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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Swatches: Kate Moss Lipsticks by Rimmel


Decided to go to my neighborhood CVS and told myself that I was just there to merely "look around", but anyone that knows me in real life knows I rarely window shop and usually walk out with something. That obviously was no different today when I came across these beauties. 

Supermodel Kate Moss has been the spokesperson for Rimmel for as long as I can remember, so it's refreshing to see that she now has her own line of lipsticks for this brand, because they are AMAZING!
For the quality and the price, it's truly a beauty steal, these range from $5-6 and are available at many stores. These come in a total of 9 vibrant shades (I bought 5 of them). Currently ULTA has a sale and these are buy one get one 50% off, however their online store seems to be out of stock of many of the colors. :(

First, what do these lipsticks claim? These lock color to lip for 4-8 hours of wear. They are smooth and have a comfortable wear formula that is not drying.

I have not tested this product yet for a long period to truly do a review just yet, but below are swatches and pics as well as my preliminary observation and first impression.

When I first swatched these on my hand, my immediate reaction was "WHOA!" Because I was totally not expecting such a vibrant color. I have a couple of Rimmel lipsticks that are sheer and thought these would be the same, but I was definitely mistaken! All of her lipsticks in her line are utterly amazing, they are very pigmented, moisturizing, and the color selection is enough to make even the pickiest gal happy. There are rich gorgeous reds, and a nice fall vampy color that I was looking for, for ages.

They do not use shade names, only numbers. So that can get annoying if you don't have such a good memory, but there are only 9 lipsticks in the collection, so not too much to handle! I love that these are in the $5 range, because you can easily get all the shades and that would only be 2 MAC lipsticks. Very affordable for those on a budget. I definitely recommend you pick up a few if you see them at your local stores or even on sale!

#12 - Is a nice soft pinkish nude color, perfect for a dark smokey eye as this does not give you that "dead girl" look as there is a nice tinge of color to it.

#11 - Seems to be a good dupe for the MAC Marilyn Monroe lipstick "Charmed im sure", haven't compared it yet but quick glance and they do look similar. I will do an update post with dupes if there is match. This is a deep, dark true red, almost like Russian Red with a hint of Dubonnet.  It's a very nice and flattering color, and I think it would look great on any skin tone. My fav red out of this entire line.

#12- I am a sucker for anything peachy or coral. I think this color complements my skin tone well so I enjoy any and all lipsticks that fit the bill. This is no exception. It's a definitely a soft and wearable orange, just a smidge lighter than the Fashion Nomad lipstick by MAC. One of my favs out of this line.

#04- Is the vampy eggplant purple I have been searching high and low for. I always avoided the similar shades that MAC put out (Yung Rapunzel anyone?), only because it's a shade i'd like to have, but would rarely wear it. So paying top dollar for it wasn't something I wanted to do, so I ventured to find a drugstore brand that can give me what I need and voila! It's perfect for fall and is the perfect shade, the only CON, is that application was horrible. It was streaky and did not apply evenly. Even with a lipliner and lip brush it was hard to get it to look just right (as you can tell by the pic below!)

#09- Another gorgeous shade of a berry red. Definitely has some fuchsia pink undertones to it but it's a beautiful color. The swatch below makes it look more pink, but it's a bit darker in person.

Hope you enjoyed!


xxilove said...

I think i liked this on instagram as well, but i just wanted to say thanks so much for these swatches, i've been skeptical on this product and now i think i'm gonna try and find me some!! :)

yummy411 said...

thanks for the swatches. #4 looks like young rapunxel, application and all!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the swatches. I really liked #4 but knowing that the application isnt good, makes me question whether i should buy it or not. I love the color though

Karo said...

11 & 9 are so pretty <3 <3 <3
I habe 22 and I love this red <3

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