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Monday, August 1, 2011

Milani Rainbow Palette


My sisters are in town (and have been since late July), so they have been keeping me busy since I am their tour guide and chauffeur. LOL. On top of that, we have moved offices! Same building, just different floor, and it's HUGE! So excuse the lack of posts, I think once my sisters go back to Washington at the end of the month, I will finally have a moment to chill at home and blog. Whew!

Anyway, I have had this Milani rainbow palette for awhile and barely getting around to reviewing it. My fiance actually bought it for me at CVS for $8.99, I was excited when I saw it because it was super bright, and after seeing Brit from Clumps of Mascara posted pics, I was curious to see how these were since I love Milani's other products. 

However, I was a tad bit disappointed because I found these to be too chalky for my taste, and they didn't stay on long, so highly recommend using an eyeshadow primer. I also didn't really like the color payoff as only a few of the colors were bright enough.  :(

I will definitely try and post a look soon!

Sisters reunited. <3


JC ♔ said...

I love this palette. I bought one a while ago and it's really cool. Also you and your sisters are gorgeous. Good genes must run in the family.

Lily said...

wow great palette for a pop of colour! love it :)

Christine Iversen said...

Awww this looks super cute :) I hope you do a look with it :)

Love Christine ♥

Faye said...

The pink looks really bright, but the purple/plum and blue colours seem to have no payoff :-/
$8.99 is pretty cheap though! :)

Jennifer said...

I agree with you. I purchased one and took it back in the store before leaving the parking lot. Far too chalky.

Lilli said...

You and your sisters look so sweet! Have fun together!

Linde'xx said...

I think the colours look great!
I have got a question.. How do you get your links/labels in a row (in this case at the right)? I can't find it!
Byeee, Linde.

Dhini said...

lovely picture of you and your sister
you third sister is growing up zo fast

Bun Bun Makeup Tips said...

The colors look gorgeous! Too bad they're chalky. Chalky is bad. =(

yummy411 said...

ugh! and i thought for some reason these were creams in their own little pan spaces. nevermind... the search is off! lol thanks for the review!!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

The palette looks like fun! You and your sisters are really cute :)

patriciah042 said...

I love this palette colour range and i love your blog

please also follow mine


Rayana Hope said...

I've been looking for a bright colored palette, too bad this wasn't that great

Minza. said...

You've a lovely blog. Follow me! :)
Rougeberry Fashion

kylieprice said...

I love this palette. I bought one a while ago and it's really cool. Also you and your sisters are gorgeous. Good genes must run in the family.Makeup artist in sydney

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