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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

FOTD & Tutorial: Smoked Purple & My Holiday Dress!


So the company holiday party is next Friday in lovely posh Beverly Hills; it should be exciting since we have a lot more people working at our company now, all of them around the same age, and they are all pretty cool. And of course everyone is bringing their significant others, so I am sure it'll be a fun night! It's semi-formal attire and since I don't really own too many dresses, (I have like 2 semi-formal dresses, one doesn't fit anymore and the other I wore to LAST year's holiday party so that's a no, LOL), I ended up buying this silver number at the Ontario Mills Mall (the store is called Group USA in case you are also looking for a dress!). I bought it for $120 with tax, which is good considering I will probably wear it to my sister's Debutante Ball early next year (she is turning 18), and it's stretchy in case I gain weight LOL.

I am thinking to do either a smokey eye (since I don't wear anything like that to work) or maybe a silver/black eye....not sure yet I might have to play with looks this week...

I really, really, really liked THIS dress, but the size 4 and 6 were TOO small on me since it seemed like their sizes ran really small (I couldn't even zip up the back!) and they didn't have any sizes after it made my decision easier haha.

Anyway, here is a quick black and purple look I did the other day, it's similar to another look I did awhile back but I wanted to use "Scene" e/s and "Black Ore", whereas in the other look Milani "Storm" and "Shock" were the only colors I pretty much used...and of course I had to watermark my damn face!

Someone asked what I suggest for the BEST nude/pink lip? I like NYX's "Lilac Field" lipgloss, it's the perfect baby pink and can be layered on top of a nude lipstick for a bit of color (so you don't look too dead!), such as NYX lipstick in "Circe", "MAC "Myth" or "Fleshpot" l/s. A dupe for MAC "Scene" eyeshadow I suggest is Flirt! Cosmetics e/s in "Black Ivy".

What I used:

- Smashbox Primer
- Lorac Concealer
- Dior Forever Skin Liquid Foundation in "Medium Beige" (review coming soon!)

- MAC Blush in "Coygirl"
- Milani "Luminous"
- MAC MSF in "Petticoat"

- Shespace Black Primer on lower half of the lid
- MAC "Scene" e/s on top of primer
- MAC "Black Ore" pigment clusters (optional if you want shimmer)
- MAC "Satellite Dreams" and Milani "Shock" on top of the black eyeshadow (crease)
- MAC "Gorgeous" e/s as highlight
- MAC Fluidline in "Blacktrack"
- Urban Decay Eyeliner in "Rockstar" on lower lashline
- MUFE Fiber Mascara
- L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara

- MAC l/s in "California Dreamin' (LE)
- NYX Lipgloss in "Lilac Field"


Connie said...

gorgeous! I'll definitely try this :D

kiwikailee said...

I love this colour combo... although I usually love all of the combos you use... you have great flair!!

I love the white dress tooo!!!

Beauty is Androgynous said...

i LOVE the silver dress!! OMGGGg
man i love smoky purple looks. purple e/s is the easiest to wear i think.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa. Just wanted to say that dress is awesome and your profile pic looks AMAZING! Thanks for all the posts you do - your blog is the first thing I check every morning. :-)

loveva said...


mc.lizzle xx said...

Oo i like your purple look.
I've been experimenting and trying to find my favourite purple look.
I LOVE the dress yougot!!
And omg the white one is to DIE for as well.
I'd just be really paranoid that the bottom would get grey and dirty.
You're gonna be SLAMMIN.

Le Midget said...

That looks HOT.

Stargirl said...

That dress is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

MakeupByRenRen said...

beautiful! i have to get me a black primer besides my sharkskin shadestick, cuz that comes off too silver sometimes...your dress is really pretty! you're going to look like a princess :)

adriana said...

wow that first dress is gorgeous!
it would look great with a black and silver eye look and nude pink lip!

Askmewhats said...

oh wow! I love both dresses, the 2nd dress is to die for and looks perfect on you !i wouldn't even notice you can't zip the back portion :)

I love the eye make up and the whole makeup, sorry you had to watermark them all!!!

Stephanie T said...

That dress is looks gorgeous on you, and I LOVE the colors in the FOTD. Nice look!

Anonymous said...

This look is so pretty, I love the combo.

The white dress is gorgeous, but I love the silver one too.

beeyoutiful7 said...

hOtt dress!

so jealous that you'll be celebrating in Beverly Hills =)

enjoyed reading it !

vanillasmush said...

both the dresses are beautiful! love the smokey purple eye!

Ilianexy said...

That dress is very pretty and dramatic, you will need to fix the lenght obviosly. When I wear dresses I always weat Spanx so they fall a little more smoothly. I think the smokey eye using black and silver is a phenomenal idea. I am also wearing white and black clothes for a party on Saturday and I am using black glittery shadow with platinum in a like retro style thingy that I hope comes out good! let me stop talking about me right, like who cares! HAHA! Well I wished the best of times in your party enjoy yourself really good!

Lei said...

that silver dress looks aaaamazing! i need to find myself a holiday dress too.

Anne @ said...

the silver dress looks soooo gorgeous! I love the scrunchy effect in front. it's like a goddess dress... but silver!

and gorgeous eye makeup again! that sucks you have to watermark your pictures now. that's how you know your popular on the net when people starts stealing or using your pictures for their benefit.

so pow wow dos???

Phyrra said...

You look gorgeous! I love the tutorial and I looooove purple ;)

Ethereal Prey said...

wow nice dress, the white one is pretty too, but white gets dirty so fast! if i go to cali will u do my eye makeup?

Anonymous said...

pretty look! it inspired me to do a black smokey look today =)

Shades Of U said...

Just wanna drop by and say look great as always! I soooo love the smoky purple eye look!

ainstein said...

love the dress! and the purple looks so purrrty! i might have to try this some day =)
are u goin to the xmas pow wow?

Princesa said...

loovee lovee the smokey look!
too bad i dont have dark hair :(

Sher said...

That white dress is gorgeous! but i cant wear long dresses, im barely 5 same my doctor :/
I hve to try layering black and purple shadow like that!
Oh and I emailed you maybe w times since oct, because i havent gotten a reply so I have no idea if it made it through. let me know!

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Jenn said...

I love the dress!! Your makeup is perfect as usual!! :D

It sucks to have to watermark all your photos, but that just goes to show how popular you are!! :D

Money Makers Guide for Newbies said...

I like your blog it's really detailed:) Maybe I can start perfecting my makeup with these tips:) Thanks!

makeupjunkie said...

Hi Nessa! I've been reading your blog since the beginning, and since then I've become a total makeup addict! I've even started my own blog at wordpress!

Keep it up, I love the different looks you do and the fact that you shop for beauty products at CVS! (I love that place!)

Sarah said...

I love this! I just stumbled across your blog, and I think it's great :) i loooooooooove your eye make up. I need to buy purple/plum eye shadow. Now.

The Q said...

This is a great little tutorial you've done here. You should consider making a video and submitting it to Salon Hive:

Hair Iron said...

Outstanding with this smokey looks! I will try once.

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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