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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ben Nye Cover All Concealer Wheel (SK-1)


I've been searching for a neutralizer, preferably a salmon colored one, as it's best for neutralizing bluish tones such as dark under eye circles which I have. I have a MUFE concealer palette I got from one of the makeup shows but it's just a concealer palette that has flesh colored tones, not a neutralizer palette that has a mix of colors.. I thought it would be nifty to have a neutralizer/concealer wheel just so I have more to play with in terms of mixing colors to suit whatever needs to be concealed. 

So I went with the Ben Nye Cover All Concealer Wheel in SK-1, and bought it off of eBay since Naimies sold out of it when I went last week. They are between $10.95-$15 depending on where you go and this particular concealer wheel is great for those with light/light medium skintones. Size wise, it's a tad bit smaller than the size of your palm, they look big in pictures but they are probably the size (width wise) of a MAC blush pan refill.

I wasn't too picky with picking out a concealer wheel, I know there are plenty out there that are great, but I absolutely loved the salmon shade (MO-2) in this wheel in particular. ***I'll do another post using this concealer and do a tutorial soon.

Initial observations? Don't worry if there are oil bubbles where it looks like your makeup is sweating, that's perfectly normal when it comes to creams due to its consistency, beads of oils tend to sit on top, but the product is still good. When I first tried to swatch them, it was a little dry because my finger was cold, but if you have a warm hand, it's softens a bit so it's easier to apply, or you can scrape a little out with a spatula and mix it with a dab of moisturizer or primer to make it more creamier. 

Essentially you want to apply a neutralizer first (pat if using your fingers), concealer, and then your foundation. For example if you want to conceal redness, you want to use a green neutralizer to calm the redness down, then conceal; and then you can use a setting powder to set.

Tip: Neutralizers may be applied beneath or over foundation. Apply with a flat or dome brush; blend, then powder lightly before applying foundation. For intense discoloration, carefully pat on (not swipe or rub) additional layers of neutralizer.

Ben Nye Cover All Concealer Wheel in SK-1- Four classic neutralizing shades are included in this palette. Mutes redness, veins, tattoos, beard shadows and skin discolorations. About 40-100 applications. Shades: MY-2 (Mellow Yellow), MO-2 (Mellow Orange) , CC-3 (Coverette Cover Up), FS-3 (Five O' Sharp). 

Mellow Yellow: Cover redness, three intensely pigmented shades are in this group, has a smooth consistency to neutralize and cover redness, blemishes, scars and capillaries. 

Mellow Orange: Neutralize blue-green face and body imperfections including veins, tattoos, bruises and deep under-eye discolorations.

Coverette Cover-Up: Often recommended by doctors and "Camouflage artists" to cover scar tissue, birthmarks, vitiligo and post-op skin discoloration. Blends easily to most skin tones.

Five O'Sharp Series: Conceal blue beard shadows with this series of four specialty cover-ups. May be applied beneath or over foundation tone. Very effective in concealing deep discolorations, including black eyes or intense under-eye discoloration.

Red Neutralizer Series: Specifically designed to conceal intense redness due to bruising, acne, birthmarks or capillaries. Use before base as facial corrector, or blend with other neutralizers.

Blue Neutralizer Series: Conceal blue-hued discolorations, such as veins, tattoos, bruises and deep eye circles with this unique palette.


Shopcoholic said...

I love Ben Nye! I have the Banana Visage powder, Neutral set powder and Blue Neutralizer. Im eyeing on this palette for quite sometime now. Thanks for the review and swatches..

CopyCat said...

:c: love it :D thanks for the swatches and review :D

miemiemie said...

ooh interesting. show us a before and after photo of you using it on your undereye circles? please? i need a better concealer..!

Silva said...

Seems like a really good concealer for me!

Dominique -aka- 美華ちゃん said...

I have this in the medium to medium-dark and it's WONDERFUL! I also have the Blue Neutralizer, which is a miracle worker.

Jesica Aniston said...

Ben Nye Makeup Concealer Wheel would be perfect to cover blemishes and skin discolorations :)

shefali199 said...

Is sk-1 ok for olive skin tones? Please advise.I need to decide before I buy.

StarrJackie said...

I use Sk1 and have neutral to red undertones. I have both nk1 and sk1 and gravitate more to S. I love this concealer wheel. It changed my life. I have really bad allergies and naturally bluefish tint under my eyes all the time. Only recommendation is to set it well with a fine milled translucent powder.

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