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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Guess where I am going today?!


To preview the MAC Hello Kitty collection with my sidekick Erica! We are heading over to the Topanga mall around 7 for the unveiling, I am hoping I don't like anything so I don't have to BUY anything, LOL.

Here are a few pics from the collection to hold y'all over, what do y'all think of this collection? Packaging? Colors? What are you planning to get?

Photos from

Lipstick ($14)

* Cute Ster: Sheer peachy pink with pearl
* Big Bow: Sheer bright intense blue pink
* Fresh Brew: Creamed coffee
* Fashion Mews: Sheer pale lavender
* Strayin’: Frosty midtone mint
* Most Popular: Sheer deep berry

Tinted Lipglass ($14)

* Sweet Strawberry: Sheer berry with blue pearl
* Mimmy: Light creamy pink with pink and gold pearl
* Nice To Be Nice: Sheer bright intense orange with pearl
* Nice Kitty: Sheer neon pink with blue pearl
* She Loves Candy: Pale blue pink with gold pearl
* Fast Friends: Sheer bright intense purple with pearl

Tinted Lip Conditioner ($14.50)

* Popster: Lively coral pink
* Pink Fish: Soft neutral pink

Eyeshadow x 4: Lucky Tom ($38)

* Stylin: Midtone violet blue with multi-dimensional pearl
* Lucky Tom: Dark charcoal brown with gold pearl
* Creme: Royale Yellow wheast gold
* Pardisco: Soft bright pinky coral with golden shimmer

Eyeshadow x4: Too Dolly ($38)

* Too Dolly: Frosty midtone mint
* Stately Black: Rich blue with silver sparkle
* Yogurt: Soft pale pink
* Romping: Rich magenta with pink pearl

Glitter Eye Liner ($16.50)

* Her Glitz: Blackened gold with multi-dimensional glitter
* Glitterpuss: Orangey bronze with multi-dimensional glitter
* Kitty Power: Pink with with multi-dimensional glitter
* Girl Groove: Clear/white teal reflects and with multi-dimensional glitter

Nail Lacquer ($11)

* Something About Pink: Blue pink fuchsia
* On the Prowl: Light creamy grey
* Vestral White: Creamy white

Pigment ($19.50)

* Milk: Frosty pale silvery pink
* Deep Blue Green: Rich, deep bluish green

Reflects Glitter ($17.50)

* Reflects Blue: Sparkling blue
* Reflects Very Pink: Sparkling fuchsia pink

Beauty Powder Blush ($18)

* Fun & Games: Soft orange peach
* Tippy: Midtone blue pink

Beauty Powder ($22)

* Tahitian Sand: Soft coral peach
* Pretty Baby: Soft sunny pink with gold


cta808 said...

yay im so going but want to see wut it looks like inperson hope its not too much of an upset like how the packageing of fafi was.... so do u know wut the release date is for the other half of the collection? i think that one is more pretty since it has swarvoski crystals on it sumthing very diffrent from mac

well hope u guys have fun at the unveiling unfortunately i have no one to bring bu the BF is tagging along lol

take care

A. Rose said...

This collection is going to break the bank. =/

Have fun! :)

Anonymous said...

the only thing i really like is that warm eyeshadow palette.. but $38 is too much for me to dish out =[

Anonymous said...

and i would definitely get some brushes if theyre cheap enough.. :)

patricia fiasco said...

i'm a bit on the fence about this collection. as much as i adore hello kitty, it kind of looks a bit childish? hehe nonetheless, it won't stop me form wanting to have it all..... coz that's what make ups for right? experimenting, having funn, nothing too serious, and the face as your canvas. =*) LOVE love love HK, and love mac, this should sell really well. people have been wanting it since time!

javy said...

have fun! cant wait to see what you pick up :)

Sze Ling said...

Yay! Can't wait to hear what you think about these.
The only things that I'm interested in is Milk pigment and the first l/g in the picture (don't know what's the name tho). =)
Does anyone know what's the name of the first l/g in the pic? Mimmy or She Loves Candy?

DSKNguyen said...

such cute packaging!! Did you pick out what you liked yet?

Jenn said...

The release party I went to was crazy, but fun. I was happy to see they also had creamteam items and now I get to go to work tomorrow sporting my hello kitty "tattoo." lol

XRocksmama said...

I think this collection is all about the package... I'm not overly excited but will probably get a lipglass or a blush just for the sake of collecting it ;)

ning * star said...

oh my goodness, there are so cute...

Anonymous said...


lovebeauty said...

omg! i just got back and came home with both the beauty powders, tinted lip conditioners and a lipstick in cutester and a lipglass in mimmy. i also got a blush in fun & games! IM SO EXCITED

Kimberly Tia said...

awwwww i think the brush collection with the holder is sooo soo cute, and the polishes =)

Whitney said...

The Topanga store was way too crowded - I bought two things from the cremesheen and ONE thing from Hello Kitty - a lipglass in a sparkly purple..... wanted a hello kitty cookie but everytime the server got to me he was out

MakeupByRenRen said...

yikes i hope i don't like a lot either...but my appointment isnt until feb 13th

Jessica said...

I went to the Topanga mall! I'm about to post up my haul! =)

Beauty is Androgynous said...

i dont know what i'll get. i'll just wing it.

but i do wish the packaging was OG HK u know? the red n white.

Le Midget said...

IT's cute an all but I was never into hello kitty so I could care less if it's a that but I'm not too crazy about the colors either. I love the color of the packaging and some of the glossies but that's about it!

Somaly said...

hey if u want some contact lens from asia! let me knoe!

Elisa said...

that is too cool!! Can't wait to see your review!

Anonymous said...

I GOT to get that. I'm a BIG HK fan!!

Anonymous said...

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