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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ramblings...and New Moon love!


Hi my loves! Once again I've been MIA...lately I am finding that there aren't too many hours in the day for me to do everything I need and want to do, and actually stay awake for it! LOL. This year has been- and is going to continue to be such a busy year for me given that this is probably the first year that I am attending numerous conventions and makeup shows, and on top of that I decided I wanted to get back into dancing, more for fitness purposes over recreational, but haven't decided on what style of dance I wanted to sisters were both in ballet, and as much as I love how gracious it is, it's too slow for me. But belly dancing or tango sounds fun.

June-August is gonna be nuts. Monday is my birthday (as well as Cam's!), I probably won't be celebrating it this year because I feel rather old, LOL. Maybe dinner with some friends but that's about it. Then that Friday, my company is hosting a "Casino Cruise" in which we all go on a boat, have dinner, and gamble (which I am sure will be a good time since we have so many new people at my job). Then it's the Vegas show, and IMATS (yes I WILL be there y'all so say hello! I would love to meet you lovely ladies!); in July I am attending my first Comic Con show in San Diego (because the Twilight panel is gonna be there!) So that should be insane fun, then it's my 4 year anniversary with the BF, then it's HIS 28th bday August 8th, then finally Hawaii at the end of August. Whew! So many things to do!

I didn't post this last weekend because I was finishing up my traffic school online which I finally completed thank goodness because that was so boring! And I had a baptism to go to (I was the photog), so as you can tell, it's been busy busy busy! But it's definitely a good thing!

Anyway, my co-worker Kyle knows I love anything Edward Cullen related so he got me the dolls for my birthday! It was hilarious. So I might just start a "Where is Edward Cullen Series" and take a pic of him wherever I go, LOL. That would be funny. He is so helpful already, holding my eyeliner brush, HAHA. Also for you Twilight fans like me, there is great coverage on the making of "New Moon" on in which they have the best behind the scenes and eye candy photos of Rpattz!

***The dots you see on him are for the CGI special effects in which he "sparkles" and the abs are airbrushed but nonetheless he looks yummy!

Um hello there gorgeous!

And KStew is doing her own stunts!

Here are the Valera peep toe pumps I bought from Target (as someone asked if I could take a pic with it on to see how it looks like), I love 'em, they are super cute and actually pretty comfortable:

I went to Ross (love that place) and found a pair of cute sandals for only $12.99! It's always nice when you find such great deals!


Mo said...

Haha I love the Edward doll!! Im on team Jacob, but that doesn't mean I don't like Edward! Haha seeing an Edward-doll series would be hillarious! You should do it! lol!


simpliizity said...

Edward C is HOT shirtless! Lol. I love those pair of sandals you got ^^,

B said...

Giiiirl, you are uber busy too. I felt quite overwhelmed myself so be sure to take a few moments out of each day to de-stress and realx. You deserve it. Those shoes are soooo cute. And I want to pretend like I know about this Twilight stuff but I really don't. Eek!

Love you lots and you BETTER celebrate your birthday!!!


Jo said...

i currently use nars laguna but yes you're right it is expensive (AUD78 i believe!). i have benefit's hoola and i used to use that as bronzer but i always put too much that i end up looking like i have dirt on my face haha. i did try to find mac's refined today and they didnt have it so it looks like i will have to wait until the warrior range comes out in oz. thanks heaps vanessa!

A. Rose said...

cool dolls! and thanks for all the RP pics--i have a few friends that will drool over them. love the shoes!! now i'm itching to do some bargain shopping. :)

Tracy said...

LoL! You have your very own pocket Edward! Damn, I wanna go to Comic Con, but I'll be in Hawaii by then! Take TONS of pictures. I'm seriously thinking about trying to go to the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday since they're all gonna be there. Hahaha!

kathy said...

LOL on the doll! Wow Vanessa, you are one busy gal! That Bella doll doesn't really look like the character but the Edward doll looks exactly like the character! I am almost done reading New Moon and I can't wait til the movie comes out!!

ruby14 said...

omg i just git those sandals at ross i love report brand i get all my pairs at ross i love it looks cute on u its actually a dupe lol of aldo shoes

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

LOL I can't believe you have the Edward doll holding one of your makeup brushes :D Happy Birthday in advance!

divinexjanice said...

Those sandals are indeed cute. I need to hit up Ross. =)

PinkyKathy said...

wow Rob is sooooooooo HOT. and your new sandals is really pretty ^_^

LOVEpink said...

omggg those pics of edwardd....mmm! heh love the shoes! super cute!

abby said...

adorable edward doll.. wish i have one ;p

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Happy Birthday in advanced Vanessa!

lol at Edward holding makeuo brush!

yummy411 said...

happy bday!!! (early ;)

those target shoes are toooooo cute! right up my alley. they never stock my size =p you crack me up with your twilight obsession. those dolls are too funny and cute!

Shirley Tipsy said...

You should check out:


They're exactly what you were talking about. Little Edward Figurine and Stand-Up Edward Poster's in random places. SO FUN!

affan said...

Edward and Bella Doll really looks very cute. Edward has a good physic with abs. Loved them. Those pair of sandals from Ross are really very cute. Edward looks cute holding the Makeup Brush in hand...lolz...Happy Birth day in advance..Have started my own beauty blog will be grateful if you have a glance on it.
Do tell me how you find it.

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