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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Found our wedding venue!


Finally, after months and months of looking at venues from Orange County to Ventura County, we finally fell in love with the Spanish Hills Country Club in Camarillo, CA! The fiance and I took a tour with the wedding coordinator Briane, and it was just gorgeous! Even just the drive up to the venue was scenic, and it was everything we were looking for. We love the old spanish mission type feel, which is why we LOVE Santa Barbara (and where he proposed!), so this venue totally fit the bill. As soon as we parked, Jon said to me "Babe, this is it. I don't wanna look anywhere else, I just know this is the place". And I felt it too, I was so giddy walking in because I knew we would not be disappointed and I was right! And they are allowing me to create my own dessert/candy station! Since we will be spending most of 2011 to save up since we are paying for most of the wedding ourselves (and now that my car is newly paid off whew!), the big day will most likely be early 2012 so plenty of time to plan and just take my time with it. Takes the stress off a bit.

Here are some pics I took today (first three), as well as other pics I found online from other photographers that covered past weddings at this venue. Totally love the lighting and decor!

 Where guests would come in to sign the guestbook, then be directed to the reception area (will be decorated of course):


Pic of me and one of my bridesmaids Zari (middle) and her sister Jazzy at dinner, could you believe they are half Filipino and Mexican?!


jilliandanica said...

congrats on locking down the venue! it looks amazing and i'm sure your wedding will be beautiful!

charmed-chick said...

wow amazing looking place you are going to have a fab fairytale day x

Arezu said...

Wow, that is absolutely beautiful Vanessa, it honestly looks perfect!

Definitely a place I'd love to have my wedding at as well!

Susie said...

Wow it looks beautiful! :) Can't wait to see YOUR weddings pictures! :P

Miriam said...

Looks really beautiful!!

sooji said...

omg that is a GORGEOUS venue! i wish they had stuff like that in the south here where i got married :) congratulations! that really must've taken a weight off your shoulders!! now... for photographer! :D

izumi said...

it's a really pretty location (: shot there a few times. glad you found THE spot!!

Shadowy Lady said...

awww, what a beautiful location. best of luck with the rest of your planning and congrats in advance :)

Mara said...

Vanessa, what a lovely venue you chose. I love it, can't wait until the wedding so we all can see the pictures.

Askmewhats said...

I am getting more and more excited for your wedding prep! Reminded me of the good 'ol days I was looking for one :) Goodluck!

Kalmo said...

Aw what a beautiful wedding venue, very Spanish themed and romantic. You and your bride's maid are gorgeous!

GCMcarla said...

this is so beautiful!
I'm sure your wedding will be perfect!

Anonymous said...

Looks like an awesome location! I'd love to see pics of it on your big day!

Patricia said...

your venue is so pretty - i am so happy that you're back to blogging! :)

babycupcakesz said...

Your bridesmaids are beautiful.

Congratulations on finding the venue. You're lucky you found a beautiful Country Club. We don't have anything like that in Ontario-Canada. I think what really makes it is the palm trees that are surrounding the venue.
Absolutely gorgeous!

Rie said...

that was the same place where my aunt's wedding reception was two years ago. The place is gorgeous and definitely romantic

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