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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Collection & Swatches


Whew! Today was tiring! I attended the MAC Wonder Woman preview party today, the models had hot costumes, and as usual at these events, the store was packed with people pushing you left and right, so I didn't get a chance to swatch any eyeshadow palettes. They also didn't have the other MSF available, boo. :( I have to breeze through this post since I am running on a few hours of sleep, so anything I miss I will post tomorrow, but thought id post some swatches and pics.

The lipglasses are HUGE (but I am loving the super size)! And I mean huge in comparison to their regular lipglasses (posted a side by side pic below). I love the big fat doefoot wand, you can apply it in just one swipe! I am loving Athena's Kiss and Emancipation, it's a bit brighter and pinker than Maqnetique, and Emancipation is a pretty light peach color with sparkle, great for everyday looks. Pulling out the doefoot however can be messy (especially "Athena's Kiss" since it's a darker color), it tends to pull out a lot of product when you attempt to pull the wand out so just be cautious.

The eyeshadows and the smaller section of the blush duos (to me) had horrible color payoff. It took many (and I mean MANY) swipes to even get it to show up on my skin, and I am pretty fair! The pigments were too chalky for my taste, and I would never use the reflects glitters. The mascaras were neat, they seemed to stay on long as it took forever to wash off my hand, but like I said in my previous post, you can easily find colored mascaras pretty much anywhere. I skipped on Marquise d' because it was too sheer, and I am not a fan of bronzy lipsticks. Russian Red is permanent so you can definitely just get that one (and it would be way cheaper!). I skipped Wonder Woman l/g because I have "Cult of Cherry" l/g and I rarely use it as it is. The MSF has only one interesting aspect, and that was the orange side of it, but it's nothing we haven't seen before, not to mention the entire thing is really huge.

What's worth looking at? Definitely the lipglasses. They are amazing and I think they are all so pretty. The lipsticks are nice too, but the only winner to me is Spitfire. Everything else, can pretty much be skipped in my opinion.

Line wasn't too bad, it went thru relatively quickly and they did manage to pass out some yummy red velvet cupcakes! I ended up nabbing 2 lippies and 2 lipglosses: Spitfire, Russian Red, Emancipation, and Athena's Kiss.

Some lipstick comparisons from past collections:
 [click to enlarge] 


donnarence said...

athena's kiss is beautiful!!!

Arezu said...

Wow, it looks like you had a LOT of fun!

But I think I agree with you, most of the collection seems dupeable. The mega-sized products do seem interesting though.

Silver Lips said...

Great Swatches!! so glad I ordered spitfire and althena's kiss. I have a love hate relationship with those launch events. They are always packed and they never have all the items available to purchase :-(

lindah said...

Oh, my, GOSH! That doe foot wand is massive! I didn't think anything from this collection was worth getting either but I ended up purchasing mighty aphrodite and russian red (only because I don't have it and I wanted something in the packaging.) This collection is basically a total skip!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Wow, it is huge! Thanks for the swatches =D

나니 said...

Emancipation is really pretty! But I still think that the packaging is terrible xD Haha

Silva said...

The lipglasses look really interesting :)

War Paint said...

I want it so bad, that it makes my tummy hurt! lol. Gah, if it's all sold out by the time I reach payday (friday) I'll be so mad. lol.

Nice haul tho. ;)

jflo1882 said...

Looks like so much fun! However I'm going to have to pass on this collection.

Fabuless Beauty said...

Emancipation looks so pretty! But wow, I'm surprised that their eyeshadows weren't so great.

Ahleessa said...

I was wondering about this collection. I just love Wonder Woman. I grew up on that show... hehe~ Thanks for the swatches!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa! I know you stopped by my blog to show some comment love a while back and let me tell you...i was beauty blogger star struck via internet LOL. Anyways, i wasn't very curious about the wonder woman x mac until i saw the spitfire lippie on you...going to have to make a trip now. It looks great on btw! Anyways...I am throwing a katy perry & black shatter nail polishes giveaway on my blog, join for fun!? =]


Askmewhats said...

The shades are definitely for the "you go girl" type! I love all the shade of lippies on you!

BritOswald said...

you have a color on here called "magentique" looks like you compared it to athena's kiss...what color is that from? thank you

Adara said...

Emancipation looks nice!

PopBlush said...

Russian Red and Spitfire are such GORGEOUS intense colors!!! Great swatches =D

karo said...

wow! everything ist soooooo amazing!
I love all of it!

cruz.faithkimberly said...

I love this look! You are so talented. :) I want to be a great make up artist too, so I signed up for school! :) Its called Academy of Glam & its based in Miami, FL. You might want to check them out! The owner/founder is coming up with a book later on this year, and they’re filming a reality show about the school! How awesome is that? Check them out at & even if you’re NOT from Miami, tune in because they always have inspirational messages, podcasts, etc!

Vanessa said...

Hi Britney! How are you? The magnetique lipgloss swatch from my blog is from a past MAC collection but occasionally it's a repromote in future collections.

iheartmakeup said...

I NEED athenas kiss and emancipation!! I cannot wait for them to be released!!

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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