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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Product Review: Dentisse Mouthwash


Product: 3 out of 5
Taste: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 2 out of 5
Overall: 3 out of 5
Available on:, $14.99 (they also have a toothpaste and a lip balm)

I was sent this product to try out, after I was interested in trying new mouthwashes on the market; and it's described as: Dentisse Natural Solution is an alcohol-free oral rinse (mouthwash), which contains Aloe Vera, Xylitol and a blend of natural oils that attack bacteria that form plaque and cause odor without the burning and drying effects of alcohol, moisturizing the mouth and contains baking soda to neutralize acids.

What they say:
Brush and rinse with Dentisse for just two weeks, and you’ll have...

  • noticeably shinier, whiter teeth
  • long-lasting fresh breath
  • less plaque and tartar buildup
  • a smoother, cleaner "mouth feel"
  • a more-radiant smile

First impression: The bottle itself was different from other mouthwashes I have encountered as I thought it resembled a shampoo bottle, lol.  When I read it had Xylitol, I was a bit confused as it is a natural sweetener often found in gum and wondered if that was counter-productive, but to my surprise Xylitol actually has a lot of health benefits and has been clinically proven to provide oral health benefits, which you can read more about here. And our bodies already produce it! (Learn something new everyday!)

- Nice minty taste. I was scared of the taste before trying it because I thought the baking soda in it would make it taste and feel chalky but not at all! It tasted and smelled like a regular minty fresh mouthwash you may already be accustomed to, but has a more herbal taste to it, and no intense burning sensation.
- Didn't dry out my mouth, made it feel moisturized.
- Has a lot of product to last awhile.
- Cap screws on pretty tight and no leakage as of yet, even during the move! Which is a plus, I hate crappy caps that waste so much product.
- My teeth were noticeably a smidge whiter after 2 weeks of use and mouth felt cleaner.
- They ship outside of the US.

- No measuring mouth cup/cap common in many mouthwashes found at your local drugstore, and I like the convenience of having one as it makes things so much easier and sanitary by avoiding having to sip straight from the bottle or trying to pour it in its cap that's not meant for that. I also like knowing I am using the recommended amount, rather than eyeballing the amount myself, which can either be not enough product to fully utilize it to its true potential, or using too much product, therefore wasting it.
- I am not a fan of the package design. Like I mentioned it looks too much like a shampoo bottle and fear that there is someone out there that's probably gonna mix up the two one day LOL. 
- $14.99 is a bit steep for a mouthwash (personally), but it's like hair products, you just pick and choose your battles and some people are willing to pay more for better quality products that work well for them.
- Only available currently on their website, and not in any stores at the moment.

It was nice to try it out given my small hesitation initially because it was so different from mouthwashes I was used to seeing in stores (which is a good thing, because you never judge a book by its cover!), but it definitely grabbed by curiosity and I liked the easy-going taste, and the fact it didn't have a crazy burning sensation. I wish products like these were available in brick and mortar stores so that more people have easier access to them. But if you are all for more natural products and trying new things, especially when it comes to oral health, it's something worth trying.


Erica said...

The mouthwashes that are a bit pricey tend to be the better mouthwashes...there is another mouthwash you can only buy from a dentist, cost $10 and taste like water, but is the best mouthwash out there :)

denise ❤ said...

sounds so interesting!!!!!! I want to try it!!! :) Thanks for reviewing it..! :) Love the!!

*~kAy~* said...

wow! I want to try this! :P I am not too fond of the burning sensation the alcohol does :P

Anonymous said...

Sounds good but it's so expensive!

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