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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Im a FAN.....brush.


*For the everyday minerals, Christiana suggests that the warm shade "buttered tan" goes with a majority of Asian complexions.

**Also, Marie, yeah those brushes are from CVS, you can get the whole "Essence of Beauty" brushes from CVS, Wal-Mart has some great brushes too, but nothing beats E.L.F (

This is my next purchase, a FAN brush. It's perfect for blending, even mineral makeup, AND it whisks away makeup that fell on your cheek.

You can CUSTOMIZE your own makeup palette for ONLY $1 EACH!

I found this Mineral Powder to go by Alison Raffaele, you can basically put your mineral powder in the handle and store it in your purse for touch ups! No mess! ($34.00)

All Over Cool Stick from EyesLipFace

I am also dying to try Philosophy's Supernatural Airbrush Foundation which is a 4-in-1: concealer, foundation, powder and SPF. It's similar to Bare Minerals....but without the mess, nothing on your bathroom sink, no veils, no tapping, nothing! And I read some great reviews on we'll see!

Next up: White eyeliner to make eyes WIDER!

I think i'll be stopping by Sephora after work...


Bella said...

Hi Vanessa,

My friend Marie told me about your website and it's totally great and informative. I have VERY sensitve skin and I broke out with MAC powder so I switched to Clinique which I love. I decided to be adventurous one day and bought the mineral powder from Laura Mercier and started wearing it. At the time I was also wearing Clinique shimmer eyeshadows. I'm not sure if it was due to either one but I developed some tiny bumps above my eyelids. I read an article somewhere that mineral makeup can cause bumps that are pretty much clogged oil glands...90% of my make up has shimmer (which all have the mica to make it shimmery)and I thought that might be causing my face to break out. Do you have any suggestions on powder for super sensitive skin (I've tried Physician's Formula also and that also doesn't work) or have you heard of anyone else having this problem?

Tapupartforpres said...

I so agree. I found a good site to buy this stuff.

Crave Beauty Care Products and Makeup

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