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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

teeze w/ eez teasing comb


I have very flat hair, with no volume to it whatsoever. I am sure if you have seen my past posts of my hair normally, it's just stick straight and flat. I try to tease it with the regular rat tail combs, but it gets very tiring and tedious, and not to mention that sometimes it yanks on your hair.

Decided to try the teeze w/ eez comb ($12-14,, which is a professional teasing tool to give us flat haired gals more boost and volume. Because there are three rows of teeth, you backcomb easily in half the time, and it does not tangle your hair. Giving you nice volume with less work and hassle. It has a long handle that's easy to grip, and the teeth are made of anti-static stainless steal, so you don't have to worry about static head or flyaways.

I really like this teasing comb, it's different, and most of all- does the trick and gives my hair lots and lots of volume. I just spritz a bit of hairspray on my hair and tease, and voila. Definitely something I always use now because it totally makes a difference! Just check out the pictures below!

My hair normally flat...

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CopyCat smashinbeauty said...

Cool will have a look into this combo. Looks good

*~kAy~* said...

nice! :P
It really did make your hair much more voluminous! <3

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