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Monday, December 20, 2010

ORLY Bonder & No Chip Nailpolish Coats


I know I hardly write about nailpolishes, but trust me I have a good reason LOL. See, nailpolish and I, we have a love/hate relationship. I love them the first day I have them, and after that I hate them! They chip like crazy no matter what base or top coat I use (I know some of you ladies are nail goddesses so please feel free to give me some suggestions, techniques, or some good base/top coats you recommend!). I also find that I have no patience for doing my nails, I often get frustrated because I can't manage to stay 'in the lines' at times or they smudge and then my nails end up looking like a hot mess, but I am learning to get better at it. I envy those ladies that have nail blogs and their nails and hands look amazing- utter perfection!

Anyway, I went to Sally's the other day to buy a few small gifts for my best friend, and thought i'd make another futile attempt to put some nailpolish on and TRY to get them to last at least close to a week, so I bought ORLY Bonder (base coat) which claims to help nailpolish adhere to the base coat so it lasts longer and ORLY "Won't Chip" Top Coat w/ a protective polymer shield (both $6.99 each), they both suggested of course that for ideal results, it's best to use them together, hence why I ended up getting both.

They both say that they "prevent nail lacquer from wearing off for up to two weeks".

So Day 1, was last Thursday, I used the Bonder as a base, then Color Club nailpolish in "Pink Flame", and then Wet N' Wild's Craze Nail Color in "Glitz" (pink and purple glitter nailpolish with a clear base, it's so pretty in person!),  followed by the no chip top coat. [I used one coat of the pink flame and one coat of the glitter after the base coat, then one coat of the top coat.] For the sake of testing, I didn't bother to really clean up around my cuticles so I apologize!

On the second day, there was no chipping, and on the third day there was minimal chipping near the tips of the nail.

And on Day 5 (today), it looked like this:

Overall? Compared to other base and top coats I have used, these Orly base and top coats do not chip as much, but I was still a bit disappointed because I was hoping for minimal to no chipping until at least maybe Day 7. Especially because they say it prevents (as it's a fact, not help prevents...) nailpolish from wearing off for up to two weeks. Even around Day 3 I already started to see a bit of chipping near the tips on my right hand. However, I am giving it another shot by using it on flat nailpolish (no glitter) just to see if that makes any difference, so we'll see by the end of this week how it holds up. But at the moment, for $6.99 a pop, I'd like to believe there is something better that does the job at the same price; even if there is one that's a tad bit pricier, it might be worth it if it actually prevents them from chipping. We'll see!

On another note, the bestie (the boy BFF,  I have a girl BFF and a boy BFF haha) gave me a cute HK keychain (for some reason it reminds me of Tupac), he is doing the 12 days of Christmas so one small gift everyday, and it's all HK stuff, it's pretty funny. He has such a big heart! I have to do a post on that soon because I was amazed he found some of these things (such as an ice pop mold !)


Anonymous said...

How many coats of polish do you put on after you apply the base coat? I used to use Orly Bonder but it didn't work well with my Seche Vite so I changed to Beauty Secrets Base Coat. Now, my manicures last up to 5 days. Seche Vite is the most awesome top coat!

Iyah said...

I love the color of your nails! It;s just too pretty! :D

Askmewhats said...

Oh wow, your polish does chip big time! My nails can survive for almost 2 weeks before the "pinkie" nails start to chip, and I do housework! hmm, I wonder ...I nearly bought the Orly Top Coat!

Silva said...

I've heard many good things about Bonder; thought I'd also give it a try, but apparently it also stains a lot. Hate that, thought I don't know if you've experienced that yet?

la mì said...

Wondeful! <3

if you want, visit my blog! I wait you! ;D

Jessica Dee said...

pretty nails! my nails chip like crazy too! btw that hk TUPAC keything is too cute ;)

Kalmo said...

Thanks for the review Vanessa, sorry it chipped so early still. My HG combo is Essie Protein Base Coat with Seche Vite, no chips for 7 days. LOL The HK key chain also reminds me of Tupac LOL

Mara said...

LMAO....Tupac? That's a first. It reminds me of Aretha Franklin and her huge bow hat. I love the nail FOTD, such a pretty color combo.

Erica said...

Wow, looks like that Orly stuff isn't all that! LOL but I will make a suggestion, my favorite top coat is Poshe which can be found in Sally's. I find it works better than Seche Vite as I've experienced chips early on. believe me Poshe is the best! The Poshe base coat is great too :)

Arezu said...

I have the same problem, and I end up changing my polish after 4 days because I HATE the look of chipped polish.

And you totally made my day with the Tupac comment, it really does remind me of Tupac as well! LMAO

Nichole said...

I have the bonder and the no chip top coat. It seems to me that your problem is what you're putting in between the two. I can go 5-7 days without chips, but I use OPI, Sally Hansen, and Orly. Wet n Wild almost always! Hope this helps!

Kami said...

two words: "bonder sandwich"
you havent been using it to it's full potential. Once you have, it will blow your mind.

stuffnsew said...

Mary Kay used to make a binder that worked amazing after applying your basecoat. Dont know if they still have it or not

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