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Monday, December 13, 2010

Eco Tools 6 Piece Bamboo Brush Set


Product: 4/5
Packaging: 5/5
Quality: 5/5
Overall: 5/5
Price: $12.99, Target, Ulta, Walgreens, and other stores
Would I recommend? Yes!

I have always enjoyed the Eco Tools line (you can see a previous review I did on another set HERE), they are easy to find (at least where I live), they are affordable and they are eco-friendly. This cute little 6-piece set is just one of the latest additions, albeit revamped- to the Eco Tools collection. I've had my eye on them since they first came out and even though they had great products at the time, they didn't have a lot of variety; so I was really pleased to see that they have expanded their line and are actively listening to their customers and what we would like to see.

These brushes have soft, cruelty-free taklon bristles that last a long time when well-taken care of, and Eco Tools uses natural and recycled materials; the handles are made from bamboo, and the ferrules are made out of recycled aluminum. The cosmetic bag is made out of natural cotton and hemp and I love that it's also a brush roll and great to tote along in your makeup bag or when traveling.

In addition to my sister's Christmas present (can't say what it is yet since she reads my blog LOL), I got her some Eco Tools brushes like these as a stocking stuffer because she is starting to get into makeup and thought this would be a great 'starter set' for her because it's great for the environment, has the essential brushes she needs, and it fits her budget. Not to mention the nifty cosmetic bag it comes with. Makes a cool gift idea.

What it comes with:

  • Blush brush
  • Eye shading brush
  • Eyeliner brush
  • Lash & Brow Groomer
  • Concealer Brush
  • Cosmetic bag
 I'll just let the pics do the talking!


Tina Marie said...

Still haven't tried Eco tools except for their travel brush kit. I should probably look into it! The blush brush looks amazingly soft from over here! :P

MSodapop said...

What a coincidence! I just saw these at my local store for the first time today. :D

vivienne said...

oh, i LOVE ecotools!
i know their brushes are incredibly soft.
I was wondering how does the Eyeliner brush apply liner? It looks really thick, so does it apply gel liners thickly?

Thank you!

Silva said...

Those look so good, not available in my country though :(

Arezu said...

I love all the EcoTools brushes I have, and I love hearing that they're expanding their line!

I agree with you, when they first came out they only had a few brushes, but I'm glad to see them branch out.

I also LOVE that they are sooooooo incredibly soft, seriously I could run it on my face all day.

shamigreen said...

I use my EcoTools concealer brush to apply cream shadows & paint pots. It works excellently!

Yo said...

Great review!=)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I have the same set. But the brush roll did not come with a cosmetic pouch attached to it. Just a brush roll with brush slots (not elastics). Did they recently change the case?

Vanessa said...

Hi Anonymous! Yeah they revamped their 6 piece brush set with more refined brushes and a different cosmetic/brush pouch.

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