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Saturday, May 26, 2012

MAC Hey Sailor! Collection (Pics & Swatches)


Woohoo! First "real" post in a long time! (Still gotta share wedding pics, which i'll save for another day soon since there's so many LOL.) So since i've been on hiatus, I haven't really bought much from any of the MAC collections that have been coming out, but Hey Sailor really intrigued me because of the blushes and bronzing powder, and originally I ordered only the eyeshadow in Jaunty, lipstick in Sail La Vie, Bronzing Powder in Soft Sand, and the Shore Leave Pro Longwear lipliner; but when I went back to the MAC store, the MUA sold me on the blushes and the highlighting powder! HAHA, I ended up loving them too!

"Jaunty" (Frost) eyeshadow makes a nice pretty highlight color, it's a light pearl champagne color with a lovely texture so it's easy to apply. "Sail La Vie" is a nice reddish orange color, definitely more wearable than some of the orange lipsticks i've been seeing. It's a lot more muted than Morange and goes well with any skintone I feel. Shore Leave lipliner is a pretty color all in itself, I wish they made a lipstick this color, I tried to put it all over my lips to rock it by itself, but it was way too drying and chalky for me to wear alone and was going on a bit steaky. I even put a tiny bit of chapstick to see if that helps, but sadly it didn't. :(

"Launch Away!" blush is a super pretty pale pink, but when applied it goes on as a nice soft natural pink because it has a little pop of brightness to it giving you nice "dolly cheeks". I originally thought this was going to be chalky but when I swatches it, I really liked it! "Fleet Fast" was the first thing I had my eye on because I don't really have any blushes that are like this color. Many of my blushes are either pink or coral, and this is just the hybrid of the two because it's like a gorgeous natural looking coral pink blush with a hint of shimmer which looks awesome when paired with the bronzer and highlighting powder. I just love the way it looks on my light skin, gives a nice warmth to your face.

The bronzing powder "Soft Sand" is just PERFECT with my skin because many bronzers are way too dark for me, even the lightest bronzers gives a weird color on and can tend to look orangey. But soft sand is perfect, even with a heavy hand, it never goes on too dark, just the right amount of color to add depth and definition.

So there you have it! Enjoy the pics!


sahar awan said...

love your swatches

Jacquelyn said...

Awesome haul!! Love what you got!

lety_kawasaki said...

Hi Nessa! It´s so great to see this new post - I always find your comments on MAC collections very useful and really love your taste. I had not paid much attention to the blushes, but now I'm interested in Fleet Fast Blush! Hope everything is going great for you and that you are able to add new posts - they´re always fun! Thanks a lot!

Vanessa said...

Thank you Lety! It means a lot!

Coya said...

Those blushes look amazing.

check out my etsy

Jessica Lauren said...

LOVE this blog so much! I'm addicted! Haha.
It would make my day if you could check out my blog:


Lysette Finn said...

I am loving this sailor collection. I am not regretting that I have purchase them all.

marc jacobs daisy

Me said...

Glad to see you back! That Launch away blush looks amazing!

lollies said...

wow cool!
cant wait to try them out.

lollies said...

Oh, cool!
cant wait to try them out ;)

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