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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MAC Makeup Case: New Way to Organize & What to Pack


One thing I love about the dividers that come with most makeup boxes/cases, is that you can organize things the way you want!

Here's another way I organized my MAC case using the dividers that came with it. I organized it into 9 squares and filled it up with some of my essentials: Q-tips, Nail Buffer, to hold my MAC Mixing Medium, moisturizer, MAC Lipglasses, Beauty Blender Sponge, Buffer brush, a nailpolish (to avoid spilling or breaking in transit), and toe separators (as I was planning to give myself a pedicure!).

Many of you aspiring makeup artists wanted to know what are some things I recommend bringing along with you for clients or just essentials for your makeup kit. I like to always be prepared and have travel sizes of everything in my purse, so especially when it comes to makeup, I like to have everything I need. So in ADDITION to the normal things you would have (like eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundation, lipglosses, brushes, etc)...

Here is my list:

- Makeup sponges/wedges(they are disposable so you can toss them out after each client, they are also cheap and great for blending foundation or concealer).
- Q-Tips(great for cleaning up around the eye area, such as mascara or eyeliner smudges, also great as a makeup applicator or smudging the lower lashline).
- Disposable lip brushes, mascara wands, spatulas(you can find these at beauty stores like Sally's, they are great for obvious sanitary purposes to prevent transfer of bacteria from client to client. Spatulas are great for mixing colors on your hand or on a palette such as foundation or concealer. Can also give clients a few for any touch-ups they might need)
- Bobby-Pins & Hair Clips(great for holding hair during makeup application as well as hair styling like updo's)
- Hairspray(in case I forget brow gel, this is great to lightly mist on an eyebrow brush and to comb those eyebrow hairs in place for a quick fix as well as for keeping hair in place for hairstyling!)
- False eyelashes & Eyelash Glue(an absolute staple! really brings out the eyes, and helps the eyes stand out for photoshoots)
- Tiny Baby Scissors(to trim long false eyelashes to conform to a more natural fit or look, as well as trimming eyebrow hairs)
- Eyelash Curler
- Swisspers Cotton Rounds or Ovals(great for removing makeup, applying toner, or removing excess foundation or blush without messing up the entire look)
- Eye & Lip Makeup Remover or wipes such as MAC makeup remover wipes(sometimes clients come with makeup on and you need them to take it off, this gets the job done fast!)
- MAC Fluidline in "Blacktrack"(since this is in a pot, there's no need to worry about an applicator directly touching the eye so definitely great when working with clients for hygienic purposes, also it lasts AWHILE! Simply have spare eyeliner brushes when working on multiple clients, or disinfect in between clients with a brush cleaner and/or alcohol)
- Black Kohl Eyeliner(a staple to line the lower lashline, waterline, or for tightlining)
- Blush Palettes & Eyeshadow Palettes(a space saver, and gives you a variety of choices to use on clients with different skintones, like a peach or coral, a baby pink, etc) I like MAC "Springsheen", "Pink Swoon", "Margin", or "Sunbasque" blushes to compliment any skintone.
- Concealer Palette(great to mix and match to suit all skintones and colors, be sure to have a green and lavender based concealers as well to hide any redness such as rosacea or acne, and purple/lavender to brighten dull or sullen skintones or dark circles)
- Oil Blotting Papers(to get rid of shine on photoshoots and throughout the day)
- Makeup Primer(whichever you prefer, smooths the face and creates a nice canvas before applying foundation for a flawless look)
- Eyebrow Pencils or Powder
- Tissues
- MAC Fix+ Spray(great for setting makeup, a skin/face refresher and can also be used to mix loose pigments if you do not have a mixing medium)
- Mixing Medium(to help loose minerals and pigments adhere to the skin like glitter or mineral makeup)
- Eyeshadow Primer or Bases(UDPP, TFSI, MAC Paint Pots)- Helps eyeshadows last as well as look more vibrant.
- Vaseline & Lotion(great for any dry spots on the face or ashy areas that need a little moisture, helps makeup go on better over these dry spots to prevent flaking)
- Tweezers(for fly away eyebrow hairs or for last minute eyebrow grooming, also great in applying fake eyelashes)
- Lipliners(help define the lips natural shape, can also give the appearance of fuller lips for clients with thin lips)
- Extra makeup brushes(always good to have in between clients, and to save time having to disinfect/sterilize each time)
- Contour Powder(to contour and define facial structures)
- Facial Moisturizer
- Mascara(and of course the normal stuff!)


Annastashia said...

kute, i need that case ASAP! :)

Yolanda said...

Neutrogena Hand Cream works a treat as well if you need a vaseline/lotion in theh kit. I've used it on my lips too and it softens it instantly!!

Anonymous said...

very good organizer but maybe too small for me. *_*

Simone said...

Vanessa: I sent you an e-mail message (Sigma Makeup).


jilliandanica said...

i want that case so bad!!

do you know if it is heat protected like the 1.6 used to be? i will be traveling to Cabo for a wedding makeup gig and would love to pick this up if it'll hold up to the heat.

Askmewhats said...

that case looks so pretty!!!!!

veraology said...

oh its so organize! = ] Love it!

EvoLxxLovE said...

hi i've been thinking about getting me a mac case as well. Is it true that they are tempature controlled as well? thanks 4 shareing ur ideas! <3

Emilita said...

Great list, thanks for the ideas.

FuN and MakeUp said...

thats a good organizer!

Anonymous said...

Great Idea! I definately need a make up organizer. Since my make up case died, right now I am using a ziplock bag. LOL

Tierra M Wilson said...

Great info... now I have a lot of work to do! I've been trying to fill up my new makeup case with more stuff, this is just the guide I needed.

Tierra M Wilson said...

Great post! I am in makeup organizing mode since I got my makeup train case from Salon Hive. It's alligator and an awesome shade of I just need to arrange everything!

They have some tips in their video section too!

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