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Monday, November 29, 2010

I love Cyber Monday


I just ordered the 15th Anniversary UD 24/7 Eyeliners pencil set from Urban Decay! The entire kit are the full-sized eyeliners valued at $264, and they are on selling them for $92! It qualifies for FREE shipping, and the total came out to $100 and some change. They are previewing their 2011 collection starting with this eyeliner set and they are available on their website from 10am-2pm PST. So get them right now! They will be available throughout next year as well, so if you can't buy them right now, don't worry, but I say get them now because these are amazing! You know I LOVE these eyeliners from my previous post here. I literally buy them whenever they have these cute little kits because it's such a great deal. These by far are my favorite eyeliners in the world! I can't wait to get 'em and do a review!

"The range of shades includes lush tropical hues, deep metallics, and unusually vibrant neutrals. Favorites like Zero, Bourbon and Electric sit side-by-side with SIX brand-new shades like Asphyxia, Stray Dog and the pièce de résistance: Perversion – a blacker-than-Zero black. Each pencil is stamped with “UD15”. The whole collection (and a sharpener!) comes packaged in a silver foil box printed with our UD15 ticking pattern. Purchased separately, this set is worth $264"

What did you ladies buy today for Cyber Monday?


Crystal said...

oh wow, not a bad deal at all!

Cheryl Anne said...

Ok, so you made me sign up for UD's email list so I wouldn't miss offers like this!

I'm still trying to love my 24/7 Zero! I just can''s too soft for me so there's no precision, and it smudges too much for me. I'm trying to love it...but I think I lost it in the house! When I find it, I'll give it another try!

But you got an awesome deal!!! I paid $21 CDN for this liner at Sephora! Gah!

MSodapop said...

i love cyber monday! i didn't get to purchase anything though because i was out all day :( oh, and you probably already have been awarded/tagged many times, but i still tageed you for the "one lovely blog award" ^_^ i just really love reading your blog! :D

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