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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reader Questions: MAC Primers


I have had a few reader questions on the MAC Prep + Prime collection, so I thought id make a post in case anyone was wondering the same thing, hopefully this clarifies a few things!

Q: Hey Vanessa, on the Mac Pro website it says the Mac Prep and Prime Refined Zone says its limited edition...

A: Before Colour Ready was release, it was rumored on almost every blog, every makeup site such as that they were ALL permanent; I on the other hand thought so too for the simple reason that MAC's Prep + Prime family I felt wasn't that huge to begin with (not including PRO items), so I thought these would be a great permanent addition, however talking to MAC Artist Mary-Ann earlier, she confirmed that indeed the MAC Prep + Prime Refined Zone Treatment is LIMITED EDITION, but that the powder AND Line Filler are part of the PERMANENT LINE. So I apologize for that incorrect information. At the same time I don't mind that it's LE, because I actually like the line filler A LOT better! :)

Q: How does the Refined Zone compare with MAC Matte? It sounds exactly the same to me. Your thoughts?

A: I personally have not tried MAC Matte, but I have played with it at the store and to be honest it reminds me of the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer- transparent, and that slippery, dimethicone feel. Members on makeup alley have complained they were still oily and "shiny" even when they used this under their makeup, and the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer didn't work for me either for that same reason, it made me look so shiny and oily at the end of the day. MAC's Skin Refined Zone Treatment to me, is more like a regular moisturizer, even the way it feels when you put it on. It doesn't feel like a primer, but DRIES like a primer in the sense that your skin literally feels smoother and more even. Because it's similar to that of a moisturizer, my guess is that it works better because it SINKS INTO your skin sealing your pores and evens out the skin, unlike primers where you have that "slippery feel" which can cause some people to look more oily or shiny.

Q: How is the MAC Skin Primer (the last one) at controlling oil?

A: The MAC Skin Primer is pretty good at controlling oil, I mean then again I have dry skin to begin with, so I can't really say how it would hold up with a person with oily skin, however I didn't notice any shine or that melty look I usually get with other primers where my makeup looked like it was melting or made me look oily, so for me this primer just works great because it still holds my makeup well all day!


Anonymous said...

Ohh imma pick up another Refined Zone Treatment in that case! thanx for the info. By the way I started blogging too...So check it out!!

Miss Anderson said...

The MAC matte worked, okay for me, but I have combination skin, I'm mostly oily in my t-zone though and it was okay. It was not completely shine-less. I had a little bit of shine after a while.

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