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Tuesday, February 8, 2011 Wig & Lashes


Maggie from, was kind enough to send me a couple of products to review about a month ago and barely got around to posting it.  I was able to try a couple of the eyelash sets and a wig top hair piece (that I tried to get as close to my hair color as possible), although it was just a tad bit darker. They have a ton of cute things on their site, including makeup, eyelash and wig accessories, headbands, nail items, and they are all at a great price as oppose to other beauty sites that mark their items up. And they also take paypal!

The top hair piece is so cute (and not even $10!) It's easy to clip on as they have tiny hooks and clips at the bottom to easily attach to your natural hair, and really looks natural (as you can see by the pics below). They also have full wigs, top pieces, hair extension pieces, and braided hair ties and headbands. If you like switching up your look without breaking the bank, this is a great place to check out and to just have fun.

They also have a wide variety of eyelash sets (tons!) from $10-$15 which is such a great deal since a pair of eyelashes can cost nearly $5 each. They have natural, high fashion, and glamour style lashes and each box is of the same style. The lashes are sort of on the plastic side, but looks natural and is very flexible, not stiff and easy to apply.

Haha, had to put it on a candy jar since I don't own any of the mannequin heads! And yeah had to rep Canada!

Scrunch face!


Isabel said...

The hair looks so natural on you.. I need one of those lol Except I don't like the idea of putting things on my hair as I always mess it up =_=

socialitedreams said...

LOVE the lashes!!! great set.

the wig topper makes your hair look very full and pretty to me :) I'm going to check them out for a new wig


Shana said...

Your blog is pretty awesome. You should enter it in's Beauty Blog Contest to win a free professional makeup artist kit and tons of other free beauty stuff.

TiffanysMakeupStory said...

Trying a wig sounds so fun! Those lashes are so nice, i think i'll look into purchasing some :)

brittagrg said...

hey there...i loved the hair top piece that you were trying. I have the same hair colour as yours so i wanted to know what number it was? I saw that they have colour numbers in their site. Really appreciated!
Thanks a lot!

Vanessa said...

Hi Brittagrg- I got the shade in #4 :)

Jamie said...


I'm soo glad you're back!! Your blog is one of the blogs I check religiously since you do such a diverse range of activities from reviews to tutorials, and your life! A big boot to all the haters out there, keep doin your thing girl!

ps. lOVE the lashes!

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