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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Katie B Cosmetics - Retractable Brush Kit


I have a fascination with retractable brushes. I just love how compact they are and that they have a cap to protect the bristles, it's truly a space saver in my little makeup bag. It's rare to find an actual kit of retractable brushes in this industry in general, yes there are many retractable brushes, but I personally have not seen a kit full of them! Talented makeup artist Katie B has her own line of cosmetics, including a retractable brush kit made of synthetic fibers, that retracts to full-size brushes.  The entire 10-piece set (including the carrying/storage bag) is $250, but if you use code: nessasarymakeup20, you will get 20% off your order! You can also buy the brushes individually in case you don't want or need the entire kit.

The kit includes the following brushes:
- Kabuki
- Stipling Brush
- Blush Brush
- Contour Brush
- Shadow Brush
- Angled Brush
- Smudge Brush
- Blending Brush
- Lip Brush

My thoughts: I like the idea of a retractable brush kit, it's nifty for people on the go such as makeup artists, or who like to touch up their makeup throughout the day, especially me, I use a stipling brush with my MAC Careblend Powder and I avoid bringing my large full-size Sigma one because the bristles would eventually get messed up being squished in my makeup bag, the fact that I can have the comfort of having a compact, yet full-size stippling brush with a cap to help protect the bristles is a plus for me. I also like that each brush type is labeled on the handle for easy identification. The bag that the kit comes with is also big enough to hold all the brushes in the kit and then some. The texture on the outside of the bag has a suede like feel to it which gives you a nice good grip.

I also like that the kit has the basic essential brushes one would need to achieve a full-face look as it has a blending and lip brush as well. In terms of the quality of the brushes, I have not used it long enough to really gauge how they perform after a long period of time including the shed factor, but they seem pretty soft, not scratchy or stiff.

I also think that despite the fact this kit is unique, (like i've said before, there's not too many retractable brush kits on the market today that have all the basic brushes); I think $250 is a tad bit pricey for what it is, especially for some people in this economy and the fact that many girls who would be interested in something like this are probably teenagers, or young adults/students who are not inclined to have that kinda cash. There are also so many competitive brush kits out there at half the cost, albeit they are not retractable and may not be of good quality; people might just settle for what they can afford, even if it's cheaper quality. However, it's standard pricing in this industry, for example, MAC's retractable lip brush is $22.50 and Katie B's is $26.50 (if bought separately), but is way more sturdier than MAC's lip brush. Overall, if you've been searching for a unique retractable brush kit, or even just a few retractable brushes, definitely check out her site and these brushes.

- Kit comes with a handy case
- Synthetic Brushes
- Retractable brushes are handy, retracts to full-size brushes
- Cap protects bristles and protects them from dirt and bacteria
-  Brush type is labeled on the handle
- Easy to clean, just clean like normal and let it air dry (retracted of course)

- A bit pricey for a brush kit, however it's pretty unique


D.Sadie said...

Oh wow! Those brushes are so pretty and I like the idea of retractable brushes. They seem easier to store too. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Smashinbeauty (CopyCat) said...

:h: I like it :)

AIDA said...

Wow! Need to get my hands on those brushes! Thanks for posting!

Bettie said...

That's just one constraint! Wew. Girls would dig that brush kit. They are really fond of enhancing their faces, and make-up and brushes are the best tools for doing that! However, they must test the make-up products before using them. It's good to beautify without having any allergic reactions, right?

Bettie Comerford

Андрей said...

wow..its so nice! thank you for your post! read pls this article букмекерские конторы , i hope you would like it.


I've actually been waiting to try out Katie B cosmetics, but they were a bit too pricey for me. Maybe that extra 20% will get me to put some orders in. You tried any of her eyeshadows yet?

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Awesome review! I love retractable brushes and I have a hard time finding any.

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