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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Product Review: Pond's Cold Cream


Product: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 3 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5
Price: $3-$5 at drugstores, Target, Walmart
Would I buy again? Yes

What it does (from their website):  Gentle yet effective deep cleansing action removes hidden dirt and make-up, even stubborn waterproof mascara. Its special blend of ingredients softens as it cleanses in one simple step so your skin feels smooth and radiantly clean & never tight or dry.

Ingredient list and additional information can be found here: Pond's Cold Cream.

Directions: Smooth generously on the skin with the fingertips. Gently remove with a tissue, cotton or a damp washcloth for a truly deep cleanse. Even the most stubborn make-up is lifted away while essential oils and emollients replace moisture, leaving skin soft, smooth and supple. For extra freshness, rinse off with warm water.

Ideal for those with dry skin as well.

- Does a really great job at removing makeup, even hard to remove (waterproof) makeup such as eyeliner, foundation, eyeshadow, etc.
- Makes removing fake eyelashes easy by taking a q-tip with a lil of this cream and rubbing it along the lash line and gently peeling off the eyelash.
- Smells great and is very moisturizing, it's a thick cream, little goes a long way!
- A lot of product for your money, will last a very long time, and very affordable.
- Does not burn the eyes and very safe for the eye area.
- Isn't oily or greasy, does not leave a greasy residue after you wipe it off.
- No need to rinse afterward. 

- Kinda too big for travel.
- Not too fond of the fact that it's in a tub, simply because I don't like double dipping, and if your hands are dirty if you are in the middle of removing your makeup, you risk contaminating the jar and getting all the cream dirty. I wish it was in a form of some pump bottle, but I think it's because the cream is just too thick for it to be in a bottle.

Overall: I liked this cream, it is definitely my go-to makeup remover when I go swatch crazy and need something to remove stubborn makeup off my hands. I also like using it all over my face at nighttime and wiping the makeup off with a nice hot towel, makes me feel so clean and refreshed, and no need to rinse afterwards as it does not leave an oily residue. It smells great and I also love how it was safe for the eyes and didn't burn my eyes upon use and left my skin soft and smooth. And there is so much product for your buck! I would definitely buy this again.

Random swatches of makeup....

Should see the makeup and dirt lifting...

Below is a video review of the Pond's Cold Cream, I apologize in advance- I was nervous! 


indianmakeupways said...

hey cool review and thanks for ur reply on my blog.:)

Søs said...

Which nail polish are you wearing? It is amazing :) Is it just a black with glitter on top or is it one polish?

donnarence said...

i have this one!! and this is my makeup remover too for the eyes only..

Askmewhats said...

LOL you are too cute, why would you be nervous!

I am using Pond's Cold Cream recently too because I finished up my 4th Shu Uemura HUGE cleansing oil and I told myself I have to stop spending more! hhahha :)

Jacquelyn said...

I've tried that in the past and I loved it! Even though my skin is Oily but it was an amazing product. Right now I use Philosophy Purity Cleanser to remove my makeup at night.

Mara said...

I've always seen this product around but never paid any attention to it. Now I'll have to check it out. :) Thanks, Vanessa.

Arezu said...

I feel like an idiot, I've always used this as a moisturizer!

I knew people used it as a make-up remover but I've never tried it. It's a nice moisturizer though :P

Vanessa said...

Hi SOS- It's just a regular black nailpolish with glitter nailpolish on top. The black nailpolish was at the Salon (they painted my nails) so I forgot the brand/shade, but the glitter nailpolish I did on my own for a little pop, and it's LA Girl's nailpolish I believe in "Double Platinum" a gorgeous clear polish with chunky glitter. :)

LOL @ Nikki- I don't know why I get nervous, I just hate doing videos but sometimes it's the only way in this online world to show how a product works over pictures but for some reason I hate the way I sound, I feel so stupid when I do it! LOL.
And I feel you on not spending more! Ugh makeup is so expensive!

@ Mara- You welcome doll!

@ Arezu- Haha you're not an idiot! I don't blame you it really does feel nice as a moisturizer and not crazy greasy either! I know Pond's has an actual moisturizer, I used that one before and I found it to be too thick and greasy and would only use a few dots at a time. I occasionally will use it as a body moisturizer or during the winter when my skin is super dry, but this cold cream does the job too it seems!

Tammy said...

Great reviews! I've never tried this, but now I really want to.

Nice to have you back. =)

Gaby said...

No need to rinse afterward? Really?? I have bought this a loooong time ago but haven't even tried it yet LOL. Thanks for this great review! I like that you have included "proof" pictures that the removal is easy hehe! And your nail polish is stunning! =D

Roxy said...

I love your reviews! Always short & to the point :) I'll have to try this one day but I agree I don't like products in a tub because of that contamination factor!

Tsahi - The Makeup Artist said...

One of the first facial products i remember seeing my mom use since i was little. i love Ponds. great review

Jasmin said...

Great review! I was wondering what this was. HAHA. My mom has it, but I haven't used it yet. Thanks!

Janet said...

So glad you're blogging again :) Great vid - No need to be nervous :)

♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

I've always wondered about cold cream. It seemed so "dated" but looks like a great cost effective solution..
I'm going to pick some up next time I'm in Walmart or Target. My mascara is the devil to remove....

kali said...

Thanks for the review Vanessa! Will pick this up next time I go to Walmart.

kawaiikao said...

woah! that looks awesome! i'll have to try that :]

Essy said...

Thanks for the review and demo! I'm interested in trying it out, but the lack of an ingredients list on the site freaks me out a bit. I have awfully sensitive skin, so I can't just pick this up and try it without knowing what's in it :/... I use jojoba oil as a makeup remover and my skin seems to like it so far!

Kalmo said...

Great review Vanessa! I tried cleansing cream once but I think I prefer cleansing oil, easier to remove. ^^

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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