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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Product Review- Sally Hansen Airbrush Makeup Spray


Product: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5
Price: $7-$8, K-Mart, other drugstores (I think Rite-Aid might have it),
Colors in comes in: No color(primer), Creamy Natural, Beach Beige, and Nude
Color I tested: "Creamy Natural"

What they claim:

* Revolutionary liquid makeup in an aerosol can provides a flawless, airbrush look.
* With SPF 8 sunburn protection.
* Lightweight formula imparts an invisible, impeccable finish.
* Long-wearing.
* Water-resistant.
* Dermatologist Tested - Hypoallergenic - Fragrance Free.

Special Ingredients:
Special combination of Vitamins A, C & E help improve skin with every use.

I was strolling down K-Mart (I actually like the K-Mart by my house because no one is ever in that store, lol) and came across the Sally Hansen Airbrush Makeup Spray which i've seen before and passed by so many times (before I started this blog!), so I decided to try it out since it was only $7! I have to admit, I had my doubts since I don't really like Sally Hansen products other than her nail products, I was honestly expecting to return it, but I love it!

PROS: It comes in a small sized can which is great for traveling, but don't let the size fool you, because this lasts awhile. It gives AMAZING coverage and I personally think is a good dupe of MAC's StudioMist Foundation, I have sensitive skin and I did NOT break out from this spray at all so that's always a plus. The foundation itself was a bit light for me (creamy natural), but you can always use it as a good base to cover any blemishes or acne scars and then just lightly put your mineral foundation over it to really give your skin a nice sexy airbrushed look! And it lasted pretty much all day for me. It also has SPF. It's only $7 and I think it's fairly easy to find at some drugstores (not all drugstores will have it so you can go to the Sally Hansen site and do a store locater or call your neigborhood store in advance).

CONS: They only have 3 choices of colors which sucks because we all know that isn't enough! Which is why I gave it 4 out of 5! (No color(primer), Creamy Natural, Beach Beige, and Nude), also if you have certain colored undertones it may look "orangey" on some people like if you have pink undertones, so test accordingly. Be careful not to put TOO much or else it may look cakey or give you a melted look at the end of the day, you only need a little bit!

Overall? I really liked this considering it gives amazing coverage and it's only $7 which is great for us gals who are on a budget, or for those who travel and just want something quick and easy without all the mess. I would definitely buy this again if they had more colors to choose from, but for now it's nice as a base in addition to your mineral foundation.

1. Spray some of the product on a large cap such as that of your mineral foundation jar. Spraying it directly on your face can be messy as well as giving you uneven coverage.

2. Take your buffer brush or flat top brush (I used the MAC #180 brush), and lightly dip and swirl your brush into the product.

3. Apply to your face as you would with your mineral foundation.

Good coverage eh?


Tracy said...

this looks very interesting. great review! i'll have to check this out sometime.

sarahPUFFY said...

I still have to post a review on their primer, which is alright for someone new to primers...though there's much better out there.

Imee said...

LOL, my sister tried this stuff a looong time ago but she sprayed it directly to her face. It looked so bad and she was so unhappy that she just threw it away w/o giving it another chance. LOL, i'm gonna show her this post and maybe she'll try it again. I wanted to try it as well, but yea, i don't fall into any of 3 color categories. I hope they make more soon! the coverage looks amazing!

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

wow, that last pic your skin really does look airbrushed. i want to try some now! i don't think its out in Canada yet though :S

KAY said...

I haven't been to kmart for a long time. Really clueless when it comes to what they have there. Though that makeup spray looks pretty good.

RessaMakeup said...

hey vanessa,
I love how you find low buddget dupes hehe. This product seems amazing I think I might have to give it a try I'm worried I won't find a match for my skin tone. I wonder is creamy natural the darkest?

Nicole said...

Your skin looks lovely! I think I tried this product a while back but maybe they changed the formulation? How would it be on oily skin, a mess?

Cassandra L said...

1. nice coverage for such an affordable product!

2. you got really nice skin!!

3. i don't really see a point in buying this spray on foundation if its gonna be shit looking sprayed on. but since you've already bought it... i guess the spraying on cap then apply with brush is nessasary...

ladystarr said...

oooh it does look airbrushed! I'll have to check this out the next time i go drugstore makeup shopping!

Askmewhats said...

yes, indeed, a great review and good coverage!!! I saw it somewhere, I didn't mind it coz I was thinking it's for the legs..LOL..i didn't even took time to read it! LOL thanks girl!

suzie wuzie said...

i bought one agess ago and didn't like it because it didn't spray onto my skin very evenly. what did i expect hey? you've made a really good point about spraying it in a lid then using that!

geez, wish i had more brains! :) and you have really really good ski!

MakeupByRenRen said...

whoa ur skin looks flawless in that pic! i'm glad you always review all these items...the ones i see and never get to try, thanks again sis!

Tammy said...

I have this product and I tried applying it with a sponge and it really sucked!! I'm gonna try it your way next time. Thanks!!

Tracy said...

now that i think about it, i remember trying this out a LONG time ago. i think i did spray it on my face, and that didn't turn out too well. haha. so then i just sprayed it onto my hand and spread it on my face. i also tried using a sponge, but that sucked, and i didn't even think to use a brush. i actually went to cvs last night and bought the primer spray! it was the last one, and it looked like someone had already opened it to test it out, but i got it anyway. haha.

Kim said...

Thanks for this review! Just wondering, is the flat top MAC #180 brush good for mineral foundation? I lost the brush that came with my mineral kit so I'm looking for a new brush. Oh! and if I were to look for the right shade in this spray foundation if I'm an NC35, which would you recommend? Thaanks so much! =) Love the website!!

Anonymous said...

wow Nikki, it's here in Manila? i ought to try this one ...

that's fantastic coverage Nessa! but then again, you got amazing skin to start with! :D

Vanessa said...

Hi Kim! I use the MAC #180 brush for my mineral foundation and works awesomely! I recommend the creamy/natural or the shade next to it!

Hello KT said...

hey vanessa,
i just did a review on this stuff (i bought it when i read about it on your blog, lol) and i really love it... i was wondering if you have ever tried the primer version and whether it works or not?

Paul said...

I live in north texas i absolutely love this product and have been buying it out of cvs for months but now i cant seem to find anywhere who sells it any advise?

Leah said...

I have also tried this in the "nude tan" color it works great. What I usually do is spray some on one of those makeup wedge sponges then I put it on my face. It evens out my skin tone pretty good and it gives me that clean-dewy look. I love it and I have never broken out either.

Chelsea Rosas said...

Hey! Awesome review :h: But I was looking through ebay and I found some different shades like, Natural Beige. I might be getting it. Lol :l:

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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