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Monday, June 4, 2012

Marshalls Find - Swivel Storage Caddy for $6.99


This was posted on my other blog (for budget fashionistas!) at, but since it IS makeup related, reposted it here as well. :)

I use large pencil/pen cups from Staples & Office Depot to store my lipglosses, because they are cheap and they are the perfect height for my lipglosses, not too tall, and not too short. But i've been running out of space since I have so many lipglosses and found this little gem at the Marshall's by my work. It's a swivel storage caddy for only $6.99. I imagine it's really for pens and the like, but I thought this was great to store my lipglosses that do not have a home, and great for pretty much anything such as mascaras, makeup brushes, makeup pencils, etc.
What sold me was the swivel base, I like that it spins for easy access to my lipglosses when I am trying to pick a color. For all you artists, you can definitely decorate this and make it unique, in case the stark white is too plain; the all white matches my makeup room decor, so I am rolling with it.
They definitely have awesome finds at Marshall's. I also got a chic earring rack for $10 from there too (which will be in a separate post soon!)


She Likes To Pretend said...

Um totally awesome find! Seeing as Marshall's doesn't always have the same products out, I probably won't find one of these myself, but I can hope! I've also been following you for a while, but just realized how creative your blog name/title is. I love it.

jamie said...

Super nice..hope its avail in our country!

Anonymous said...

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