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Monday, December 6, 2010

Post Dr.'s Appt


Another weekend has come and gone...hate how weekends seem so short! Thank you for the well wishes from my last post, I had to see my primary doctor first to get a referral to an optometrist or ophthalmologist (and because it was such short notice), and as far as he could see, given the tools he had- everything LOOKS normal. He thinks that the cones and rods in my left eye are firing off the flashes of light randomly perhaps due to pressure on the nerve, but referred me to an optometrist for a full eye exam. So I have to schedule an appointment for that. Doing more research on what I am experiencing, Photopsia is close to it, and basically it's when the vitreous of your eye is tugging on the retina causing the light flashes, there is no cure for PVD (as it is formally known), but you should get your eyes checked more frequently to ensure it does not cause a tear in the retina which essentially is retina detachment.

As much as I would like to think that everything IS normal and I am out of the woods, I do not have peace of mind yet as I am unfortunately still experiencing this and it's becoming very frustrating. For one, it's not something I have ever experienced in my entire life, nor have I ever heard about this even existing with other people (until now); and lastly, because it's not something someone can actually physically see so it's difficult to convey and describe, and I can see how it's difficult for them to understand....I feel like I am on an episode of 'Mystery Diagnosis'.  LOL. I am noticing my eye has also become a tad bit more sensitive to light and feels more tired and strained, so it's quite mind boggling. I've spent pretty much most of the weekend in the dark, literally. I am just praying and hoping for the best. Maybe I can get a cool eye patch in the meantime... :)

Since I was pretty bummed that day, I thought id start on my Xmas shopping. I already got my dad and my younger sister their gifts, so I just have to worry about my mom and my other sis, and her BF (he's heading up there too), as well as the secret santa things we are doing at my work. A few of my friends and the Fiance are doing our gift exchange in January since I will not be here for Christmas and because there's so much going on this month, we decided to do it in January; which buys me time to get theirs later. Whew! Of course I couldn't help myself and ended up buying a couple things myself, some cute Mustang Oxford Booties from DSW (I recommend getting a size up, they run small); I have been looking for a cute pair of ankle booties that don't look like combat boots, and of course the Eclipse DVD, the special edition one from Target.

The Fiance and I also ended up buying tons of Christmas tree decorations- but no Christmas tree, LOL. So we are planning on doing that this coming weekend. Also, I created a FB page since I was getting random requests on my personal page with no personal message and I prefer to keep my private FB page to those I actually know (family and close friends), as I am not trying to turn it into my old myspace where I added everyone! And because this would be a great way to get to know some of you as well as have others share their FOTD's, tips, etc. or those that do not have blogger. So feel free to add yourself if you'd like: FB Page.

Anyway, I will make this short since it's been a busy day, I will post about the NYX Eyeshadow palette in "Velvet Rose" later tonight, hope you all are having an awesome Monday! 


Mara said...

I also bought the DVD too. I could not resist being a Twihard. LOL I hope your 2nd eye exam goes well, Vanessa. :)

Arezu said...

Good luck with your appointment, I can understand how you feel - its hard when you're experiencing something medically but it's hard to describe - and you want to make sure you get a correct diagnosis but you also want to make sure they understand exactly what you're experiencing!

I don't really celebrate xmas, but I'll probably pick up a few gifts for my brother, sister and my mom and dad.

LOL @ the ornaments and no tree. It's funny because there are A LOT of really nice ornaments out there. I picked up a few snowflake ones from B&BW to hang up somewhere on my wall or to decorate or something. They were to pretty to pass up!

Princesa Livia said...

Those boots look amazing~!! x

Askmewhats said...

Nessa, I hope everything will turn out A OK!!! :) I'll pray for you!

Love boots! I just can't wear them down here! :D

Shop N' Chomp said...

Good luck at the exam! I'm sure everything will be fine. Better to check early rather than later. :)

Anonymous said...

Nessa! it's been a such a long while! Sorry I haven't been commenting, I thought you left your blog... so glad to see you're back again!

I hope your eyes gets better soon, I hope your appointment goes well for you.

Thanks for the sweet comment. I may have commented about your engagement when you first announced it but I want to give you warmest congratulations again!! looking forward to more of yours in the future!

Cat said...

I hope your next eye exam goes well!

Vanessa said...

Thank you Cat!

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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