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Monday, February 21, 2011

BB Creams from


I have always wondered about BB Creams, and always wanted to try them out since I think they make awesome tinted moisturizers not just because they cover blemishes and even the skin out, but because many of them have sunscreen protection and acne fighting ingredients. So I was really happy when I had the opportunity to try out a few BB creams out for the first time from These are definitely ideal for those of you who prefer to wear tinted moisturizer over foundation, or don't need a lot of coverage. The pics below are all of the creams with no primer, or foundation underneath.

Many BB Creams come in one color only, so try to find one that is closest to your skin tone, you can always add some powder foundation on top (even transparent powder) to make it more matte or to closely match your natural skin color.

Super Beblesh Balm ($21)- It is very hydrating to the skin, and easy to apply. I love the vacuum style pump it has to ensure you get every last drop in the bottle (no lock however, so be careful when traveling with it to prevent any leaks). It claims to whiten, improve wrinkles, control sebum, and has SPF 25. It has adenosine and arbutin ingredients which help whiten and helps with the elasticity of skin. It also has the phyto complex ingredient which is good for moisturizing the skin. You can also use it as a makeup base and/or foundation to correct any skin discolorations. I particularly liked that it didn't look too oily on, covered up any blemishes or discoloration and blended into my skin easily. It sorta has a light sunscreen scent and is the darkest shade out of the four and felt it was the most closest to my natural skin color.

Great for those with: Dull and sullen skin, blemish prone skins and sensitive skin. But can be used for all skin types.
Caviar Gold BB Cream ($25)- Tried 'natural skin beige'. Has whitening and calming effects, also has SPF 21. Has natural ingredients such as actual caviar, aloe,  and vitamin B. It has no weird scent or anything due to the caviar, and trust me you would never know it does, because it's like a normal tinted moisturizer. Has a drugstore foundation smell, out of the four, it's the lightest color. It comes in a squeeze tube bottle and you don't need to apply a lot for coverage, a dab here and there does the trick.

Great for: Dry skin as it has a lot more moisturizing ingredients. 

Etude House BB Magic Cream ($17)- This one comes in two types, one for oily skin and one for dry skin. I believe the one I have is for dry skin (which is my skin type). This one comes in a tiny tube with a pump at the bottom. It's very opaque so it has great coverage. It has a light floral scent and blends well. It gives a whitish cast upon application but will blend naturally with your skin tone once it sets. Oddly enough it still looked pretty white on me even after I let it settle for a few minutes.

Great for: All skin types, and for the no-makeup look.

Medibeau BB Cream ($14)- There's no description in English on their website, so I'll just describe my own observations, it smells very medicinal and the fact that it has a medical cross on the box makes me a little weary lol. It dries really fast and has a more solid consistency then the others once out of the tube, however when you rub it into the skin it feels more watery and surprisingly is the least opaque out of the group. It has SPF 40. I thought it also was the one that made my face really shiny, you would have to put some powder over it to make it more matte.  I took a pic but it came out blurry so here's a side view pic:


Yuki said...

I've tried MISSHA's Perfect Cover BB Cream, which seems to be the most popular online. While I liked the coverage, it didn't control my oily skin at all =/ so I'm looking to try another. I think I might try the Skin79 one. The packaging is adorable!

~Lisa said...

I have the Skin79 one and I quite like it. I also use the Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream which has several shades to choose from

Mellie said...

Nice! I have been recommended to try these and I had no idea where to start, haha. Great post! :)

Ahleessa said...

I'm a big BB cream fan! Thanks for mentioning about each.

♥ c.angie ♥ said...

Thanks for this great review. Ive been wanting to try more BB cream but not sure what to get but Skin79 seems nice. I love bb cream its better than foundation :D

Silva said...

I've been wanting to try out BB creams for a long time, but I'm afraid that the color will be off :(

Alli Winston said... excited about this! I have soooo been wanting to try a BB cream. So, which one is your favorite? (I'm not sure if you actually said that or not...) Maybe you could order them fave to least fave? I'm leaning toward the Skin79 BB cream, but not sure. Those who have tried the Missha one, can you say more about why you like it??? thanks so much!

Crystal Gale said...

I love BB creams..too bad my skin can't take any brands I end up having bumps all over..Hmm, for BB creams, you should allow at least 30 minutes after application for it to blend well in your skin:)

Shayamli Mehrotra said...

Which one is your favorite?

Vanessa said...

I'd say my favorite is the Caviar BB Cream, the texture was fine and the shade was nice too :)

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