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Monday, April 13, 2009

My Makeup Application Steps


How are you ladies doing? As I mentioned on Twitter earlier today, Shane Sparks the choreographer and judge from America's Best Dance Crew was at the Cheesecake Factory near where I work (as me and my co-workers were there on our lunch break) so we were literally next to him and I wasn't sure if it was him until the girl behind me asked him "Are you Shane?" and he was like "Yes, how are you?" He was really nice, but he is shorter than I imagined! I thought it was just funny how living in LA you run into so many people, including celebs or "well-known" people.

I've had a few readers request that I post steps as to how I apply my makeup (like what order I do things), so here is a quick pic tutorial. I do my eyes first, then apply my foundation last to brush away any fallen eyeshadow that may have gone on my cheeks or nose. If I apply my foundation first, then my eye makeup, I might make a mistake and end up applying MORE foundation to cover it up which is what you DON'T wanna do. I recommend applying mineral foundation first if you wish, when it comes to simple, less intricate looks that don't involve dark smudgy colors such as black (smokey eye), or dark greens and purples, etc. For liquid foundation, I do the reverse. I apply it first, then set it with a powder. Then proceed to apply my eye makeup just because liquid foundation is trickier and if you mess up your eye makeup with the liquid foundation you might have to start over. It' still do-able to apply liquid AFTER application of the eye makeup, for me it's easier to apply it before; and IF there are any mistakes or fallen eyeshadow, I just take a fan brush or a regular brush and brush it away with transparent setting powder to avoid disturbing the rest of the makeup.

Again, this is just MY way of doing my makeup, of course everyone does their makeup differently in a different order perhaps, but this just works for me, and sometimes I like to switch things up! :)

In addition to applying my makeup, I also do the following (not pictured):

- Apply moisturizer
- Apply Primer (right now I am using MAC's Prep + Prime)
- Apply eyeshadow base (such as a paint pot, UDPP, etc)
- Contour (cheeks, nose, jawline, but I only do this sometimes, I am usually lazy M-F since I don't wear much to work)
- Apply setting powder (again I don't do this regularly due to time constraints in the morning, but it's great to use a setting powder to control oil, especially during warmer weather conditions)

Let the moisturizer dry before you apply your primer, and let your primer dry before you apply your foundation, especially if you are using mineral foundation to avoid blotches of powder on your face. Anyway, hope this is somewhat helpful, I will try and do a video tutorial on it soon as well!

Some of the products used I will do a review on shortly (as I am still in testing phase for some of them) such as the Sonia Kushuk Loose Powder in "Naked", and so far so good, it's great at setting makeup or just for applying under the eyes to catch any fallen eyeshadow and just brush away later.

Ok go ahead and laugh, I have no makeup on at all! LOL. My co-workers say I look "less Asian" without makeup, lol.

See the big difference?

I then apply my eye makeup...also used MAC's infamous #7 false eyelashes.

Then after, I then apply my mineral foundation over my facial primer that was applied earlier. You can also use a powder primer such as Purely Cosmetics Oil Absorb Powder.

Here you can contour your cheekbones and/or apply blush, make a fishy face! I like MAC's "Emote" blush or MAC's "Sculpt" Powder (PRO) for contouring the face. If you want a highlighter, NARS "albatross" is a great pick too.


What I used:

- MAC Prep + Prime
- MAC Prep + Prime Line Filler (under eye)
- MAC Skin Refined Zone Treatment
- MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC30
- Sonia Kushuk Loose Powder in "Naked"
- Buff'd Mineral Foundation in "Chamois" and "Almond"

- MAC "Emote" blush for contouring
- NYX "Pinky" blush on apples of cheeks

- Anastasia Brow Whiz Pencil in "Medium Ash"

- MAC "Vex" e/s all over the lid
- MAC "Nehru" and NYX e/s in "Black" on outer-V and contour
- MAC "Femme-Fi" e/s as highlight
- MAC Fluidline in "Blacktrack"
- Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara
- MAC #7 false eyelashes
- UD eyeliner in "Rockstar" (Sephora Exclusive) on lowerlashline
- UD eyeliner in "Zero"(black) on waterline

- MAC "Saint Germaine"
- MAC Dazzleglass in "Steppin' Out"


Anonymous said...

even w/out make-up on i still think youre beautiful! :)

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

ur gorgeous without makeup! :jealous:

great post!

miemiemie said...

