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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

MAC Box...and more randomness!


I meant to blog a couple of days ago, but since I started hitting the gym (it's my New Year's resolution to be fit and healthy and get Hawaii ready for my vacay in August); it's been making me super exhausted. But I actually feel really good, i've been eating healthier than I was before, so I don't feel sluggish anymore, I feel more energized and "cleaner" inside; and I am just looking forward to keeping it up and just being fit again. After I decided to stop my feeble attempt at modeling, and being controlled in terms of what I can and cannot eat, I became careless and kept eating the wrong things. There's nothing wrong with eating what you want, just moderate it and exercise. My problem was that I wasn't really exercising and I was just eating anything and everything! I went from my heaviest which was about 130 to now a 118, and honestly I don't care if I am 125, as long as I am healthy and toned. I try to work out everyday except on weekends since the gym is next to my work, so I am trying to make it a constant habit. So far so good!

Anyway, here is the blue eye/fotd I did last weekend and meant to post up earlier before I got sidetracked! I had blue nails to match which was China Glaze's "Frostbite".

What I used:

- MUFE HD Foundation #127
- MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC30
- Cargo OneBase concealer in #2

- MAC Blushcreme in "Uncommon"

- MAC "Otherworldly" Paint Pot on lower half of the lid
- MAC e/s in "Moonlight" on lower half of the lid
- MAC e/s in "Cobalt" (PRO) on 1/4 of the lid
- Milani "Blue Ice" and MAC "Freshwater" on outer half of the lid
- Dark blue e/s in MAC "Sea & Sky" on outer half of the lid and outer-V
- MAC Fluidline in "Blacktrack"
- L'Oreal eyeshadow in "Voluminous"
- Urban Decay glide eyeliner in "Electric" on lower lash line

- MAC lipstick in "Snob" and "Pink Noveau"
- MAC lipglass in "Special Edition Viva Glam II"

And I LOVE the Beauty Blender Sponges! I know, I know, they are a bit pricey for SPONGES, but I can't live without them! They last forever for me, my liquid foundations don't sink in them so it's not going to "waste", and the unique shape allows me to cover large and small areas with ease. I ended up buying two additional ones, one for my makeup bag, and one for when I travel.

As you can see the one on the left is the sponge wet, hence it's larger...

Some of you asked to see the MAC Box I got for Xmas actually filled up with stuff, so when I slept over the BF's mom's house last weekend, here is what I packed to utilize the space! It actually fits A LOT!


alien man?! said...

I can't remember and I can't seem to find a post here... did you ever get to try out the Sonia Kashuk dupe of the Beauty Blender??

Your eye makeup is so purdy xD and oooh you've inspired me to take out my blue nail polish :D

Askmewhats said...

wow the MAC box looks super pretty!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

glad to see you're posting more now! i feel you about the weight. i'm actually doing well on eating moderately. that was part of my new years resolution but i started BEFORE new years. lol. i've been eating healthy for 3 weeks now! i'm not sure how much weight i've lost. i'm not really keeping track of that, i'm going by the way my clothes fit. i don't own a scale. i don't want one either. if i had one, i'd only obsess over losing more weight and i don't want to live like that. so for now, i'm just gonna eat moderately and go by how i feel =) good luck on reaching your goal!

so-FEE_ah said...

I love all ur looks ..they always look so perfect :D

MakeupByRenRen said...

yay i'm glad to see you back! i loveee this look, especially how it matches the nails :) I started recently working out and eating right too...i'm really excited to begin this new lifestyle, let's keep each other motivated!

Phyrra said...

Gorgeous look ;)
And I love Frostbite!
It's my favorite blue!

Tracy said...

i wanna go back to the gym myself, but i gotta get over this sickness and my surgery tomorrow! bleh. my stupid gym contract doesn't end until NEXT summer, and i really wanna join the one here at work kuz i can walk to it as opposed to driving. haha. lazy, huh? have you seen any celebrities at your gym? i hear there are a bunch that go there. i've seen a couple at mine, but i haven't gone since before thanksgiving. haha!

Katie said...

Blues are definitely your color :)

And I JUST realized why you spell necessary the way you do!!! NESSAsary, woowww, I just got it. HAHA you're brilliant, you're blog is definately my favorite!

only x lindah said...

You look stunning! You're making me wanna get a train case too.. LOL!

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

I love your look and the nails! The blues are so perfectly blended. And I love the beauty blender too, only just discovered it a month ago :) I've been wondering if the Sonia Kashuk sponge is comparable as well, do you know?

ErraticEnigma said...

Yaay you're back! Hope your enjoyed your holiday.

Stephy said...

omg Nessa what did u do exactly to go from 130 to 118? Is it just from working out everyday on weekdays or do u go on a diet too?

Michelle said...

Where did you get the Beauty Blender sponge?

xphoebelinax said...

i definitely feel you about the weight thing... i used to be obsessed with gyming and i got pretty skinny at one point but since i was used to basically eating whatever i want when i went gyming, when i stopped the weight piled back on... so annoying, so frustrating... i'm trying to go back and start again now :)

what kind of things do you do at the gym? you're looking gorgeous :)

supervillain said...

It's great to see you're making a conscious effort to get healthy. You look great. Oooh I fricken love Hawaii. You'll have a blast. =) What island are you going to?

Oh, btw did you use a powder to set the hd foundation. I still haven't been able to find a very good setting powder. Thanks.

XRocksmama said...

I am drooling over your MAC Box... The blue look is so pretty :)

SPECiAL x GiRL said...

i love the blue eyes & the organization : )

vyvyanne said...

it's been so long since you posted a FOTD! and as always you are absolutely gorgeous =)

i always look forward to reading your blog =DD

FuN and MakeUp said...

i remember when i liked wearin blue for the moment... very nice eyemakeupe and polish.. i love it!

Princess Katrina said...

You inspired me to organize all my make I did! I wish I had a sweet MAC Box like that tho! Love it!

Bombchell said...

ur makeup is so tidy

Whitney said...

I am really curious abut the case Would you mind doing a more indepth review.... like will it hold my 6 mac palettes? How heavy is it full/empty?

Phamtastic said...

A great way to get in shape is dancing!! I just wanted to share it with you, I tried break dancing before and my body was so toned. I began developing my abs. I recommend trying different things, like belly dancing, break dancing, hip hop, etc. It's fun, entertaining, and gets you in shape.

DirtCheapBeauty said...

Wowww those sponges look cool lol

Beauty is Androgynous said...

man i LOVE blues that pop.
real electric!

Bionic Beauty said...

I love my Beauty Blender too! :)
That makeup box rocks! I'm needing something to get more organized it... my collection is growing and it's tumbling out everywhere. Got to get me some totes.

Love the blue eye on you, gorgeous as always!

Linh said...

Love the blue eye look and your nail polish!! :)

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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