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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sephora Hello Kitty Collection-Brush Set


Arrives in Sephora stores and online in Mid-January, ($49)

Yay! Half-day at work today, I have to run to the Apple store and buy a new laptop charger so I can blog from Washington, LOL. I had my laptop for years and my charger finally died on me (the wires got frayed). I meant to post this earlier, but I fell asleep on the couch since I was running on 4 hours of sleep from last night, I love naps. :)

Anyway, my Hello Kitty Brush Set from Sephora arrived yesterday (I was surprised it arrived so fast!), and it's just so darling! The HK collectible brush holder itself is made out of a cheap metallic coated plastic. In person it totally looks and feels cheap, but the plus side is knowing it won't tarnish and get darker like real silver for example. The inside of her head and the brush holder (white cup) is made out of a sturdy plastic and the entire brush set with her head on, is light in weight. Her head of course can be removed to reveal the brushes inside.

The Sephora Hello Kitty Brush Set comes with 5 brushes: Face brush, Eyeshadow brush, Angled Eyeliner Brush, Shader Brush, and a Lip Brush.

The brushes itself are in true Hello Kitty fashion, featuring baby pink handles labeling the brushes as well as having Hello Kitty's name on the other side. The bristles have dyed pink tips and they are super soft; which surprised me because I am so used to brush sets in general having lesser quality and usually having more scratchy bristles. Even with the MAC HK Brush Set I bought a couple years ago, those brushes weren't all that soft. But these are amazingly soft and they are very sturdy, the ferrules seem to be well made and don't seem like they are prone to bend out of shape, so they definitely feel like good quality brushes.

So what else can this brush holder fit inside? Well in addition to the brushes it comes with, it doesn't fit a lot of 'tall' things, such as regular-sized UD eyeliners (but if you bought small sample UD eyeliners they will fit), however just to give you an idea in terms of sizing, it DOES accommodate MAC lipglasses, lipsticks, even MAC's technakohl eyeliners. So using items such as these or those of similar size guarantees her head will close all the way, you can still fit a few regular-sized UD eyeliners that have already been sharpened down a bit but her head will not close all the way.

Overall, if you are a Hello Kitty lover or addict, or even just like the idea of having a brush set/holder like this, I definitely recommend this being a good addition to your collection or vanity. It's a nice collector's item and I think it's even a great gift for younger girls who enjoy Hello Kitty. They come with a nice range of brushes for lip, eyes, and face, and the bristles are really soft, one of those things you have to check out when they are available at Sephora mid-January!


Silva said...

SO utterly cute. Wow, I'd love having this one on my desk! Love it a lot.

Vanessa said...

I agree Silva! It's too cute!

donnarence said...

this is super cute!!! i really think the pink dyed tips plus the white bristles macth perfectly!! they look so hello kitty haha

for the love of beauty by lara said...

So so cute!!!! Lucky you! I wish we had Sephora in Australia! Soooo cute! ^^

AnNeTtEe said...

awww... those are the cutest!!! lucky girl! wish I can get me some of the HK stuff but I'm too broke!

Mara said...

Great reveiw on the Hello Kitty brush set. You're so lucky to have snatched it. Hopefully I'll have time to check it out when it comes out. :)

BTW I love your beauty mark they enhance your features even more. ;)

dodo said...

I'm so glad to hear that the brushes are soft! I held off on buying these because I thought the brushes might be bad. I might check them out in january! thanks!

Jacquelyn said...

Super cute Vanessa!! Love how the brushes having the pink dye on the ends!

marc blackwell said...

Holy Crap Vanessa - 5 million views +! That's rad. Please teach me your blogging skills.

BK said...

Love what you are doing here! Keep it up because I know my gf loves her makeup!

Read for a funny read!

Vanessa said...

Thanks Mara! :)

LOL @ Marc- Thanks! I'll hit you up on FB! ;)

Thanks Brett! Loving the blog!

April said...


Arezu said...

Thanks for doing a post on this! I saw the preview on Sephora the other day but nothing stuck out to me :( Everything was too expensive aswell.


i caannnnnooootttt wait to get this! its sooo cute!

Ahleessa said...

The brushes and the case is so cute! I still want this and can't wait for January... hehe~ Merry Christmas!!! :)

Jackeline Hoggatt said...

Honestly, I don't understand how the products are related to Hello Kitty. It's really just the packaging. Slap Hello Kitty on something, and everyone wants it. They should have put more work into the quality.
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untitle1 said...

Thanks for sharing them and loving your blog too. Followed you. =)

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