHA

The cable it is easy to handle? I'm left-hander may be difficult to handle because of the format of the cable =/

Our it stopped working? haha so not worth the buy ?? .. the price is high =/

.cupcake love. said...

interesting. So do you like it ? Would you recommend it? I think it's a shame that yours stopped working just on your arm ! Have you tried the Smooth Away? I know there are some restrictions comparing to the person shaver.. Hmmmm :)

Anonymous said...

LMAO at the stencils! I will definitely try this (think ill skip the stencils tho). There's nothing I hate more than waiting like 3 weeks after I shave the nethers to be able to do it again cause I have to wait til the skin heals from the first shave!

AskMeWhats said...

I do use a shaver to trim my underarm :P I am currently using Sanyo and this looks promising!

Sonya said...

Hey Vanessa...yeah, I'm 3 days past my due date, so I'll probably be induced next week. I'll definitely post pictures up.

This review was hilarious. I can't believe it stopped working that fast. Stencils? Hilarious! I guess it would be really good on the arm or mustache area. Hehe...such a funny topic.

sarahPUFFY! said... I use a brow razor to get hairs around my bikini line. Its tiny enough to get to all the right spots, and its perfect for precise shaving. Doesn't take long, either. Oh, and get this...its less than $3 for a pack of 3-4 razors. Can you say score? That's one for brows, one for your upper lip/sideburns, and one for your bikini area (each razor is a diff colour). :)

Ethereal Prey said...

lol! designs down there yeah i know what you mean though, going to get a brazilian is time consuming, and u gotta let some lady look at you in these weird positions while waxing you. too bad we can just laser it all off.

Unknown said...

lmao @ "shave your cho-cha ladies!"

i had to read about this one

FuN and MakeUp said...

interesting.. never heard of it either...

yea i hate stalkers... and most of them is ppl i know.. its annoying =T

Saimese said...

Seems like it will require too much effort & getting used to for down there

Anonymous said...

is it just as good as waxing cuz id love to stop going through that pain!! lol by the way i just started blogging so check it out!!

Anonymous said...

Don't waste the money - I bought one of these and it didn't work at all, and it conked out after only a few uses. It's okay if you just want to trim something - but not for a close shave. I was hoping for something like an electric razor does for a guy's face... but it comes no where close. (And I have fine hair, not coarse.)

Maggie said...

it looks like a more teched out version of eyebrow razors.

Pindérica said...

I think its kinda cultural, over here everybody uses wax. Cause shaving makes the hair grow stronger and harder...

erika sorocco said...

Sounds like a clever idea. Aggravating if it doesn't last long, considering how much it costs.

Riza said...

Good review. I was giggling the whole time I was reading this, but hey this does fall under Health & Beauty! ;]

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, hah.

Tammy said...

The fact that you said cho-cha in this post makes you even're funny! =)

sanniet said...

LOL to the stencils! haha >_< I think the most I've spent on a shaver was 15 bucks and that was my schick quattro. I use it everywhere lol >_<

Tina said...

Actually it is simply not true and physiologically impossible for hair to grow back thicker and stronger if you shave it. It may appear that way to some people for various reasons but it is not so.

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