L-O-V-E-L-Y :)

Connie De Alwis said...

your makeup looks great! Thanks for showing us the steps :)

Anonymous said...

love the look ! can i request a tut for this?
your eyes are stunning

Askmewhats said...

Yes, I agree with the comment above, YOU ARE one HOT WOMAN even without makeup!!!!! Thanks for the tut :)

Rochelle said...

I agree, you are so beautiful with or without makeup. ♥

KiLLaCaM said...

this is a bombshell look for sure!

you make it look too easy! I like that UD liner!

Creative1k said...

Thanks Nessa,

Just wondering how long does your process take, I find myself taking at least 15 -25 minutes to get everything looking great.

Jo said...

you're lucky you're naturally blessed with flawless skin vanessa! beautiful transformation hehe. i'm jealous that you can pull off any color lipstick. i have trouble since i have such pigmented lips =S

Beauty is Androgynous said...

that look is so gorgeous!

i tried the snob lip on me yesterday and it wasn't too much of a success. i felt like it washed me out because i'm a little darker.
but the MUA's kept trying to make me get it saying "it looked hot" WTF? seriously now..
they insisted that that was the 'look' right now thats 'in' lol

so I got something else instead.
and of course they tried to sell me the dazzle glass to go with my purchase.

To me, some of those swatches of the dazzle glass you did seemed pretty sheer.
Do you think it makes a big difference when you wear it on top of a lip color?
I'm debating whether I should get one or not.

Anonymous said...

wooo!! sooo pretty!! i love this looks!! great for a night out

Cheryl Anne said...

Thanks for the tutorial!

GiGi said...

You always have the most amazing eyes!!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

i think you look great without makeup actually!! sexy with the smokey!!

AGrlCanMAC said...

Without make up on, your skin is still awesome!

Anonymous said...

howdie neighbor!! wat a small world! valley girls woo!! wat HS did u go to? dude i bet we share atleast one friend..u know how that goes in the valley!! haha

Mrs.Zeus said...

Thanks for sharing! you look absolutely gorgeous!!! Now, those sexy smokey eyes are fab! Ive been playing around with eyeshadows but I can't get it to the point where it's vibrant and/or the other eye is totally different (or a lil diff) from my other eye. lol

~Mel said...

gorgeous! =) u look cute without ur makeup.. hehe.

Phyrra said...

I do very similar steps to you :) Moisturize, then eye shadow primer (TFSI), then eye shadow, then eye liner/mascara, then foundation, then blush, then highlighter or finishing powder if I'm going to use one, and then lips.

Love your look!
I always think your blending looks flawless.

Kitty In Da City said...

gorgeous! ur skin looks flawless!!! ♥♥♥

divinexjanice said...

That gel blush looks interesting, are you going to try that one out too? I think I'm with the majority on the pretty rose embossed powder. I hope its not TOO sheer. You told me on my page you wanted A lippie...just one??!?!? Hmm something is wrong here...=P

Seymone said...

Excellent.. Never knew I lived next to Christian from 90210 until the day I was moving.. LOL

tiff said...

That is a gorgeous smokey eye! Your skin looks flawless even before makeup. I thought about ordering Saint Germain online a few days ago and didn't because I was afraid it would look too similar to Snob which I already have.

Celly | La Dolce Vita said...

Lol, you do look "less asian" I suppose. How funny!

Omg, you have such good skin though and this is perhaps one of my fav looks from you.
I might have to go purchase loose powder and do that.

How does the line filler work for you? Never heard of it before... I have hella lines and its just so embaressing, all these crowsfeet.

blushing in high heels said...

your skin is soooo nice w/o makeup. flawless!

Vanessa Ann said...

i love the way you do all your eye makeup! it always looks so flawless :) thanks SO much for also always posting what you use... if you didn't i'd be emailing you like CRAZY asking you that question! hahah! take care, xo!

Tina said...

your skin looks good even without makeup :]

hiolivejuicee said...

How pretty!!!

Amy said...

Wow, "less Asian" or not, you look amazing without makeup! You have great skin.

:moonshine mua ssc: said...

love the look!! *blowing kisseS... i left a little message for you-sweetie on my blog :)

much love,
'cindy' aka moonshine mua ssc

Anonymous said...

