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Monday, January 26, 2009

Hair: Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment


Thanks for all the comments on the last FOTD post! I'll be answering your questions from my C-box later today as it's almost 2am and I still have to wake up early for work in a few hours, but also I know many of you have been leaving comments without a blog so feel free to leave an email or an easier way to contact you. Many of you asked how I did my hair on my last fotd post, and I pretty much just do my hair the same each time. I just take a 1.5 " curling iron (for bigger and looser natural curls) and just curl the bottom part of my hair or just the ends for a little curl and volume. I did a quick video awhile back on how I do it so you can get an idea. There's really no special trick to it and it's easy to do! :)

***And in case you are wondering what curling iron I use, it's the Revlon Perfect Heat series, I also have one that's 1 1/4" barrel. You can find them at a great price at Target or Wal-Mart. Some people don't really like Revlon curling irons, but it honestly works for me, and I've even tried other brands, Helen of Troy and Hot Tools, etc., but this one just works for me and it's cheap!

Another little thing I love because it unfailingly brings my hair back to life as well as adding in any necessary moisture when my hair is thirsty for some; is the Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment. I first introduced Ojon Products a few months ago when I first bought the Ojon Kit from a trade show and I have loved them ever since! They really help maintain the moisture and shine my hair needs, and doesn't dry out my hair like other regular hair products because it doesn't contain any alcohol in it- just natural oils.

The Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment is made out of palm nut oil and I describe it as a soft and paste-like; you scoop a little at a time with the natural spoon it comes with and place it on the palm of your hands and rub it together until the paste melts from the warmth of your hands into the oil and apply it on your hair (dry hair). You then leave it in for as long as you want (like half an hour, or 15 minutes, etc) and then rinse out when you take a shower and shampoo and conditioner as normal (I also use the Ojon Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner). For BETTER RESULTS, I like applying it before I go to bed, then place a shower cap to keep the moisture in (and to not make a mess on your pillow!) and then rinse off in the morning. This does wonders overnight and your hair is soft and shiny!

You can get it at Sephora,, as well as other places that offer Ojon Products in addition to other hair brands. They have two sizes: 1.35 oz for $21, and the 5 oz. size for $55.

It smells natural, as in a peanut-type smell due to the natural palm nut oils, may not be a favorite smell to most, but you rinse it off anyway so it doesn't really bother me, given that it actually does the job!

So how does this differ among many deep conditioners? It's natural and contains natural oils that our hair needs. Next time you go to the store and look at the ingredients of regular conditioners, shampoos, like Pantene, etc., you will notice many of them have alcohol in it. And we all know that alcohol dries things out, we use it to press pigments, and alcohol definitely dries out the hair after awhile. Since this is pure palm nut oil, it really treats your hair to a nice and easy conditioning treatment that restores lost moisture and brings your hair back to life.


PBW said...

I love Ojon products! That condition is fabulous, isn't it?

MakeupByRenRen said...

your hair does always look pretty...i tried the ojon once and i will admit the smell got to me lol, but it was only a sample size and i dont think it was enough to cover my whole head lol

supervillain said...

Yeah, I like using this ojon product, but it does smell a bit like an unlit cigarette. You're right though, once you wash it out you don't really smell it and it leaves your hair nice and silky.

Jo said...

it looks like peanut butter. btw, i forgot my password for the cbox =X

Leslie Yang said...

i've tried the sample of this and while it worked, it did smell like cigarette ashes! i couldn't get the smell out for 2 days.

Meredith said...

I have this as well, and absolutely love it. At first it took a while getting used to the shampoo and conditioner, as I was used to the "slick" feeling from using a "regular" conditioner, but once I got into the routine, I could see a world of difference!

psychoexgirlfriend said...

OOh I've only just become curious about Ojon products since my hair's been pretty dry lately. I may order this from Sephora since I need one more thing to get free shipping to Canada. How long have you been using the mask for?

Phamtastic said...

Do you think the product can possibly break people out if it comes in contact with their face? Seems like a great product, but I break out so easy.

Bombchell said...

will look for it next time i go to the mall/ sephora

vtgirl1993 said...

I love this stuff too! I read about it and got it for a decent price on eBay. It's MAGIC for your hair. Here are two others you should try because they do wonders for my dry, color-treated tresses: Daily Nourishment Leave-In Conditioning Spray by John Frieda and Clairo's Nice'n Easy ColorSeal conditioner. Using these two together makes my hair so soft and easy to style.

Alishia said...

Ha - and I thought my functional, (and not so attractive looking) eyemask and gloves on my hands and feet were an attractive look when going to sleep, but I could add a showercap to make it EVEN BETTER! :) Hmm, maybe I'll try it this year.

vanessa said...

I love this stuff! And I love the smell. It surely doesn't smell like cigarette ashes to me. I use it on my hands at night too and love it!


i love this product its great!

suchi said...

Wow! your blog is soo awsome… Loved reading it, couldnt stop once I started reading it. So many beauty tips..
For my frizzy and damaged hair biogenol forming glaze from Framesi, was really helpful.

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