That's it! I have bookmarked this post. SO HELPFUL!!!

JAYXONLY said...

love the makeup & color..

Cindyy825 said...

Hey Nessa,
I was wondering if you could talk a little more about the sonia kashuk loose powder and how you like it and what it does. And your baby sister looks exactly like you when you have no make up on. So cute!

ladystarr said...

i never thought of doing foundation after eye makeup! beautiful smoky eye. Btw, did you review MAC's line filler? I tried looking, but I didn't find it.

FuN and MakeUp said...

nice post! i have a poll up to see wut ppl does first.. haha this post is also helpful! so makeup last... some ppl do concealer last.. i don kno wuts better...

aquaracer said...

beautiful smokey look!! i love st.germaine on you.

Saimese said...

mmm I wanna go to Cheesecake Factory now. Love your makeup. You're one of the bloggers that inspired me to experiment with eye shadows. I didn't even use eye shadows a year ago

A. Rose said...

I've been debating whether or not to get MAC's Line Filler, but when I read this post I took it as a sign that I should go ahead and get it! Like so many others have already said, you look gorgeous with and without makeup! As always, great post! :)

Chels said...

the lip color is gorgeous!

dorame said...

So pretty...w/and w/o makeup =)

Sofee said...

Awesome that u posted this!!! It's very detailed!! ThanX!!

DiANAB. said...

i just found your blog. i love it! your tutorials are super in depth and totally educational.

Caroline :] said...


Thank you soo much for your comment on my humble little blog. hehe. i've been a tad on the gloomy side because of all these upcoming deadlines for papers i have due and other projects. x_X after a pretty crappy day, seeing a surprise comment from you REALLY made my day! Thank you soo much! :] you are a natural beauty, and with makeup, you're an absolute doll!<3 LOL. if you didn't tell me, i'd have never known you had a liking for Korean music! but yummm Korean food IS good! :P

Quick Question: Does the Sonia Kashuk work more like a finishing powder (MUFE HD powder or BE Mineral Veil) or more like mineral foundation?

Thank you!<3 hope you'll have a FABULOUS wednesday tomorrow!:)

♥Leigh♥ said...

Gawsh!!! Your face is so damn flawless! And your make-up skills are ALWAYS GREAT! You are beautiful Vanessa! You are blessed with this talent.LOL! When someone is this good with make-up, I always think it's magic!LOL! =) preeeeeeeeeety!!!!!!!!!♥

Milan Angel said...

VERY helpful!!

You were tagged on my blog! ;-)

Shen said...

great tut, nessa! :) such great tips esp for noobies.. i still can't get the undereye concealing part and this will help a lot. :)

Girl with Curl said...

You still look very pretty without makeup.

My boyfriend always jokes about how short Shane is. Do you think Shane is at least 5'2"? He does look really short on TV.

Angela said...

Very pretty! I love the way you did you eyes. Hmm...thinking about getting that damn Dazzleglass!!

nanshi said...

why does your face look oddly yellow (like really really yellow?!) in this pic?

Is it because of your primer or lighting or something? I'm just purely curious. Nothing offense, just... wondering? Or is it something you apply to cancel out redness, etc?

Vanessa said...

Hi Nanshi! How are you? To answer your question I think it's perhaps the lighting/flash and/or the way I was positioned taking the picture, but in other previous fotd's there's not that much of a yellow hue to it....hope that helps!

nanshi said...

Thanks for your reply, Vanessa =D
You're so sweet. You're one of my favorite bloggers (beauty & otherwise) because of your pleasant demeanor!!

I figured it was the flash too. But then in the picture you were mentioning something about primer, so I was just wondering...

VeeVee said...

hey vanessa! i know this might sound stupid, but with the sonia kashuk loose powder, did you just sweep it under your eye or buff it in? Thanks!

Fed up said...

You look adorable w/o make up. Looks like you have lil freckles. I love freckles and want to learn how to draw them on. As always, THANKS FOR THE TIPS.

Vanessa said...

Thanks ladies! Thanks Fed up! Yeah I have tiny freckles on my nose and chin, funny how there are people that want them or beauty marks or even moles and wanna draw 'em on, because I always hated mine! LOL

Anonymous said...

Best and most flawless application I have seen in a long while.


kylieprice said...

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